my babygirls sex stories

well it all started when i met this really SUPER hot guy @this family fun kinda p0lace. he was flirting w/me & my friend jennifer & me being the person that i am, i got a lil jealous & took it a step up by taking a picture of my titties *36D* & writi

College friends finally get together

I picked up the phone and dialed her number. “Hey, Jo it’s me Jason.” “Hi sweetie, it’s been so long since I’ve heard from you.”

It wasn’t that long, but Jody had a way of exaggerating a bit. Since she was so hot it just added

Helping Out The Widow Ruth By Rick

Helping Out The Widow Ruth
By Rick

Ruth and her husband were friends of mine and when her husband , Bob , died at 45 years old everyone was shocked . Like every one at the funeral I offer to help Ruth any way I could . They had no children


Beth was a average girl when we were growing up, she was my bothers age,one yr older.
She was the perfect tomboy, she played baseball, kickball, tag, and all
the games we played growing up.
I never thought of her as a girl, she was just one

Kari Busts Out

I was in the elevator, on my way to leaving the office for the day. My boss, Mark, was there also, but neither of us was feeling talkative, so we both just faced forward and waited. We work in a very tall building, and our elevator takes forever.<b

The Power Of A 14 inch Cock

I am John Holmes illegitimate son. My mom had a one night stand with him before he got really famous, and 9 months later I was born. I won’t go into my childhood, or the quiet agreement that my mom reached with Holmes’s people after he made it big. I

The stranger offered help part 1

My wife Joan and I had just called into the bar in St Helier in the Island of Jersey after an evening at the theatre. The bar was crowded as customers rushed to get drinks before the barman called time. As we sat on the bar stools I noticed a young m

An Internet Connection BY Rick

An Internet Connection !
By Rick

I was chatting with a lady in a BBW chat room . She had said that she was in Albany , N.Y. which is about an hour and a half east of where I live . I told her that I was from the Utica area . She said th


Bri was my daughters best friend. We knew her since she was 6 yrs old. I watched her grow up with my daughter. She spend many a nite at our
house, and took some trips with our family. Her father was an alcoholic, so it was not unusual for her to

Getting Revenge On My Wife!

I was born with a very small cock. I can’t hide or deny that fact. It is about 4 inches long when hard, and barely an inch and a half or so when soft. My wife says that I more than make up for my shortcoming by being incredible at eating pussy, so I

What My First Kiss Turned Into

My first “boyfriend” was someone I pecked chastely on the lips when I was 8 years old. His name was Joey, and he was only 5 then – he was the cutest boy I had ever seen. Not long after our big kiss, my family moved far away. We came back to vi

Stephanie And Her Mom

I met Stephanie at the community college I was attending. She was tall, skinny with little B cup sized titties and a totally hot looking face. We studied together sometimes and ended up at her house one day after school. Before I knew it we were

Sweet Lovin

Vanessa sat in class dreaming of the most amazing guy ever, her guy. Just thinking of what they would do later made her pussy wet. Sitting in class, she put her hand down her tight jeans; her pink sheer thong was soaked and she could feel her cum s

The Neighbor

The Neighbor

When I was single I lived in an apartment on the 6th floor which by the way was the top floor and no elevator. That wasn’t too bad with the way it was set up. Anyway enough of that.
One night I was out with some fri

The garage sale

We had accumulated a lot of items over the 20 years of marriage. Kids stuff, clothes, house goods, lots of the things we no longer needed. So It was time for a garage sale.
I had two kids bikes for sale, one girl, on boys. The boys bike was a bett


The Slave

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This recollection is about a game I played with Pamela when we were in our mid-twenties. In most of our games we play as parent to child.

Lonley but not Bored

I was lonely, but definitely not bored. I took a long, hot bath as I sipped a glass wine. My head back against the pillow and my hands exploring my thighs, slowly working their way to my pussy. I let my fingers brush against my clit, sending a shi

Becky Thatcher gets a Swithin

Becky Thatcher gets a Switching

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Hi, Todd here, this is one of the fantasy games that my friends and I have played on a few different occasions.

Maria Looses some Inhibitions

Maria Looses Some Inhibitions

Please leave feedback, good, bad or indiffernt I would really be interested in all opinions

Before I begin this tale I need to give the reader some background of just who my friends and I are and a little h