my sweetypie sis- in- law

My Sister-in-Law Prema was visiting with her husband and they passed by our house. I was outside when they arrived and Prema was the first one to jump out of the van. She walked towards me with arms open and we touched. The van lights went out and we

my friends wife

My friends wife can be described a little like described ..
Body Size : 34-26-36
Weight : 51 Kilos, Ht : 5-5″
Colour : Very fair
would prefer Tight jeans for outside, because it makes her look like a Sexbomb which will be a feast to my

All Grown Up 2

I woke up around 5:30 the next morning, as i found Janis’s legs intertwinded with mine reminding me of the litle romp we had the night before. I slowly untangled my legs from her and got out of bed, i went out to the main hall and grabbed my board a


It was a really great exciting week I have had. The pleasure, the beauty of the moments is so memorable that I am tempted to share every bit of it with you. I basically belong to an orthodox, conservative “Brahmin” family from North India

All Grown Up

It all started when my cousin invited me on a summer trip with her and her frends, she told me that i would be the only guy there, most guys would be ecstatic but i knew that i wouldnt get any action from her frends i knew them all and they thought o


It was a chilly morning when i arrived at my college. I was tired and frustrated that i hadnt finished my term paper i knew i was in for a long day. After my first calss i decided to go to a place with almost no one there to just sit and have a bi

Thai sexual massage

Sensual Massage Thai Style

I was a bit apprehensive at first about entering the Bangkok massage parlour. I had heard about it from a lady tout in the street and she had showed me some pictures of men in soapy baths with a hoard of pretty young

did it with amma
Please anybody like incest, please make me contact. Any mothers having experience like me, please let meto know that.

Sharing secret love with amma.

My first Day

The day before I had went to a job interview and the Ms.Anderson (Lisa) hired me on the spot. It was a secretarial position, at a big computer company. I was so excited I went and bought a new outfit so i would feel like a million bucks. I chose a

The First Entry

The first thrust

Meera and Ravi knew each other for two years now. They were in love. Meera, at twenty-four, looked stunningly beautiful. She was tall for an Indian woman – maybe 5’7″ and was voluptuous, with a lush body that matched

Off to college

I was tired and out of breath by the experience with Sara my Asian roommate at my new college. I had never been with a girl before and I now knew what the taste of pussy was like and I wanted more. Now all 3 of my dormmates were willing to show my


I was staying in jungle camp along with my parents.There were three other families our neighbourers.On that night neighbour aunt came to our house &told my mother to send me to sleep with her as her husbund has gone out for one night.She along with h

wife and I swing for the frist time part 3

As we walked into the room not 3 min behind the women we all three men just stood there in disbelief we could not believe what was going on that fast. There lay Misty on the bed with her skirt up to her hips and

Pam between her legs head buried d

A sultry afternoon

A sultry afternoon (Part-2)

Ravi drew away. “Lets talk for sometime,” he said, his huge cock swaying. The girls rose reluctantly and followed suit. Ravi switched off the TV as Shikha sat beside him, fingering her nipples soaked in Ravi’s c

A sultry afternoon

A sultry afternoon

It was hot and there was a power outage. Lakshmi was sweating. She cursed the summer, the heat. There was only one way she could beat the heat, at least temporarily. Lakshmi decided to have a shower. At age 25, Lakshmi look



Dear Readers

You must have enjoyed Part I of above story. Believe it or not this is a true story. I know its hard to believe but it’s a true story.

Like I described lusty events in Part I, I wish to continue to

Fucking My Friends Wife

Hi, My name is Asif, I live in Islamabad and this is a true story. This story is about a couple, Shazia and Wasim.They are our family friends. Shazia is 22 with perfect figure, and Wasim is 26 and a smart man. We have good terms with them, and we fre

My Driver

I am Lata 29 yrs old. My hubby is a businessman from Bombay India. He is carrying on our family business, which has been going on for years now. A year after I was married, my father in law said he wanted to retire and handing over everything to my h

Soul Mates

There she was! I fought to keep from staring as she entered the room. I must not have done a very good job, because the brunette I was chatting with threw me a disgusted look and huffed away. I really didn’t care now that she was here!
She ma