Russian Justice


The bright red stripes on Katja’s ass just started to turn darker in color. She hated the rattan cane, she preferred a traditional spanking. But the cane was more appropriate tonight. Her mind was working between the lashes she received: how often would the slim and flexible cane land so painfully on her ass? How long would she be able to stand the pain and present her bare bottom for blow after blow? This caning was not an accident. Katja had asked for it.

Katja knew exactly what turned Alexander on. While dressing up in the bathroom she had put a temporary tattoo on her right bottom cheek. It was a small picture of a whip and two words that read “Spank Me.” She had put on white panties that left her bottom bare under the short pleated skirt. She was dressed like a school girl with white socks and a white blouse to match the black skirt. Now she was bending over the frame of the bed. The skirt was raised over her waist. Her bottom showed the fresh marks of the cane. “Spank Me.” Alexander struck the cane across her ass again. “Bad girl! I will teach you a lesson!”

Alexander loved to punish Katja before they had sex. He is a landowner and businessman with a large estate outside of St. Petersburg. He met Katja in Japan on a business trip and fell in love immediately. They got married overnight, on impulse. They were a perfect match. Katja knew how to tease and what made him tick. She loved Alexander’s strong hands, his smell when they made love. But she was not sure that she did the right thing when she agreed to marry and go to Russia with him.

Alexander owned a huge estate. The main house resembled a castle, Katja was not used to so much space. She enjoyed the first days in her new home, exploring her new world. But she especially liked the nights. At night, she made love with Alexander on the large four poster bed. The fireplace always lit up the bedroom, Alexander liked to look at her. She posed for him, standing next to the fireplace. Her legs wide open, she arched out her bottom. While he was watching, she masturbated and moaned. Once in a while, he would smack her round ass. She liked the smacks, they turned her on.

Not everything was to Katja’s liking, however. Katja hated the town judge. The judge was a close friend of Alexander. The two men spent many long evenings in the living room, talking about the world and politics. They always got drunk in the process. They did not like it when she interrupted them, but she insisted on being included. When Alexander asked her to go to her room one night, she got so mad that she threw a plate at Alexander. The plate broke into pieces when it hit the wall. The judge just looked sternly at her. She stormed off, slamming the door, and went to her bedroom.

“You have not taught her any manners yet, have you?” the judge asked Alexander. “Maybe it is time that you showed her some Russian touch,” the judge continued.

“Some Russian touch? What are you talking about?”

I’m talking about leather on bare ass. She is hot-tempered and proud. You need to thrash her. Who knows, maybe she likes it. Women are strange.”

The words of his friend stayed in Alexander’s mind. After the judge left, he went to see Katja. But she had locked herself into the bedroom and refused to open. “Open the door or you will regret it!” he shouted. There was no answer. Grudgingly, Alexander went to sleep in the bedroom next door. The judge was right. What Katja needed was a Russian type thrashing.

Next day Katja still remained locked in her bedroom. The judge was over as usual, and Alexander asked for his advice.

“Have it opened by the locksmith,” he said. “No need to panic, deal with it prudently. In a judicial manner.”

“In a judicial manner?”

“Yes, in a judicial manner. She denies you your rights, I can draft a judgment on this matter in no time.”

The judge’s order read: “Katja, denying her husband his lawful rights, is herewith sentenced to a lashing on her bare bottom to be executed by her husband. The lashing shall take place at the barn, outside the main house. This judgment shall stay in perpetual force. If there is any transgression during a week, Katja will be lashed on the following Sunday afternoon.”

The judge signed the order and handed it to Alexander.

“Is this really legal?”

“Nothing has changed here Alexander. You travel too much. Here, whatever I say, is the law.”

Alexander slipped the judge’s order through under the door. He heard Katja pick it up, but she did not open. It took the locksmith only two minutes to open the door. Alexander grabbed his wife and took her outside. He tied her with rope so she would hold still when the judges orders where executed. Katja was kneeling in the snow. She could not believe what was happening to her. The judge was smiling. He enjoyed the spectacle to come. Nothing pleased him more than watching a pretty girl suffer under the lash. Russian justice. It was his definition of fun.

Alexander enjoyed this judicial type punishment of his wife more than he had anticipated. He loved looking at her cute round ass. Katja was gorgeous.

“I don’t think I have a whip,” Alexander realized and told his friend.

“What? What is the matter with you? A Russian household without a whip?”

