Sam then starts making her way down to where her fingers are playing havoc with my senses. It seemed to take forever but, the wait was worth it. Once her tongue hit my clit I thought I was going to explode right then. She must have sensed it, because

My First Time Part 1

My name is Nina and this all started when I told my husband Anthony that I sometimes have fantasies about being with another woman. He told me to go ahead and do it because the thought of seeing me with a woman turned him on. I was not sure how to pr

A Wet Weekend

A Wet Weekend
by Emma Pee
- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -

She was late, that woman was always late!

I was waiting for Sandy, my best friend and part time lover for some years now. We are b

Confussed situation

My husband Jason is a great guy, hard working always there for me and the kids, no matter what is asked of him he never complains, we have a steady marriage and our sex life is fantastic, we are they type of couple who will experiment different thing

Good Twin, Bad Twin

Darren Collins watched through his window as his twin brother Marc, was pulling up the driveway. There he is that spoiled son of a bitch! Darren said silently as his brother pulled up in his new white Eclipse that their parents bought him for his eig

A hot afternoon of just as ot sex

Since you last heard from me I have only been with Missy. She made me feel so cheap that first week. Now I am looking for a new love to make me wid with desire. Let me tell you what I am looking for. If you fit my descroption, lets give it a try….<