Mai's Lust Fulfilled PART 2

As Mai turned into the first bedroom they passed, Christie’s, she knew deep down that what her body wanted was something that she had to find a way to turn down, and yes, it will most certainly ‘get there.’

As Tom entered Christie’s room, he

Mai's Lust Fulfilled PART 1

Mai was 21 years old, born in China , and raised alternately in Hong Kong and San Diego . She had a boyfriend back on campus, Alec, with whom she’d been with for a little over a year. Alec was the only person she’d ever had sex with, and while she c

Facts re better than Fiction

Facts are better than fantasies.
I live in a retirement village which is not where you would expect to find a lot of sexual activity but it is amazing what goes on with our Filipino care givers. I used to be the local peeping Tom

Vile Gamer rides again

I’d watched her for several weeks now. She was a cheerleader at the local college. She was one gorgeous bitch. She had tan skin and looked Asian, almost oriental. Her hair was dark and extended down to her shoulders. She was so sexy in her cheerleade

The Nagging Mom

Your my mom and I just wont take this shit from you anymore, always telling me what to do so I am going to teach you a lesson.

It’s just gone 7am and dads gone to work, you are your usual self nagging us to go to school well I’m almost 16 and

Young Employee has to Play Doctor

Angie was a cute, 27 year old Asian business graduate in her 4th year with her company, a bank. She had applied for a team leader role that had recently been posted by her boss, Tom. Although she was somewhat inexperienced, Tom liked her drive and wo

Love's Fond Embrace

At first, I thought this relationship was not going to last. She was about 7,000 miles away, working for a humanitarian organization. I was back in the States, working hard to keep all my bills paid and able to talk to her (especially with a 7 hour

4some planned

We are a mixed couple he is australian and she is a sexy Chinese
We had a couple visiting for holiday and they were a middle aged couple who liked the idea of swinging but never had the right meeting
The couple were Chinese and the wife (Lee) w

fallen for my sister inlaw.

it was 0730 hrs when i got home from working
all wife had already left for her job and my sons where heading out for sister inlaw whom i will call nene had been staying with us after she divorced and was looking for a job her se

the divorce, chapter 5

Just when I thought my sex life could not get anymore graphic after my threesome with two college girls in a cheap backwater town I was wrong. I had noticed a new woman in our building in the last few weeks. She was an Asian cutie. Her name was Emi


She had a body that was smaller than I had ever thought I’d like but I did.

To tell the truth, I hardly noticed her at first. Keiko was a student clearly of Japanese descent. She had small breasts that were almost non-existent. She had a small

Sex With a mature lady

Hai, I am anand and I would like to share my
experiences with one of my aunty. This incident
happened during my stay at my aunts house. Let me
share the first one. I was staying with my mother’s
sister house and doing my college. My uncle

My first GangBang

I’m Sweety 24 and married to my husband Rohit of 2&1/2 years. I have a very satisfying relationship with my husband. We are both working. But,Rohit has to travel some time because of his work. Though I’ve never been with another man in my whole lif

Wild Train Ride

On a blistering hot summer day in central China, Walter Stallion sat aboard an old empty train moving west. He was dressed as a poor traveler, wearing a tight white tanktop over his powerful athletic muscles and very loose light tan khaki pants. <b


I don’t know that how you enjoyed my first story. I am not a regular viewer of porn sites and I don’t know the phrases and words used in pornography. But since it is a real story you can imagine the situation and understand what a


Hi fans this is Vijay. I am from Kochi. It is a real story of my first experience of having a sexual encounter. I was not married at that time. I had just joined as a restaurant manager at Indore basically I am from Tamil Nadu.

Good time with sister in law and her friend

I am a happily married man living in India. I have two sisters in laws both of whom are yet to be married. The elder of the two sisters in law is the one that I have seduced and had a good time with.

Initially, I had never given second glance

Wet and Wild at Poolside

by Walter Stallion

Walter Stallion stood at the diving board completely naked facing the pool. He stepped up to the edge of the board and stretched his arms over his head, his ab muscles flexing toughly to make a w

Hard Up Check Up

In a hospital south of Tokyo, Walter Stallion had his usual check-up. As often as he came, the nurses would find that he was perfectly fit to go back to work, saving the world as the top agent for Interpol’s Asian Division. But on one occasion, N