Latex and Leather



The trees flew by as Helen raced along the country road in her red Toyota. She accepted an invitation by her coworker to spend the long weekend at his country home. She had fantasized about Jeff for a long time. Right now she was hoping that she would not have to stop anywhere to ask for directions. Her scandalous outfit would surely shock the locals. It took her a while that afternoon to fit the tight latex skirt over her hips. The skirt was skintight and so short that it barely covered her ass. The thigh high boots with spiked heels that she was wearing were designed to drive any man crazy in an instant. Helen had the body to go with that outfit. She was ready for a wild weekend.

She pulled over and stopped the car. Smoking one of her slim cigarettes she studied the map Jeff had drawn for her. Only about five miles to go. She started the car and drove on, unsure what to expect in this countryside. Soon she reached a little town and found Jeff’s country house. The house was impressive. The two-story building reminded her of a gothic mansion. She listened to the sound of the pebblestones giving way under the tires as she drove up to the front entrance.

Jeff opened the door and helped Helen out of her car. “Welcome to my little retreat Helen,” he greeted her with a kiss.

“I’m impressed, Jeff, how did you get this place?”

“My dad left it to me. Come, lets take your things inside,” he said and took her bag.

Jeff had a good look at Helen as she walked up the few steps to the entrance door. The tight latex skirt revealed every curve of her beautiful backside. The movement of Helen’s ass cheeks when she walked on those high heels gave Jeff an immediate hard-on.

Once inside he put down her bag and showed her into the living room. She admired the antique furnishings. A huge fireplace was at the far end of the living room, surrounded by a black leather sofa and chairs. Helen saw the swimming pool outside and immediately opened the terrace door to have a look at the pool. “Want to go for a swim?” Jeff asked.vbcrlf”I didn’t bring my bathing suit. Do you think I need one?”

