i love screwing the new tenant

I was coming in from the street, standing the elevators waiting for the slowest elevators I have ever seen when the new woman who lives on my floor came through the front door. I had never really taken a look at her before. Usually she wore conser

The Backdoor Neighbors

It had been several months since I had noticed my backdoor neighbors, Susan and Allan, out in their yard. I called and waved to them both. Allan had been home a lot more lately with the birth of their third child; it was obvious he was trying to be

The Shoulders

Places u on my shoulder carefully placing ur soft warm wet pink lips in front of my warm wet lips. Gently moving u on me shoulder so u r in perfect alignment with me lips and tongue. Gazing into your eyes while glancing at brown sensual hairs aroun

My day with the neighnor

Now I have wanted my neghbor, Jane for a long time now, 5 years to be exact, but I never thought I would have the chance to fuck her. She is 40 years old with a perfect body, tits are probably large C and you can see her thong threw her pants, witch