fun with the auditor

My husband of 17 years had been hinting at a possible threesome for the past couple of months. I didn’t mind the idea, but we live in a small town and rumors tend to fly. Then I was assigned to our company’s inventory audit team, which required you

a night to remember

there we were all alone, parents at the cottage, brother at his friends house and it was just me and the very sexy liz. I brought her upstairs 2 the most secluded part of my house, the attic, with my king size bed. We layed there and watched TV for a


Tonight my husband and I will play that means pop in porn a get some ideas. I don’t understand why some women do not like porn I love it that’s how I lernd how to give him the best blowjob ever. A did you here about the one were you know why a br

stait sex

My husband gives the best oral sex I have ever had the way he goes down on me is a talent spreds my legs wide so he can get every angale of me sucking on my clit. Gently licking the folds of my pussey. Putting his finger in my ass getting it ready to