All Grown Up 2

I woke up around 5:30 the next morning, as i found Janis’s legs intertwinded with mine reminding me of the litle romp we had the night before. I slowly untangled my legs from her and got out of bed, i went out to the main hall and grabbed my board a

All Grown Up

It all started when my cousin invited me on a summer trip with her and her frends, she told me that i would be the only guy there, most guys would be ecstatic but i knew that i wouldnt get any action from her frends i knew them all and they thought o

did it with amma
Please anybody like incest, please make me contact. Any mothers having experience like me, please let meto know that.

Sharing secret love with amma.

My first Day

The day before I had went to a job interview and the Ms.Anderson (Lisa) hired me on the spot. It was a secretarial position, at a big computer company. I was so excited I went and bought a new outfit so i would feel like a million bucks. I chose a

A sultry afternoon

A sultry afternoon (Part-2)

Ravi drew away. “Lets talk for sometime,” he said, his huge cock swaying. The girls rose reluctantly and followed suit. Ravi switched off the TV as Shikha sat beside him, fingering her nipples soaked in Ravi’s c

A sultry afternoon

A sultry afternoon

It was hot and there was a power outage. Lakshmi was sweating. She cursed the summer, the heat. There was only one way she could beat the heat, at least temporarily. Lakshmi decided to have a shower. At age 25, Lakshmi look