mystical pirate part 2 captivity

Erotica: Captivity

She woke, surprising not groggy from any of the drugs she had been given. But then she really didn’t know how long she had been sleeping, overnight, a day, longer? She didn’t feel injured and was still wearing the same soft gown “the captain” had slipped on her, well the only way to know for sure was to try to get up and see what happens.
Scooting to the edge of the large bed, the ankle belt
holding her leg stopped her; with a quick twist she had that off and was up. Guess having slim ankles came in handy after all.
Christy started to explore the room, going first to the windows on the far side. There was no beach to be seen from this view; she could only hope the ship was turned, and she still had a chance to get away before session 2 began.
Walking to the glass case, she noticed that there was already a tray prepared and covered by the table, her curiosity got the better of her and she drifted toward it and lifted the cloth. There were several syringes and bottles of drugs there and a variety of sex toys, which for some reason intrigued her. Reaching out to lift this one and that she shook her head, sure it couldn’t possible be used in sex at all and was jest left to frighten her.
Going back to the wall case she was staring at the many “toys” in the collection, when footsteps on the stairs reminded her of her position.
Leaping back into the bed and pulling the ankle chain under the covers she pretended sleep, but snuck a peek at who was at the door from beneath her lashes. Ellie came into the room and went to the tray; she lifted the cover and started to fill the syringes, 4 in all. She then retrieved a large jar of lube and placed it near the tray, and several pairs of gloves. She went to the counter and began to prepare the enema bag; it was all going to start again.
Lying in bed Christy remembered that the enema was very warm so her time was short, raising her head slightly she saw the open door, trying to not make a sound to alert Ellie, she slipped out the far side of the bed and started toward the door, only to run right into the very large, firm chest of the captain.


His arms came up to capture her in a tight but surprisingly gentle hug. She was scooped up in his arms like a child, and scolded like one too.
And where are you off to my lovely little virgin? Away from you she screamed, who are you? Where am I? She fired questions at him as he carried her back to the bed and sat down with her in his lap. I am the captain, as you have been calling me, and will continue to call me. As to where you are, well my ship, and for you that can be heaven or hell the choice will be yours. Right now, you will get a little demonstration of what disobeying will bring you. So saying he flipped her over on his lap and started to spank her on her bare ass, his hands were large and it stung, she started to squirm and cry but he pined her in place with his other hand. She was given several more sound slaps, and then was flipped over on to the bed, to gaze up into beautiful golden eyes fringed in dark long lashes.
She was furious and tried to roll away but was stopped by max and ellie on the other side of the bed. She hadn’t even realized they had moved from the table, and now she was good and trapped.
Trying to crawl up to the top of the bed was a mistake, as her legs got tangled in her nightgown and only amused the onlookers. The captain ordered Ellie to continue to prepare the session, and she handed him a pair of gloves and a syringe. Kristi was standing now at the head of the bed onto on the pillows and the captain was laughing at her. You cant escape me, and you were told how each session will begin so you might as well come down and roll over on your tummy. Then I want you to pull your knees up under you and rest your head on your folded arms this will place you bottom up so I can examine you and make sure your ready for more play.
She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, did he think she would? Not bloody likely, and so thinking she kicked out with her foot and had it grasped in his hand and turned so she landed in almost the position he had requested.Max had moved to the head of the bed and was now pressing her down into the mattress and pillows.


She realized that in trying to crawl away it only put her legs under her, and the captain was quick to take advantage of that position by moving up and blocking her legs from moving and throwing her nightgown up over her head. Max pulled the impediment off and tossed it to the floor.
The captain put on the glove and had lube placed in his hand by ellie, Kristi was beginning to hate her. She was told not to move and he would be gentle and try not to hurt her, but wanted to be sure 10 days was a long enough time for the stretching she got to repair it self.
Kristi was dazed by the amount of time that had passed since she went to sleep and stopped struggling for a moment, which was all it took for the captain to insert his finger up her, and gently rotate it, she immediately start to fight again and he with drew his finger, slapped her once and then nodded to ellie and max.
His glove was removed and she was pulled down to his lap again, face up this time, and he relubed his finger and slowly tried to insert it into her virgin cunt. She twisted and turned so much he was afraid to damage her and removed his hand, flipped her again, ass up, was giving a syringe which he injected her with, half in each side.
Then pushing her off his lap he stood and waited for the drug to take effect.
Kristy felt the same twilight dizziness she had felt before but fought it as long as she could. She was then picked up and placed on the table again. He legs were strapped into different sleeves and spread wide a strap was place over her middle and shoulders, her arms were outstretched and strapped down. She knew everything that was happening to her but could do nothing about it. Another syringe was placed in the captain’s hand and she felt the sharp prick of the needle in her hip. Her senses were returning to her, which is what she knew they wanted.
Your all ready for your exam, I would have preferred if you let me do it on the bed under more pleasant circumstances but, like I said before your choice. He put gloves on both hands and brought the lube closer to the table, and then he picked up the item Kristi couldn’t imagine a use for and placed it near the lube.

