School Spirit

It was school spirit week at my high school. This meant that we had different dress-up days. Today it was pajama day for underclassmen, and toga day for seniors. My best friend mike, and I decided to just wear boxers for pajama day. So, we went to sc

The sex

I was 22 yrs old, living in a samll town in Wisconsin early in 1972. I lived at home with my parents, worked at a local factory the nite shift.
Across the street a woman, Judy, and her daughter, Tracie moved in just befor school started. Judy had

Cheating into college

Angel was the Vice President of her High School, a Varsity cheerleader for all four years, Varsity tennis team, and was on the Honor Roll.She had an awesome boyfriend, Jack, who played in the Basketball team and it was almost a year since they’ve fir

Tony Part I

I couldn’t contain myself for much longer, I had to feel him inside of me. He had been playing with my pussy for what felt like forever. “Please fuck me, I need to feel you in my pussy. Fuck me now baby!” I was begging him to pu

Jealous Girl

There I was making out with Sandy, a gorgeous tall blonde beauty that I’d met two nights ago. She was wearing an awfully short skirt and tight little top. I was really into it with her hoping to maybe get her into bed. I was about to put my hands up


She had just gotten home and changed when she heard the moaning. It seemed to be coming from the stairwell outside her dorm room. She went to check it out wearing only her sheer white babydoll nightie. When she got there she was shocked to find a you

Kailah's misadveture

It started off on a rainy day. Kailah was bored. being a senior in high school isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. sure you get more privilages and granted your body is more matured than the freshmen, but in the end you’re still surrounded by the same i

Paige's Sophomore Year (Chapter Two)

Paige’s Sophomore Year Chapter Two

The phone in the living room rang at 6:45 p.m. and Paige hurried to pick it up. She was supposed to be home by 6:30 p.m. and had just barely made it in the door. Christian was probably calling from his of

Sex with the best cheerleader

I was just starting high scool when i got invited to a pool party. I decided to go. It was at a chicks house and it was overnight. I went an it was pretty uneventful. But most of the guests left by nine and the only people left were me and the girl s

Ellis and My Virginity II

I cant believe the time I have had! Ellis was so good! I cant see Ryna is always smiling! We ended up in his bed naked and glowing.

He looked me and touched my pussy that lay under the black sheets. I was so wet, that he smiled and I was squi

Paige's Sophomore Year (Chapter 1)

Paige locked the U-Haul truck and sweating, moved around the front to climb into the driver’s seat. She had just spent all morning moving her modest belongings from her dorm room into the truck. She was entering her second year at the University

Ellis and My Virginity

Well it is Summer Break and a bunch of friends and I have rented out this beach front mansion. We felt that we needed some time together since we were all at different colleges and we rarely saw each other. I think that it is great! Nothing like the

Ellis and My Virginity…

Well it is Summer Break and a bunch of friends and I have rented out this beach front mansion. We felt that we needed some time together since we were all
at different colleges and we rarely saw each other. I think that it is great! Nothing like

Stephani Anderson & Mr. Enderle

Stephani Anderson was quite the slut back in high school. At 5’5″, 105 lbs, black/Italian mixed, and long curly black hair.She had fucked 65 guys by her 19 th b-day. She was f’n beautiful. She’s also my wife now.I will tell you several stories about

a schol girl's secret crush

I was just a sophmore in highschool, with little friends, and a major crush on a senior at the highschool I attended. The only other person who knew about this was my best friend Angie. My crush was on this tall, handsome guy named Aaron. He was a ve

So Hot and Wet

I’m extremely hot for being only 16. I stand 5’9, weigh 120lbs and have brown hair. I have a set of beautiful 44DD breasts that barely any of my shirts hide, very curvy hips going down two highly-toned legs, and an ass J-Lo would love. Well, enough a

My Cousin n Me!Part 1

My cousin Chase and I were always really close.We had been this way since I was 2 and him 4.He was probably the one I was closest to in my family since I had no other sibilings and the rest of my cousins way younger than us.I was so excited on the fi

Sophisticated Sex – Part One

I couldn’t believe it! Here I was, barely 18, and a thousand miles from Kansas… my dream had come true! Finally…

Having run away from Ma and Pa, I had started out with almost no money, and now the almost was gone too. I was hungry, tired,

fantasies of hot cheerleader come true

I’m 15 years old and for the past week in my school I’ve been thinking about a hot cheerleader. Well, one day I got invited to a party at her ouse. It was my lucky day.

I go to the party and everyone is there. THere’s drinking, music, and drug