His first encounter in the submissive role…

“Meet me at 6:00…” the note read, “be sure to shave… and be warned, underwear is not permissable.” He laughed to himself wondering what she had in mind for the evening. Agreeing to play along, he prepared for dinner and met her at their favorite spot. She was waiting for him, already sipping a glass of Merlot. He slid into the booth across from her and whispered, “What’re you up to?” She smiled mischeviously and he felt her bare foot against his pant leg. They made small talk, enjoying each others’ company until the check was delivered. “Come on,” she said, “let’s get out of here.” They walked out to the parking lot and paused a moment between the cars. “I’m driving,” she said tugging him toward her. She planted a long awaited kiss on his lips, then leaned to his ear and whispered, “you’re mine tonight.” They began to enter the Jeep, but she stopped him. “Oh no, you’re in the back!” He glanced behind him to see the seats down and a blanket laid out. A gym bag sat behind the front seat. He looked at her questionably and then climbed into the back of the Jeep. She took the driver seat and adjusted the rear view mirror. “Okay,” she began, “Here’s the deal…you are to do as you’re told, without argument or question. The minute you refuse, the game is over and you will be returned to your car. Agreed?” He nodded. “Good. Now, get undressed.” As he began to remove his clothes, she started the car and backed out of the parking space. “We’ve got a big night ahead of us, but first we’re going to take a little ride.” The Jeep was warm so she opened the shaded windows just a bit. She watched him in the mirror as she drove, he awkwardly undressed in the back seat. “Now what?” he asked wearing nothing but a smile. “First,” she answered, “let me look at you. He knelt facing her, arms out, chest hair swaying in the slight breeze from the open window.” She was pleased to see he shaved his cock per her request. “Nice. Next, in the gym bag you’ll find a few gifts… let’s start with the butt plug.” “A plug?” he wondered, “we’ve never done that before!” He rummages through the bag, pulling out the medium-sized piece of pink plastic. “Good. Now, the gel.” He finds the gel and holds it up for her to see. “Okay, face the back of the Jeep on all fours. I want to watch you fuck yourself.” He does as he’s told. He climbs to his knees, facing away from her. He reaches behind and spreads his ass for her to see in the mirror. With one hand, he trickles the gel behind him, covering his asshole. She watches as it drips to the blanket. With the other hand, he teases himself gently with his finger first, then begins to insert the butt plug slowly. “Just the tip,” she instructs…”slowly in and out”… “that’s it…in and out.” He does as he is told. As the the tip enters his virgin ass, his body jolts from excitement and she hears him exhale as he finds pleasure with this new pain. Slowly, he glides the smooth piece into and out of his canal. She watches, “Okay, now, all the way in.” He hesitates at first, then pushes the plug into his asshole. He pauses for a moment, allowing his body to adjust. He can feel the muscles around the plug tighten. She likes what she sees and decides to push him further. “Now, the cock ring.” He turns his head toward her, still on all fours, makes his way to the gym bag again and finds the black leather band. “Gently, sit back, we’re leaving the butt plug in for the evening, so be sure to get comfortable.” As he sits, the plug drives even further into his body, and he shivers. He rocks a bit on it, getting used the feeling, and enjoying being so full. As he sits, she notices his erection…and it falls right into her plan. “Now, wrap the ring around that cock of yours, securing it tightly. I want you to be hard all night.” Again, he does as he is told. He continues to rock as he grabs his cock with one hand, gently stroking his stiff muscle, and strapping the ring around his shaft with the other. She watches from the mirror, feeling the wetness increase between her legs. She loves the control she has over him…and that he has over her. No other man had ever brought this side out of her before, and she was really enjoying playing this role. “Okay, one last thing” she says. “In the bag, there are nipple clamps. I want you to put them on and then get dressed again.” “Get dressed again?” he asks. “Yes,” she states as she pulls into the parking lot of the local club. “Come on, we’re here! Let’s have a drink, shall we?” She parks the car and watches him dress. He flinches as the clamps pinch his skin against his shirt and she can see his enormous erection through his pants. “Hmmm…this is going to be fun!” she whispers as they climb out of the Jeep. Holding hands, they enter the bar and find a seat. “Before we get too comfortable, let’s dance!” she says pulling him to the dance floor. She grinds against him, feeling the music pulsating between them. His body next to hers. His arrousal continues as she grazes his ass with her palm. She reaches to his chest and, through his shirt, gently tugs the chain dangling between the nipple clamps. AGain, he flinches from pleasure and from pain. Finally, he whispers, “I need to sit down.” They sit closely at a private table in the corner, sharing intimate conversation. She carresses his leg, teasing his inner thigh, both of them incredibly arroused by being in public like this…and anticipating what is yet to come. Finally, she leans into him, looking deeply into his eyes…”it’s time for you to come!” And, with that, he feels her nails drive into his thigh, she cups his balls through his pants and strokes his rock hard shaft. “What? Here? Now?” he cries… but, it’s too late, she’s already got him on the verge of orgasm. She moves closely into him, nibbling on his ear lobe, tenderly licking his neck, fondling his cock, gently rocking him back and forth on the plug tightly inserted within his groins. “Oh my God,” he groans, “I can’t believe this!” as he shoots a load right there. He slides her hand away to see the wet spot growing in his pants. She smiles fondly…”guess we better get you cleaned up!” and she leads him back to the Jeep…

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