Deja Vu, Jeanette



She stretches out on her large four-poster bed and sighs. She listens to the rain drops as they fall against the bedroom window. Jeanette loves this type of weather, it makes her feel so much more cozy. She would like to take a nap right now, but she has to get ready for a party tonight. It was already getting dark outside.

Completely naked she steps in front of her large oval bedroom mirror. The beveled glass reflects her slim but well rounded figure. Carefully she brushes her hair. Her long blond hair falls in light waves halfway down her back. She looks into the mirror image of her blue eyes. She decides to wear the purple contacts. They make her look more passionate, the way she really is. She walks over to her dresser wondering what she should wear. She loves wearing the black corset, but it is so hard to put it on. The corset has hook closures in the back, so she puts it on sideways, then twists it around. She manages. The corset is very tight around her waist. It doesn’t conceal much of her firm breasts and almost forces her to stand straight on her long legs. She slips on a black satin thong and fastens black stockings to the corset’s garter snaps. Then she goes back to the mirror and turns around. She peaks over her shoulder and admires her backside. The thong eaves her round bottom completely bare. The corset forces her waist to be tiny, so that her bottom cheeks are thrusted outward proudly.

She lies down on her bed and looks at the clock. She has plenty of time left. Slowly she moves her hands between her thighs and gently clasps the black satin thong between her legs. The satin feels so smooth against her skin. She becomes sleepy, and slowly she drifts away into another world, a world of her dreams…

She is standing in front of the fireplace, enjoying the warm glow the fire spreads through the living room. The red brick wall reaches all the way up to the ceiling. It is quiet, except for the crackling noise of the fire. Suddenly two strong hands embrace her body. Jeanette tries to scream, but her voice fails her. She hears a voice, a masculine voice telling her not to turn around. His hands pull down her black corset just so much as to bare her round breasts. He grasps her breasts from behind her, massages them. She feels the lips of his mouth as he kisses her neck. Now his hand pets its way down to Jeanette’s thighs. It brushes up and down the front of her black thong until the satin becomes damp with her arousal. He slips his hand over her thigh and starts to caress her ass. Jeanette leans against the fireplace wall and arches her back to display the globe shapes of her bare bottom cheeks. She visibly enjoys the stranger’s pleasures. But the caresses stop.

He holds out a pair of shoes in front of Jeanette and asks her to put them on. They are black pumps with metal heels almost five inches long. Jeanette slips into the pumps and starts to turn around, but his hand holds her tightly. He orders her to lean against the wall. Willingly Jeanette obeys the stranger’s command. One of his hands gently forces her bending forward against the wall. His other hand pushes down on her lower back, so that Jeanette has to arch her back. The high heeled pumps make Jeanette look very tall while her bare ass is thrusted outward. He pets her bottom and then pulls the satin thong tight between her firm bottom cheeks. The black satin shows a glistening wet stain between her legs.

He is pulling her head backwards by her hair. She feels his strong arm as he holds her tightly around her waist. Suddenly she receives a hard smack on her bare bottom. He spanks her irresistible smooth behind. His strong hand falls down again and again on her left and right ass cheeks. Jeanette feels the heat that spreads across her bottom, but she doesn’t dare to move.

The spanking stops. Now the stranger’s hands caress Jeanette’s warm glowing ass. His mouth kisses her neck again and whispers into her ear. He tells her how much he admires a well trained girl. Jeanette watches as he fastens leather cuffs to her wrists. His hands take her by the waist and guide her to the stairs at the other end of the living room.

It is the spiral staircase leading up to her bedroom loft. He attaches the wristbands to a chain and tells her to reach her arms high into the air, so that he can fasten the chain tightly to the staircase above her head. Now she stands straight on high heeled pumps with her arms stretched high above her head. Jeanette imagines how he sees her naked bottom cheeks bulging out provocatively beneath the corset. Secretly she wishes he would spank her some more.

He kisses her neck, her legs, her bottom cheeks. But then he holds out a riding crop before Jeanette’s eyes, so that she can see it. It is a black riding switch woven out of leather. It is about three feet long and as thin as a pencil tip at its end. He whispers into her ear: “Twenty lashes with this switch will warm your bottom more than you ever wished for, Jeanette!”

