A trip at the Urology clinic, nice surprise Part 2

As she came closer I noticed that she wore little makeup but looked like she had some on. I could also smell the perfume, a light floral scent and it filled my nostrils as she rolled the stool towards me. The top 2 buttons of her lab coat were undone

A trip at the Urology clinic, nice surprise Part 1

I was lead to an exam room by the pleasingly plump young lady that checked me in and took my completed paperwork.
She said someone will be with you in just a little while.
I knew this was the main clinic that most guys went to when they wanted

The Photo Shoot

“Hi! My name is Darren.” He was gorgeous. He was tall and strong. He smelled perfect. He held out his hand and she took it. He had a firm but gentle handshake. She looked up to his face. He had perfect teeth, great lips, and dark eyes to die for.

An afternoon in the RV.

This will get too long so will leave out some details. She apparently had 2 bags, the phone and keys in the bag she left behind. Don’t know what was in the bag she had, not much.
She looked like Rachel Ward if you know who that is , with those b

sex with sister-in law

I have been fantazing of having a secret sex scenes with my sister-inlaw/mother-in law for many years now. I am a decent guy with a beautiful wife and adorable son. I also have a great job that attracts a lot females. The problem is when i’m at my

it pays to listen the first time

The day started like any other between us- meet secretly, him cheating on his wife, me on my boyfriend for a quick rondevous in the woods at a friends camper. We have been doing this for years and years – 12 to be exact – Okay,so normally I never dil

The First Night with her………….

Ok, so it wont be the most amazing story to people, but it’s a true one and it’s the true ones that count in my mind…..

I’d had a bad relationship, in fact a few bad relationships, I had a girlfriend who fucked around, I knew it don’

My mother in-law caught my eye. ( Part 3 )

My mother in-law caught my eye. ( Part 3 ) “No turning back”

Later that Sunday night…….. The cookout was over and the kids were watching TV and getting ready for bed. Carol and I were relaxing out back at the picnic table, sipping a beer

My mother in-law caught my eye. ( Part 2 )

My mother in-law caught my eye. ( Part 2 )

In 1967, I was discharged from the army. Carol and I and our 6 month old daughter, moved back home. As I was seeking a job, we stayed with her parents until we could rent a house of our own. We shar

My mother in-law caught my eye. (Part 1)

My mother in-law Mary, caught my eye years ago……… (Part 1)

At age 19, I married Carol, age 18. We spent our first couple years in Kansas, where I was serving my last two years in the army. Our sex life was heavy, often and wild. God, wa

Fucking old Sara

Fucking old Sara
By Harold

All of the names have been changed but the story is true.
I have always been turned on by large women as well as older women but I’ve never been picky. I love to fuck and sometimes I think I have a problem b

Older women are great

Older women are great!

All of the names have been changed but other wise this is a true story.
Like a lot of people I have more than one job to make ends meet. My side job is helping people learn how to use a computer. I work with mostly ol

My First Balck Cock

My First Black cock

My husband and I bought a house in the old historic area of town. The house we always dreamed about but he needed a lot of work on the outside. Bill worked as a security officer for a large firm and had to travel once or tw

The Irish Beauty Meets the Latin Lover

The Irish Beauty Meets the Latin Lover
This story is totally fiction

My wife and I have been married know for twenty years. Deb had only been with one other man before she met me. Her past lover was not much to talk about so her experience

Me and Mr. Finley

I will never forget my senior year in high school. It was the best year of my life and I was loving it. I never would have thought in a million years what would take place that very year that would change me forever.
It was right after Spring

Big Red

Big Red
By Ron
All the names have been changed to protect the guilty.
I had read her profile on an adult dating sight. She was interested in meeting men for anal sex! She called herself Janet the red menace. She was a Big Bold Red headed wom

Anothe Dream about Joan

Another dream about Joan
By Rick

I had another dream about Joan. I saw her Saturday at the restaurant we had bought our niece and nephew there for dinner before they went to college. Joan was even better looking Saturday than she usually i

What A Reward

Emily, is my wife Shels best friend. She has been since I came into the picture. Emily is a virgin. She is 5ft 7, 135 pounds, she has a C cup, and a nice ass. She turned 18, 2 months ago, and every since I have been fantasising, about her. I am 6ft 2

Old High School Friend

It was my sophomore year in college and I was at the gym one night. I finished my workout and began towelling off as she approached me. “Ben?” she asked. I looked at her momentarily only to recall, “Emily!” She was an old high school friend. She had