Right now all I want to do is see how tightly you maidenhead is lodged and then we will begin the real session. Glancing at ellie, who was rewarming the enema bag and selecting a tip she understood what was next.
He spread her neither lips with one hand and slowly inserted his first finger into her sheath, about half way up. Then further till he felt the membrane closing her passage. Kristy was crying now and trying to expel his finger, he pushed on her membrane and she screamed, but it didn’t break. She is very tight and well covered she will bleed very nicely, I think.
Kristi was frantic, bleed nicely? Why? Oh god, what now.
Then she started to listen to the captain discuss a ceremony, do you think we have long enough to train her to be able to accept what will happen to her body captain? Yes max but after today she sleeps only one day in between sessions.
Looking down at her, he wiped her nether lips free of the lube and told ellie to begin. With Max’s help they repositioned her legs and rotated her on the table to the “ass up” position and then tipped the table. The captain was rubbing lube into her butt crack, which she had clenched tightly. Chuckling he tipped the table and separated her legs and stepped away. Ellie was behind her with the tube tip, a larger one then last time as promised, lubricated it and her finger and began to try to slip it in her ass.
Kristi was fighting as Ellie’s finger penetrated her rose hole and rotated ever so ge
ntly, removed it and inserted the tube. She positioned Kristi’s head so she could watch the draining liquid and released the flow into her, holding the tube in place so Kristi couldn’t expel it. When the captain noticed what she was doing he went to the cabinet and removed a small bag, Ellie’s eyes grew large at the sight, as she was aware of what Kristi brought on her self now. Reaching over to stop the flow of liquid in the bag, she removed the tube from Kristi. The captain came up behind her with the new tube which looked like the butt plug but squishy. He attached it to the small hose at the base of the table, released air into it and then it became firm, and enlarged to a bulbous tip, the air was removed partially and it was lubed and inserted in her ass, not gently.


Screaming did not gain her any mercy. Once the tube was in the captain inserted one finger, and began to inflate the tube, when it started to cause her some discomfort he stopped, pulled slightly on the tube to be sure it would stay and then clamped it off to maintain the air, attached the hose from the bag and restarted the liquid. If Kristi thought the first enema uncomfortable this was torture, and knowing she brought it on herself didn’t help.
She was panting and the bag was only half empty, screaming by ¾, and begging to the captain by the end. He stood by her table and asked her do you know why? She complied with the right answer, because of her disobedience and he instructed ellie to get her in position to relieve herself, but only to remove the enema tube leave the butt plug inflated for now. It seemed to take forever to right the table this time and Kristi cried the whole time. A basin was placed beneath her and the captain released the air to deflate the plug. The force of the fluid pushing to escape forced the plug out with it.
Max retrieved it and took it to the sink to cleanse.
When she was finished, and ellie had her all washed up, she was again placed in the sturips and buckled down.
Her legs were together for the moment.
The captain came back to the table and reapplied gloves, now we begin, he said. The spectrum, which she found out it was called was lubed and then her legs spread, the table raised higher up so the captain could insert it into her sheath and not harm her maiden head.
She was very small and tight and the first one wouldn’t fit without damage so a smaller one was brought, this one slide in like a glove. It was cranked open, which Kristi found very uncomfortable. A camera was placed next to the captain and he slid it up the inside of the spectrum, the image of her virgin state was on the screen and photographed. When they had about 20 photos it was removed and so was the device of torture. Then the captain began to stroke her love bud to sooth and arouse her.


He increased the pressure and motion of his hand and fingers, then a cool sensation which was tingly washed down her venus mount, and she was towel dried, glancing down she saw the captain kneeling in front of the table, and he was kissing her thighs, and her little jewel, oh it felt wonderful, his tongue swept rapidly over her again and again, she felt the strap across her middle loosen and she raise her hips to his mouth, begging for more. The captain’s eyes were hot as he watched her reaching for her release and then her sucked on the little nub and gentle inserted one finger in her ass, she screamed and climaxed, it was more then she could bear and she fainted.
The captain was very pleased with this response, and allowed Ellie to wash her while waiting for her to awake. I think the next thing for her to learn, is to give the kiss of rapture. Get the mouth restraints ready before she wakes.

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    This story keeps your attention.

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    …. Again, the names, the way you spell them, the fantasy intertwined with these specific names, …. Who are you???

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