She Always Knew Chapter IV

The office was lined with floor to ceiling bookcases; even the bay window had a four-foot high bookcase in front of it. There was an old-fashioned relief globe, mounted in a mahogany frame, decoratively placed off to the left of the desk strictly for

She Always Knew Chapter III

She Always Knew
Chapter III

Steve was troubled. He wasn’t a violent man by nature although he was trained in many disciplines of martial arts. That training along with every instinct, tended toward defense. He never initiated a confrontat

She Always Knew Chapter II

She Always Knew
Chapter II

Joy was standing, of necessity, in exactly the same spot in the kitchen, as she was a day, no a lifetime, ago. This time she allowed herself the intensity of feelings that lay dormant only fourteen hours earlier w

She Always Knew

She was cleaning the kitchen, just straightening up, when she paused looking through the window toward the garage where he was going through his morning bushido exercises. It filled her with a sense of well being as she reveled in the sunlight that s




After was married I had little idea how my life would transform I had known my wife’s sisters from school though I only vaugly remember her from school I had known her big sister who was the sa