“Just wait a second,” Alexander said. He went back into the house and looked for his army uniform in the closet. It came with a thick leather belt, more than two inches wide. It would be perfect. He found it, but the leather looked dry and dull. Quickly he applied some fat to the leather. He smeared the fat all over the belt, until it looked shiny and soft. Then he smacked the belt down on the kitchen table, to see how it would sound. He was satisfied with the whip substitute, and couldn’t wait to lash that belt across Katja’s bare bottom.

They tied Katja to the crossbeam, her hands stretched above her head. The high heeled pumps and thigh highs made her look less than innocent. More like a slut, prepared for a well deserved whipping. The judges’ eyes feasted on the shape of Katja’s bottom cheeks. She was a small girl, but her ass cheeks were round and bulging. There was no need to be cautious about the lashing.

Alexander, the leather belt in hand, was standing right next to Katja. He ran his hands over Katja’s bottom cheeks. When he adjusted the rope between her legs, he noticed that Katja was excited and wet.

“So, you enjoy this, you slut. You are my dirty little girl, and I will punish you at will,” he whispered into her ear. “Is there anything you want to say?”

Katja looked at him, turning her head. “Yes, there is. I demand to be fucked after the whipping. As you say, I am a dirty girl. I will prove that to you. Now, can I have my lashing?”

Alexander was speechless. He knew she could be uninhibited, but this was too much.He stepped back, swung his arm, and the belt landed with a loud smack on Katja’s bottom cheeks. Whip-smack! Smack! Crack-Smack! The lashes resounded from the wall. Katja did her best presenting her ass cheeks. She arched her back slightly, sticking out her naughty bottom. Whip-Smack! Crack-Smack! Alexander whipped the crowns of her bottom. Whip-Smack! Crack-Smack! The thick leather belt struck Katja’s bare ass again and again and again. Smack! Crack-Smack! Her bottom turned red. Crack-Smack! Katja breathed faster, twisting and turning her body. Smack! Whip-Smack! The belt whipped her thighs. Crack-Smack! Her bottom again. Whip-Smack! Crack-Smack! Alexander didn’t stop until her ass was deep red, covered with bruises and welts.

Katja had tears in her eyes, but she was too proud to cry. Despite standing in the cold snow, she felt hot. The heat spread from her ass cheeks to the rest of her body. She felt the rope itching between her excited pussy lips. Katja was experiencing pleasure and pain at the same time. She wriggled her body slightly to intensify the pleasure of the rope. None of her actions escaped the judge’s trained eye.

“She isĀ one of a kind, Alexander,” he said. “Let me show you how to use that belt.”

The judge took the leather belt from Alexander and took a firm stand behind Katja. After the first lash it became clear that the judge was experienced in punishing girls like Katja. He took wide swings and didn’t stop the motion of his arm when the belt landed on her ass. Each lash with the belt sounded like a gunshot that rang through the air.

SMACK! WHIP-SMACK! SMACK! CRACK-SMACK! WHIP-SMACK! SMACK! Katja started to scream, she was struggling to stand straight. The pleasure that the rope gave her all but disappeared. She felt nothing but hot pain on her ass cheeks. She cried, she begged to be spared. But the judge continued the whipping. He gave her two dozen furious lashes.vbcrlfvbcrlfWhen the judge was finished Katja’s ass was beet red and hot. They untied poor Katja and took her back into the house. The judge excused himself and said he had to head home. His face was flushed and he was breathing fast. Alexander was wondering whether his friend was ok. But Alexander wanted to take care of Katja, so he let his friend go.vbcrlfvbcrlfKatja lay down on the bed. On her stomach. Alexander felt sorry now that he saw the state of her ass. Her bottom was bruised and criss-crossed with welts. He got a bottle of baby oil from the bathroom and started applying the soothing oil to her bottom. Her ass felt so hot under his palm that he was almost afraid of touching her skin. Katja encouraged him to go on. She spread her knees a little and raised her bottom just slightly. The oil was running down between her ass cheeks and started to drip from her pussy. Alexander massaged her glistening pussy, stroked it and slowly slid his fingers inside her. He wanted her to feel pleasure now.vbcrlfvbcrlfKatja started to moan under Alexander’s caresses. This time it was moans of pleasure. He took off his pants and Katja moved closer to the edge of the bed. She wanted to feel Alexander inside of her. She wanted him to fuck her from behind. She felt his penis entering her pussy, slipping deeper and deeper, until she felt his body pressing against her hot bottom. He slipped his hard penis in and out of her pussy. Each time he reentered her pussy it slipped in easier and deeper. He grabbed her ass softly while he fucked her like this. He couldn’t resist and started slapping her hot bottom with the flat of his hand. Katja screamed, her body was shaking. Alexander knew that Katja only screamed during her better orgasms. She had married the right man after all.

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