She hears a whistling sound, then a loud, cracking smack as the switch lands on her bare skin. A moment later she feels the pain like a thin band of fire burning over the middle of her bottom cheeks. A straight red welt appears as if a fine line had been drawn across her ass. She is to proud to cry, but the pain makes tears flow to her eyes. She hears the whistling sound again. The whip smacks her just under the welt the first lash left on her ass. A third blow lands on Jeanette’s bottom. Tears are rolling down her face, but she refuses to scream. A fourth and a fifth time the switch rings through the air and cracks vehemently across the crowns of her naked bottom. He stops and clasps Jeanette’s bottom with his palms. Her bottom feels like a burning fire.

She only received five of the twenty lashes promised. Would she be spared the rest? She feels warm kisses placed on her ass, a tongue is soothing her sore bottom. His tongue licks over her behind, following the welts the whip has imprinted. He removes the garter snaps from the stockings and corset and pulls the thong down to the top of her thighs to reveal Jeanette’s moist cunt. His tongue licks over her thighs, then penetrates between her legs. Jeanette spreads her legs, arches her back and raises her ass toward the rewarding licks of the tongue. She begins to moan, asking for more and deeper caresses. She feels his hand moving between her legs. His fingers enter her lovely sex while the palm of his hand lifts her round ass higher into the air.

Jeanette breathes heavily. Her love juices flow and moisten her inner thighs. Suddenly he says with a strict voice: “Now you shall have the remaining fifteen lashes on your naked bottom and thighs!” He strikes the whip across Jeanette’s spread bottom globes without pity. Ten furious lashes print a cross pattern of welts on Jeanette’s bottom. He reserves the last five lashes to thrash her upper thighs. The switch aims at the soft undercurves of Jeanette’s lovely ass. Now she screams each time the riding switch lands with an earsplitting crack upon her tender flesh…Where the welts have cossed, her ass is bleeding.

The sudden ring of the doorbell awakens Jeanette. The rain still drops against the window. Before she puts her robe on Jeanette looks at herself in the mirror. She straightens her hair, then turns around and looks over her shoulder. She passes her hand over her firm bottom cheeks. It was just a dream, her bare behind turns out to be without any marks. Her smooth and peach-like skin looks perfect. The doorbell rings again. “It must be Mark, he’s always on time,” Jeanette thinks as she walks down the stairs.

“Hi Mark, I’m sorry, I must have fallen asleep.”

She gives him a hasty kiss and invites him in. She likes Mark, she went out with him before. She likes his looks, too, since he is almost six feet tall with a quite muscular body.

“We have plenty of time Jeanette, no need to hurry.” Mark says.

“Would You like a drink then, while I go and get ready?” she asks.

“I would like to have a drink with you,” he answers.

He takes her in his arms and kisses her neck. She is surprised. He never got that close to her before. How did he know that she wanted him to?

“Well, let me get some gin tonics,” she says, feeling his hand sliding down over her back.

She hands him his drink: “Here you go Mark, cheers! Let me go and get ready now”.

“Not that fast, you can leave this in my safe hands,” Mark says while he slips down Jeanette’s robe. She still wears her black corset, satin thong and stockings. First she looks startled, but then places her hands on the sides of her hips and lifts her head high, arching her neck.

“Do You like what you see?” she asks with a husky voice.

“Yes”, Mark says.

His eyes are admiring Jeanette’s beautiful body.

“Now turn around, I want to see your backside too.”

“As you wish, Mark, you may watch me while I go upstairs.”

Jeanette turns around and walks up the spiral staircase to her bedroom loft. Her bare ass cheeks sway provocatively as she walks up the stairs. She knows how to walk. Only the thin satin band of the black thong covers the crack of her bottom.

The bedroom loft is open towards the living room, enclosed by a waist-high fence of black iron bars. Mark watches Jeanette as she walks around in her boudoir. Quietly he walks up the staircase to get a closer look into her bedroom. Jeanette sits on her bed, slipping her feet into a pair of high heeled shoes. He watches her as she walks over to the dresser. She selects a pearl collar to put around her slender neck. Then she steps in front of the large oval mirror, her curveous backside facing towards Mark. She fastens the collar around her neck and then combs through her blond hair with a silver plated brush. Mark’s eyes widen as he sees her moving one of her hands down to her thighs. She spreads her stand slightly and starts to rub her hand back and forth between her legs. He decides to sneak up behind Jeanette. She is breathing heavily and her eyes are half closed.

She feels his presence and says: “I want to be your wanton minx. Touch me, Mark!”

“You are a naughty, bad girl, Jeanette! I’m going to teach you a lesson tonight!” Mark hisses at her.

