My Broken Strap II: Pit Stop

My Broken Strap II: Pit Stop
By Joker500

As we return to our man who already once has gotten him a quickie blowjob in the local deli. We catch up to him as he meets up with a very good friend to him.

Feeling good leaving the deli my



The sound of thunder echoed in the distance as darkness advanced across the normally cloudless desert sky. It was a little early in the year for a monsoon, she thought to herself as she pulled her pick-up into the driveway of her ho

Phone Friends Become More

I’ll start off by telling you some about me. I’m 5’11”, around 200lbs but slender. I enjoy quite a bit being on the internet and finding people to talk to. One day a girl in my area began talking to me. Her name was Chantelle. She seemed pretty inter

Erotic encounter of Cheerleaders and Athletes

Jason and I left basketball practice, glad that we had a full weekend ahead of us that wouldn’t be interrupted with homework, tests, projects, or practice. “Want to go get a bite to eat?”, Jason asked me? “Sure” I responded. Jason played center an

Jenn and Brads ending

Reluctantly, he pulled his rock hard rod blood-gorged prick  out of his sisters wet pussy.
     “Come on please, don’t be mad.   Stick it in my ass this time,” she said.
He did as asked, and soon, he was lying  crotch-to-ass on his si

My Wedding Day

I had been waiting for my wedding day to Darien for over a year. We were ready to walk down the aisle and I was nervous and looking forward to our wedding night all day. We were about to be Mr. and Mrs. Aarondale in five short hours.

I wan