Naughty Neighbor Chapter 2

The last we read the hot and horny housewife was at the mercy of her neighbors.

Joe was sitting in a corner of his basement watching as his wife, Julie, was getting ready to give their horny little neighbor, Tasha, her pushiment for all the slutty things she has been doing.

Tasha is telling Julie how she’d do anything they want, as long as she doesn’t have to go thru anymore punshiment today.

Julie tells her that she must become their sex slave and do whatever they tell her.

Well, Tasha thinks this over and quickly decides that as long as there are some roles. Why not????

The only roles are that, it can never be when her husband George is home. Or as long as no one else is at Tashas house to hear about this, and it all has to happen at their house. But other than that, Tasha figures, it sure as hell beats playing with herself and the inter net.

So, with that all settled and Joe still gently stroking his cock in the corner and licking his lips with anticipation, Julie puts the collar on Tasha and has her walk around the front of Joe like a dog. She puts an anal tail in Tasha butt and makes her act like a real dog. And when Tasha skips a beat, Julie whacks her hind quater with a cat-o-nine tails. After a few minutes of being mortified like this, Tasha has to suck on Joes hard cock while Julie eats Tasha out. But Julie tells Tasha, “Don’t you dare let Joe blow his load yet. And don’t even think of dripping into my mouth or onto my fingers yet. You will be severly punished if either happens.” Tasha is sooo wet from the excitment already it’s hard not to be punished more. Well, sure enough Julie tasta the wettness of Tasha and makes her stop sucking on Joe. “You cheap little slut. How dare you enjoy any of this.”

With the anal plug still in her butt, Tasha is made to climb over the spanking platform and is tied to it. “Mistress?, May I please go pee first.”, “Do you think that you really deserve the privilage of the bathroom?” “No ma’am, but I don’t want to be punished for making wet on your floor.” “Well, if you do, you will not only clean it up, you will have the reddest ass in town, and than how will you explain that to your husband?”

So, Tasha took her punshiment: “1 Ma’am, 2 Ma’am”, all the way up to 15 whacks, all with the cat-o-nine tails. Tasha was then leashed back up walked around in front of Julie by Joe and had to eat her out from front to back without the use of anything other than her tongue. While eating Julie out, Joe was finally able to lose his load out of his 13.5″ cock in the lovely, red ass of Tasha. The bathroom had to wait, the thought of that long, round, hard cock in her ass, made Tasha forget all about peeing.

With all three of them satisfied for the day, they make plans for the next session.

Can’t wait to see what will inspire them this time……

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