The men carried her in and put down on a metal table. It was cold and sent chills down her spine. They took off her blindfold, but her vision was still cloudy. They grabbed her right hand and pulled it upward. Then they locked a cuff around her hand

The Weekend Part 5

Although the water was cold in the shower, Rainbo savoured the moments. She had first been restrained in that bending position for hours, beaten with the lash and the crop, anally assaulted and then on her knees licking up urine. This time in the sho

wife and I swing for the frist time part 3

As we walked into the room not 3 min behind the women we all three men just stood there in disbelief we could not believe what was going on that fast. There lay Misty on the bed with her skirt up to her hips and

Pam between her legs head buried d

Payback time,part 1

Tony was my best friend the only one I could trust so it seemed natural when he ask me to marry him but I did’t know what a user he was until I found him “paying his rent” by servicing his landlady. That is when I, with the help of
my friend Red(a

I Was a Bad Girl

Dear Pen-Pal;

After our email exchange on Monday, I was a terribly wicked girl Monday night.

You got me so hot and bothered that I just had to pull out my vibrating butt plug and lube it up. I haven’t used it since late last year, so my botto

Psychology Experiment

As a college psychology professor, I have noticed that one of my students is always trying to prove me wrong or argue points with me during class. So one day after class, I ask her to come by at the end of the day to discuss her attitude. Just when

Justice for Justin

“I know. I couldn’t believe it either. The kid has no respect for anyone. Jim told him specifically, ‘No visitors without adult supervision.’ So what does he do? The little shit. Guess he thought as long as dad wasn’t around he was going to h


I want to share one of my experiences with corporal punishment during my high school years in a medium size Texas town. I had been paddled by teacher in the hallyway a couple of time and while it was pretty embarassing and it stung a bit it wasn’t al

Kinky Lovers Part 1

Oh baby, she moaned, as her kinky lover fondled her pussy lovingly, gently. She loved this kind of thing- but at the same time, she couldn’t stand the teasing. “Just DO it, Jim, DO it now!”vbcrlfJim, the kinky lover, smiled as he looked at her