Kiran and Johns sex fantasies and fun unlimited.

One day I was just waiting for my girl friend to come to a spot in Hyderabad and both set out for a date and to surprise me she had brought many things. she slowly started to hold my hand and tickle it and slowly she slid her hand into my pants and b



Dear Readers

You must have enjoyed Part I of above story. Believe it or not this is a true story. I know its hard to believe but it’s a true story.

Like I described lusty events in Part I, I wish to continue to

She wouln

When we get back home after dropping off the kids you ask me to take out the garbage. I say “It’s not even half full.” But you give me “the look” and I take it out anyway. When I get back, all the lights are off except one coming from up stairs. I fo


I am a pure blood. I know many of you have seen Hermophrodites on television, some may actually know one, but I am different. It all started centuries ago in ancient Greece when the gods ruled…

My grandmother was a beautiful woman. She was pe

Dirty Dog

“Now, my new puppy, I am going to teach you a few things”, and she leads him out of the bedroom and back downstairs, back to the bar, where she became his Slut Pup. Now she is smiling very broadly…………..Now it was her turn!

She takes him b

Somewhere In Time – A TWILIGHT ZONE story

You’re traveling through another dimension,
a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind;
a journey into a wondrous land
whose boundaries are that of the imagination.
-Rod Serling
Somewhere In Time – A TWILI


It was now 10:22. She had told him 9:50. Shawn sat on a wooden
bench on the corner or Smith and Walnut. It was not the most
desirable day to be sitting outside waiting, it was cold and a
drizzle had just started. He began to hum softly, stoppin

Chess Lessons


She had heard of this place before, but never had the nerve to go in. Today, she walked past it twice, and finally decided that if she didn’t go in today, she never would. One last smoke, she held her breath and walked in. Up the

chrismas party ill never forget

It had become a Christmas party that I will never forget I worked for a company that decided to have the party at a local hotel ballroom in a very nice hotel.
The wife and I was there having a great time drinking and dancing as friends of mine fr

The Camping Trip

It was a Thursday night, and I was just getting home and hoping Michael might want to come over. I must admit that every time he came around, my blood pressure went up. He had grabbed me one night at a party and in just a few minutes, he seemed to re

The Rule

Shannon is a beautiful lady, with all the traits any man would look for in a woman. She is smart, fun to be with, very nice to look at, and an excellent lover. She just has one problem. She can’t say no. She can be had by any man or woman that make

Can't be late..

I had to work a little later than normal and then I had to push my way past that guy Steven. He was trying so hard to be nice to me, but he just doesn’t get it. I don’t like him, really. Anyway, by the time I was in the door to my place, it was a

Miss Johnson, The Blonde Orgasmic Fury

Two days after our sex ed class, Miss Johnson, our 23 yr. old sex ed teacher, came and sat down across from me in the cafeteria at lunch. She smiled and said, “I hear that you and Heather are still enjoying each other.”

I nodded my head yes. “Wel

The Beginning of the Affair

“No — I can’t,” I gasped, as I broke the kiss. I took Robin’s wrists and pulled her hands away from my belt. “I’m married, I don’t want a divorce, and that’s what would happen if we went any further.” It had started with a phone call. “Hi,

Sexual Awakening Part 1

This is the story of how my husband and daughter showed the greatest love for me. For that matter my son in-law too.
To start off I’m just your normal run of the mill married woman nothing special at all. After 3 children I still have my figure an

The elf and his princess

Derwin smiled as he looked at Laura sitting on the window sill oblidiant to the fact that he was standing behind her. She held a book in her hands witch she wasnt ifan looking at but gazing out of the window watching the moon high in the sky and list


“How ’bout I tie you up?” she asked.

Alex thought to himself that he could maybe use a “new” experience. “Hmmm, I could get into that maybe.”


Carrie was prepared. She went to the bedroom and emerged with a paper bag and dumped

Foxy Dancer

Foxy Dancer

I found myself in awe of this… this… fox! She was a dancer at this strip club me and my buddies went to one Friday night. She was incredibly small and petite. She had a perky little body and was in great shape. It was obvious s

Roller-coaster ride for 2

Well, you see, I have this problem. . I like trills (all kinds), but I hate to see a lady scared. Only one solution if I want them both at the same time…..
I know this little out-of-town amusement-park, and had saved-up money and asked the manager