Karen, Steve and Monique



How did she get into this church at the edge of the town? Slowly waking up, she remembered the details when she felt the tingling sensation on her buttocks. She was usually not impulsive, but only because she restrained herself. That was the way she was brought up. She met Steve at the greek restaurant she loved to have dinner at. After a few hours of getting to know him they ended up in this old church he wanted to show her.

Standing before the altar, he pulled her towards him and kissed her. She didn’t resist, deep down she was too adventurous. He turned her around so that she faced the altar. She leaned forward grabbing a hold of the edge of the altar and looked over her shoulder into Steve’s eyes.

“You like me like this?”

“Almost perfect, Karen. Here, let me help you.”

He pulled her back at her hips so that she head to bend further forward.

“Spread your legs slightly now. Keep your legs straight and arch your back, Karen. Entice me with your pretty backside.”

Her jeans were a number smaller than necessary, she liked to wear them tight. She felt her ass cheeks bulging against the denim that was drawn skintight over her buttocks.

He pulled her hair slightly, his hand gliding over her smooth ass. He caressed her between her legs, waiting for her to make a noise. He took of her belt and pulled her pants down to her mid thighs. Then he pulled her panties down, baring her well rounded ass. Without a word he picked up the leather belt and smacked it hard across her bare bottom. She did not resist.

“Two dozen lashes across your arse, Karen. Will you be able to bear that?”

The leather belt smacked her behind in a slow rhythm, each smack harder than the one before. The lashes resounded with echoes from the church walls, her bottom cheeks turned red. She had tears in her eyes, but she did not resist. She made an effort to present her bottom proudly during the entire whipping. It finally stopped, and Steve took her from behind, pressing his body against her hot bottom cheeks.

That was all she remembered. She needed to free her hot ass cheeks from the tight clothing when she got home. The tight jeans were unbearable on her punished behind. She was lying on the bed, her jeans pulled down to her thighs. That was the way she fell asleep, deeply satisfied and exhausted. After she woke up she checked her bottom in the mirror. It was deep red, covered with thin welts that hardly showed. It had not been one of her dreams. She went to the kitchen and made some coffee. Maybe he would call her again?

Two weeks later he finally called.

“Hi Karen, remember me?”

“I never forget a mean bastard, Steve.”

“I think you enjoyed yourself, Karen. I have a present for you. Why don’t you come to my house tonight? I give you the address.”

Karen wrote down the address. What would Steve have in store for her?

Once in his house Steve showed her into the living room. Some clothes he wanted her to wear were on the table. She undressed and put on the leather G-string and bustier. Then she stepped into thigh high boots with spiked heels. Steve watched her as she walked around the living room. The marks on her ass had faded.

“Come with me for your present” he said.

They walked into a large room upstairs. A gorgeous young blond was waiting next to a bed. Steve handed Karen a leather whip that had several flat tails. Not a serious whip, it would not injure the blond.

“Monique has been a bad girl. Give her twenty lashes across her pretty little ass.”

Karen looked at Monique. She had her jeans shorts pulled down her legs, presenting her young bottom for discipline. Monique, wearing a black tank top, had long blond hair that made Karen jealous. She lashed Monique’s ass with the leather whip, but Monique did not scream. She just arched her back and stuck out her bottom, asking for more. Karen gave her twenty lashes, but Monique did not budge. “That’s enough. Come here Karen,” Steve said.

He handed her a long riding switch.

“If you use it right, you can print a pattern of thin red lines on her ass. Watch me.”

He stood behind the girl and laid the switch across her bottom. Then he swung his arm back and lashed the switch with full force across her arse. Monique screamed, and a thin red line showed prominently.

He handed the switch to Karen.

“Here, she is yours. Have fun.” Steve left the room.

Karen took her position behind Monique.

Smack! Smack!

There was no scream from Monique. Karen tried whipping her harder.

Crack-smack! Now Monique started screaming. Karen learned fast to use her wrist with the long switch. She whipped Monique hard, lash after lash. Methodically Karen worked her way down, lashing the crowns of Monique’s buttocks, then her upper thighs. Monique’s screams mixed with the sound of the leather switch smacking Monique’s bare skin. After fifteen minutes of intense whipping Karen had exhausted her strength. Monique’s bottom and thighs were a network of welts. The welts adorned her ass like a piece of art. Where the tip of the switch had landed, some tiny droplets of blood had formed on her bottom.

Monique, with tears in her eyes, pulled up her tight jeans shorts. She would have rather worn a loose skirt now, but she had to endure the denim pressing against her sore bottom. When Monique left, Steve handed her an envelope with money.

“She is a professional?” Karen asked Steve.

“What do you think? Do you think she is a girlfriend of mine?”

“No, I guess I wasn’t thinking,” Karen answered.

“Come here,” Steve said with the switch in his hand. “I want you to take the same position at the bed like Monique did. It’s time for your reward now, Karen.”


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