“For the sake of the neighbors, yes you do,” Jeff answered.vbcrlf”Neighbors, huh. Do you think they would like me like this?”vbcrlfHelen took off her skirt. She bent over tightly, her legs slightly spread, and put her bare ass on public display. She was looking at Jeff. “Stop that and get your pretty ass inside here, Helen.” vbcrlfvbcrlfJeff handed her a drink and Helen sat down on the leather sofa. The leather felt cold against her bottom cheeks, she couldn’t help exclaiming a quiet “oh”. “I see you don’t wear any panties on weekends,” he said standing behind Helen.vbcrlfShe turned around and knelt on the sofa. She looked into Jeff’s eyes and said: “bad girls don’t need any panties, you know.”vbcrlfJeff took her head between his hands and kissed her on her mouth. “Stay like this,” he said.vbcrlfHe walked around the sofa. Standing behind kneeling Helen, he ran his hand over her bottom. She spread her knees wider apart, arched her back and stuck out her ass for his caresses. Playfully he started to spank Helen with the flat of his hand. She didn’t protest, on the contrary, she approved of the smacks that fell on her bottom. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Arch your back like a cat and raise your pretty ass,” he whispered into her ear.vbcrlfHelen did as she was told. Jeff admired Helen’s perfectly round shaped bottom cheeks. He took a hold of her hair with his left hand and smacked her ass hard with his other hand. Again and again he smacked her bare bottom. He spanked her ass for several minutes, until her bottom cheeks turned red. Jeff felt the heat that radiated from her ass when he finally rested his palm on her bottom. He started to caress her again. Helen breathed heavily as Jeff slid his hand between her legs. Her inner thighs were wet, Helen must have enjoyed the spanking. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Do you want me now?” Jeff asked.vbcrlf”Yes,” Helen answered, “take me now.”vbcrlfHe slowly stuck two fingers inside her, sliding them back and forth. “Fuck me, Jeff! Please, fuck me now!”vbcrlfHelen was breathing heavily. She raised her ass even higher, she wanted Jeff from behind. He took off his pants and slowly slid his penis inside her. After ten minutes of intense lovemaking they were both sweating. Helen lied down on her back on the sofa. She wanted to feel the leather against her skin while Jeff made love to her. Finally, they both came. Exhausted, they rested in each others arms. vbcrlfvbcrlfThey were lying on the sofa together for almost an hour. “Sex makes me hungry, let’s have something to eat,” Jeff said.vbcrlf”OK Jeff, you eat and I will freshen up.”vbcrlfJeff showed her the upper floor of his house. The bedroom had a wooden floor and a large four-poster bed. In the adjoining bathroom was an old fashioned bath tub, but everything looked very neat and tidy. vbcrlfvbcrlf”What’s in the package on the bed?” Helen asked.vbcrlf”It’s a present, I’m pretty sure you will like it” he answered. “Take your time.”vbcrlfAfter Jeff left to go downstairs Helen filled the bathtub with hot water. She took a well deserved bubble bath, this had been a very eventful day so far. She dried herself with a white cotton towel while she walked slowly back into the bedroom. Curiously she opened the package that was still waiting for her on the bed. She took of the lid and found a note on top of the contents of the box. The note read:vbcrlf”Helen, I thought that you might like to play games. Wear these clothes tonight, if you dare. It is up to you whether you take the whip with you when you come downstairs. If you do take it, I will use it to lash your beautiful ass. Love, Jeff.” vbcrlfvbcrlfCuriously Helen unpacked the package. She found a pair of bright red latex pants and a top to go with it. Another item in the package was a leather waist cincher. “This won’t be easy to put on,” she thought.vbcrlfA smaller box contained high-heeled leather boots and a pair of gloves. On the bottom of the package was a long item wrapped in white paper. She took of the paper and found a red riding crop. Helen flexed the switch, it was very thin. It made a freightening sound when she swished the whip through the air. vbcrlfvbcrlfIt took Helen a while to dress up in those clothes. The latex pants were so tight that she had to pull them up inch by inch. The waist cincher closed in the front, so she could put it on herself. But to close the waist cincher, she had to use a lot of strength and really suck in her tummy. It took her a while. The she put on the high-heeled boots and the leather gloves. She practiced walking in the new boots and walked back and forth in the bathroom. The heels made a nice clicking sound on the wooden floor. She looked at herself in the mirror. She had never seen her waist this tiny. At the same time, the waist cincher forced her ass cheeks to swell proudly. The thin latex pants were so tight and shiny that the light reflected from her bottom. Helen looked gorgeous and was ready to go and show Jeff. She walked to the door to go downstairs, then paused. The thought of serious discipline made her curious, and she could not resist the temptation. She turned around and went to pick up the whip that was still on the bed. She took it with her downstairs. vbcrlfvbcrlfJeff greeted Helen with a glass of wine in the dining room. He kissed her. “You are looking great, Helen.”vbcrlf”Thank you. And here is the whip.” Helen said and handed the switch to Jeff.vbcrlf”I want to see you walk. Here, I hold your glass.”vbcrlfJeff took the glass and handed the whip back to Helen. She walked slowly through the living room, flexing the switch. Jeff got a tremendous hard-on. Every movement of her asscheeks was revealed by the tight latex pants as she walked on the high heels. Helen stopped in front of a wall. She spread her legs slightly and rested the tip of the red riding crop on the floor. “I am ready for you Jeff. Whatever you want to do.”vbcrlfvbcrlfJeff took the crop from her and led her to the leather sofa. “Spread your legs slightly and bend over the
m rest. I want you to present your ass for a serious lashing! Keep your legs straight. If you can’t stand the pain, all you have to do is get up, ok?”vbcrlfSlightly trembling Helen bent over the armrest. Her spread ass cheeks practically asked for a whipping. Jeff enjoyed looking at her. The skintight latex revealed the shape of her sex. vbcrlfvbcrlfThen he started lashing Helen’s ass. The whip swished through the air for a split second before it landed on her latex covered ass. Helen heard the loud smack and at the same time started to feel the pain. It felt like a thin line of fire that grew hotter and hotter. Helen gasped from the impact, but already Jeff was lashing her ass again, and harder. Helen started screaming, but she did not get up to stop the whipping. Jeff would not stop on his account either. He lashed her shiny ass again and again with the red riding crop. Helen was crying, screaming and gasping, all at the same time. Jeff could only imagine what her ass looked like under those pants. Jeff stopped for a minute and told Helen to put her bottom right over the armrest. Sobbing, with tears running down her cheeks, Helen lied down over the armrest of the sofa. Now her ass was in a perfect position. Jeff whipped straight down with the riding crop. The smacks were loud and vicious. Helen was sucking for air, her mouth wide open. Her voice was hoarse from the screaming. Her ass felt like it was on fire. Jeff continued to whip her bottom as hard as he could. Helen was begging between screams and sobs, calling his name. All she got was more lashes. The thin switch clung to her ass cheeks each time it landed with an earsplitting smack. vbcrlfvbcrlfFinally Helen rolled of the sofa down to the floor. Her face was flushed. Tears were still rolling down her cheeks. Jeff flexed the switch between his hands. “Now you know how strict I can be with naughty girls. Are you ok?”vbcrlfHelen nodded. Jeff went to the bathroom and got a bottle of Aloe Vera gel, the kind that is used for sunburns. He helped Helen get up and held her in his arms. Helen started to take off her shoes and gloves, then slowly pulled the tight pants down. She needed to free her burning bottom from the latex. Sitting down on the sofa, Jeff pulled her over his lap. He put a lot of gel in his palm and carefully spread the soothing gel over her bruised bottom. Her ass was criss-crossed with welts. Some of the stripes were dark red, others turned purple. How many lashes did she get? Forty? Fifty? Sixty? They both did not know.

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