New Politiian gets her needs met

First let me tell you that I’m 19 and have tried almost every way I can think of to help my cock shoot it’s juice. I masturbate 3 times almost every day and with my busy schedule at college that is not easy.

I was helping a local poli

She Always Knew Chapter III

She Always Knew
Chapter III

Steve was troubled. He wasn’t a violent man by nature although he was trained in many disciplines of martial arts. That training along with every instinct, tended toward defense. He never initiated a confrontat

The Weekend Part 7

One of the men took hold of the ring on RainbO’s collar and led her toward the bedroom. RainbO felt her legs trying to move, but found it difficult since she had been restrained in that one position for so long. She stumbled a little trying to keep u

My First OTK Paddling

I got my first over-the-knee paddling under some unusual circumstances. I had just started dating a guy who liked to spank me almost as much as I liked to be spanked, and I was very excited. One evening I showed up at his house with a great big pai

The Weekend Part 6

RainbO remained bent over and secured to the railing as she had been all night. Her ass was still throbbing from the fucking that Al had given her. She could feel a little wetness running down her leg, probably some of Al’s spilt semen, but the idea

The Weekend Part 5

Although the water was cold in the shower, Rainbo savoured the moments. She had first been restrained in that bending position for hours, beaten with the lash and the crop, anally assaulted and then on her knees licking up urine. This time in the sho

The Weekend Part 4

Rainbo tried to relax for a minute or two before Zeke subjected her to any more use. Her clit and pussy lips ached from the clamps being there for so long and her nipples still had their clamps attached. Her legs were very tired, since she had been b

Bill`s Birthday Gift

Bill`s Birthday Gift
by Fantasticsam

Bill is an accountant for a large firm,he has been depressed lately since he will be celebrating his fortieth birthday soon. He has be

She Always Knew Chapter II

She Always Knew
Chapter II

Joy was standing, of necessity, in exactly the same spot in the kitchen, as she was a day, no a lifetime, ago. This time she allowed herself the intensity of feelings that lay dormant only fourteen hours earlier w

She Always Knew

She was cleaning the kitchen, just straightening up, when she paused looking through the window toward the garage where he was going through his morning bushido exercises. It filled her with a sense of well being as she reveled in the sunlight that s

Total Domination

Total Domination
by the MILKMAN
The rowdy crowd is whooping it up,waiting for the first bout of the night to begin here at the Ultimate Fight Night .This bout will feature two secra




After was married I had little idea how my life would transform I had known my wife’s sisters from school though I only vaugly remember her from school I had known her big sister who was the sa




when I married my ex wife some years ago she had a daughter around ten I was a petite short little man maybe 5’3′ and I might have tipped the scales at 100 pounds though I was referred to as the 98 pound weakling ,s


Even as I write this, I struggle not to hit the delete key. There is so much I need to confess to you. To have forgiven by you. But, we’ve gone over all this before and I am afraid. Afraid that you will not forgive me. Afraid that I am not worth ke



After was married I had little idea how my life would transform I had known my wife’s sisters from school though I only vaugly remember her from school I had known her big sister who was the same age as was I we were on the wre



Well you have probably already heard or seen my school days and how I had to deal with part of the gang from school well now I will tell you about the other side of the spectrum I was a small boyish man as so to speak barely 5′


Most People don’t have any idea as to the extent of how American P.O.W.s were treated during the gulf war .But I sit here as a living example of such a conflict. maybe I was an isolated case I might never know The men that captured me seemed to be jo

the film star

You have been invited to a business dinner at a large company headquarters…it is a black tie event and will consist of over a hundred people attending at the company headquarters to be served champagne and a buffet style meal….

You dress for t



when I was a young man I was just typical as any other not as big I was just as macho as any other guy in school as though I heard the same things as any one else about fucking,eating pussy and the really nasty people the bi sexuals ,