He grabs Jeanette by one arm and pulls her toward the bed. He sits down on the edge of the bed and flings Jeanette on her stomach over his lap. He rubs his righthand over the smooth skin of her bottom globes. Without any warning he starts to spank her pretty ass. The blows fall fast and Mark uses all his strength as the smacks echo through the bedroom. Finally Jeannette starts to cry out: “Oh please, stop Mark, please!” vbcrlfShe wiggles her charming behind under his punishing hand. After a few more blows he stops beating her and places his hand on her hot bottom.

“Your pretty ass is red and hot, Jeanette, and you deserve it” Mark says.

He lifts her up and kisses her eyes. Jeanette gets on her feet and walks over to the mirror. She inspects her backside, glancing at Mark with her purple eyes while she soothes her searing bottom with her hand.

Mark starts to take off his clothes while he watches Jeanette. He wants to make love to her. Jeanette steps over to her dresser, bends over and opens the bottom drawer. “Come here, I want to show you something” she says. He goes over to Jeanette, kisses her neck and glances into the drawer. It is filled with leather straps, wristbands, paddles, several leather whips and riding crops.

“Did you think you can tame me with a little spanking?” she asks with a provocative voice and slaps Mark with her flat hand in his face.

“You shall get what you deserve” Mark says angrily.

He grabs her by her hair and forces her to stand between the two posts at the foot of her bed. He ties her hands stretched high to thebedposts. Then he ties her ankles to the posts, so that Jeanette’s legs are spread wide apart. He fetches a leather whip from the drawer. It has a short handle and three 18 inch long flat leather thongs.

Jeanette hears the splitting smack as the leather thongs land on her bare behind. The whip lashes her ass again and again. The pain makes her scream. This time it is not a dream. Those are real leather thongs marking her bare bottom. She tries to escape the blows. But her wriggling, scarlet red ass invites the whip again and again. Mark has no pity with Jeanette. Tears are flowing down her face, she begs Mark to stop. He aims the leather whip so that the thongs fall right between the crack of Jeanette’s well spread ass cheeks.

Then he places himself right beside Jeanette and flogs each buttock with all his strength vertically. Jeanette shrieks as the tips of the thongs lash into the soft flesh of her inner thighs.

“We are not finished yet, Jeanette” he whispers warningly.

He unfastens the garter straps from her stockings and slides her black silk thong down to her thighs. He reaches between her legs and starts to caress Jeanette rewardingly.

“Make love to me Mark! I will never be bad again,” she sobs.

Mark glides his hand over her behind. He feels the heat of Jeanette’s whipped buttocks against his palms. She moans as she feels his hands caressing the insides of her thighs. He bites her neck, while placing his hand on the buttocks she protrudes so skillfully. The angry pink stripes the soft leather thongs imprinted on her skin are already fading.

He steps over to the drawer and fetches a whalebone switch to finish Jeanette’s punishment. The switch has a thumb-thick handle but gets thinner and thinner at its end. The tip of the white whalebone switch swings elastically up and down as he

shows Jeanette the frightful whip.

“One dozen across your lovely ass, Jeanette. I want to see some real welts for your behavior tonight.”

He steps behind her and admires the view Jeanette presents to him. She stands on her high heels, wrists and ankles tied between the bedposts. The black corset cinches her waist so that her bare and already well punished ass is protruded provocatively. The black silk thong is pushed down to the tops of her stockings, intensifying the feeling of her nakedness.

He swings his arm and the first blow falls on the crowns of Jeanette’s bottom globes. The switch curls over her buttocks and clings to her skin. Jeanette shrieks, tearing at her bonds. A prominent red welt appears where the whip had struck her bottom. A second time the switch strikes down without mercy. She tries to kick with her legs, she arches her head back and screams. She had never been whipped with the switch before. Mark delivers all twelve blows horizontally across her round, bare bottom cheeks.

Jeanette breathes heavily. Pearls of sweat roll down her body. Twelve red welts are blazing on Jeanette’s behind. He unties her carefully. vbcrlf”Do you have enough, my darling? Are you going to behave now?” vbcrlf”Yes” she answers, “I will never be this bad again.”

He pulls the black satin thong off Jeanette and lies down on the bed with her. She climbs on top of Mark, unable to lie on her thrashed and bruised behind. She sighs as he clasps her bottom cheeks tenderly. While he makes love to her his hands caress the welts the whalebone switch had printed on her ass.

Jeanette feels drained as she awakens the next morning. Did last night really happen or was it just a dream? She walks over to the mirror and turns around. Twelve purple welts adorn her round buttocks. She runs her hand over her bottom cheeks and smiles. She sees the whip lying on the floor at the foot of the bed. Carefully she picks up the supple switch and places it back into the drawer.

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