Getting Ready for You

This evening I am going to run a nice hot bubble bath, I’m going to lay in it for a long time, letting the sweet scented water just wash over me, soaking into all my pours, making my body smell fresh and clean. I’m going shave my whole body, mak

Crime Does Pay Part II

“Ohhhh my pussy needs more attention.” Katie said as she looked at Maggie.

“Yeah? Does she need my special attention?”

“Yesssss!” Katie said.

“Meet me in my room at midnight. I have to do some paperwork for Mrs. Sheldon. Just tap

Spanks For The Memories

Tara started lusting after her step-dad when she turned 18, the guy was not very attractive, he had bad hair, bad skin, bad breath and bad luck, but for some reason he made her horny. Maybe it was because she was great-looking, she heard the whistles