Crime Does Pay Part II

“Ohhhh my pussy needs more attention.” Katie said as she looked at Maggie.

“Yeah? Does she need my special attention?”

“Yesssss!” Katie said.

“Meet me in my room at midnight. I have to do some paperwork for Mrs. Sheldon. Just tap

Spanks For The Memories

Tara started lusting after her step-dad when she turned 18, the guy was not very attractive, he had bad hair, bad skin, bad breath and bad luck, but for some reason he made her horny. Maybe it was because she was great-looking, she heard the whistles

Megan Dooley: Love Hurts

Readers are strongly encouraged to read “Megan Dooley: a Love Story” elsewhere on this site (July 5) before proceeding.


“No, Max. Wait. Max…”

Megan leaned away from the g

File Under "F" For Fuck

Mmmmm I just laid there over his lap waiting for him to pull down my satiny panties. He had already removed my skirt and
my shirt. There I was draped over his knees, excited but fearful of how hard he was going to spank me. He laid his big hand o


I decided to do as I was instructed rather than face the harsh reality of his leather belt. Although I knew that I would be getting the belt anyway. I went to Victoria’s Secret the night before I knew you would be comming home from a 2 week business

Spanks A Lot I Needed That

Erin at 21 years old had been acting up at home, she was drinking and partying and having sex with lots of boys and her parents had had enough. They told her she had to go live with her mother’s first cousin and his wife.

She did not want to