Author Says So; Fiction To Us

A Wet Day In The Country – Part One

It was a warm, sunny Sunday in July, and Marie and I caught the bus to Ringinglow, on the outskirts of Sheffield (this was in the days before I passed my driving test). We alighted at a well-known public house, The Norfolk Arms, and went inside. Afte

Tony's Mom

It was my birthday and my frend Tony invited me over to his house and we would have a party there. He said to come around 6 cuz he needed to pick up some ppl and that his mom would be there so if i was a little early that would be ok. I looked at t

The Sexretary By Rick

The Sexretary !
By Rick

I had built the local office’s business up to the point that I was using to much of the our floors secretary’s time . I was spending Saturdays and Sundays at the office just getting paperwork done . The home offi

Home Alone

I was home, watching TV. everyone else was out, so I could do anything. The doorbell rang, so i got up to go answer it. Itwas alexandria’s friend.

“hey, is Alex here?” she asked

“No, but come on in.” i said.

She walked in and I t

No Talk Just Actions

Lovers anonymous

Hello my name is Jeff and I am 18, and I just broke up with my girlfriend. I went out the other night just to find someone to spend a little time with. I met up with some friends and just as usual we went to the flame. A

Grandma's Horny !!

When I was 18, my parents took a trip for their 25th wedding anniversary. The were gone a week and they sent me to stay with my grandparent’s because they thought I would get into too much trouble at home. Little did they know that I would end up fuc


It was a chilly morning when i arrived at my college. I was tired and frustrated that i hadnt finished my term paper i knew i was in for a long day. After my first calss i decided to go to a place with almost no one there to just sit and have a bi


I first met Marie when she came to work at the department store in which I worked. From the first time I saw her I was madly in lust with her. She was beautiful, with long blonde hair which was parted down the middle and hung straight down to the bas

my crush

let me begin the story by saying that this is my fantasy which i hope will someday come true. as the story goes let me tell you about my self i am 21 , pretty and i have a nice body .( as i have been told)anyways lets get to the good stuff. theres th

Phone sex, real phone sex part one of two.

I worked in a office, as usual we had several great looking woman, of various ages. But as has been the case in recent years, jobs were moved to other locations, or eliminated. Most of the women lost their jobs, but a few remained, Chris was one stil

the best tip yet

I had just finished college with my degree and did’nt expect to be waitressing but this was a 4 star restaurant and the money was great.After a few months I noticed many regular customers were wealthy and were requesting me.I’m 5’8″,nice blonde hair

The sex part 2

After I took a shower and Judy dried me off, we all sat on her bed.
was smoking a cigaret. “Now listen you two” she spoke. “you are not to
do this by yourselves, Tracie will blow you again, we will see if she
swallow you, i


One night I was up late at night having a conversation with my friend Chris. I had my webcam on and I was feeling very horny. I told him that I did something that he might like. So as he’s watching me on my webcam, I slowly take off my pants and my s

Newfound love of a young boy and girl pt 3

He positioned himself on top of her small delicate body which trembled in complete fear. “Its ok baby” he cooed in attempt to once again reassure her it was going to be okay.”Are you ready?” he asked in a gentle voice makeing sure not to add to her f

Newfound love of a young boy and girl Pt 2

Finally they broke the kiss and he picked her up timidly and carried her up the stairs with ease in his strong arms. “Which door is it Chelsea”? he asked puzzled. “That one right there” she pointed a finger down the hall at the very last door. She ha

Newfound love of a young boy and girl

He’d finally fallen in love.He had plenty of girlfriends before but she was one of a kind, they were just friends but she was his dream girl. Her name was Chelsea a 16 yr old tall auburned hair girl with icey blue eyes. She stood at 5’6 and had long

annabelle wants more

after my first scribble,encouraged 4 2nd. annabelle is looking @ my big cock with her mouth open, i remove my 4 fingers out of her soaking little cunt & slowly push her down so she is now @ eye level with my rock hard cock, as i intentionally contrac

right thurr

The night started with us chillin in the hot tub. The hot water on our bodys, relaxing our muscles. We sat and talked about our day, while we sipped on our drinks. i (lucy) kept stareing at (matt) he was so hott. he had hazel eyes, dirty blonde hair

The Red Head

The Red Head
By bert of york
When I was younger I worked in a very large textile factory, it really sucked except for one very nice benefit and that was a lot of young ladies used to work there as well. One day I was invited