Another Man’s Wife

I thought she was a teaser. She turned out to be a pleaser. These are the true stories of an affair with another man’s incredible wife with his wholehearted approval. At first I couldn’t understand why someone would want to share his wife. Especially one like her. He said it was a deep seated fantasy but there was another reason. No one would believe how incredible she could be in bed and he felt compelled to have at least one other man experience her for himself. I count myself lucky to be in the right place at the right time and the right guy. Lani could have any man with a pulse. If you read ‘Teaser or Pleaser’ you’ll understand why. If you haven’t, I’ll just say she’s a real heart stopper. Not only is she gorgeous but she’s a primal female. When her blood’s up, hold on. Our affair lasted six unforgettable years. Each meeting as memorable as the last.

The rules were simple. We must be completely discrete as living on an island she didn’t want “for make scandal.” In exchange for my promise to be faithful only to her, she would give herself to me completely. With one exception, no kissing. Her lips were reserved for her husband, whom she loved dearly. Everything else she gladly gave me to do with as I pleased. This was to be no tawdry affair. We would meet at out of the way places for a romantic dinner date before going to my apartment for the evening. No overnight stays. We met once a month so each rendezvous would be an eagerly anticipated special occasion. The following is just one.

We’d experienced several days of Kona weather recently. No trade winds and high humidity. In addition, the air conditioning was out in my building. Lani and I met at a little bistro in Manoa for pupu’s and wine. She was wearing a cute sun dress that left her gorgeous brown shoulders bare, along with high heeled sandals. She’d gotten into the habit of wearing no panties  shortly after our liaisons began. It excited her to feel so deliciously naughty, she explained. I had no problem with that believe me.

Sitting side by side in a booth allowed me free rein with my ‘Roman hands,’ as she called them. I wasted no time slipping my fingers into her already soaking pussy. Bringing them to my nose to inhale her heady aroma deeply. God, she smelled and tasted good. Her small hand fumbled excitedly as she unbuttoned my slacks and lowered the zipper. Reaching inside, I felt her warm hand squeeze my already iron hard cock tightly.  We played under the table constantly unless the waiter came by.

Scooting her gorgeous ass away, looking around to make sure no one was looking, she ducked her head into my lap. I could feel her lips close around my head, sucking me in deeply before nibbling on the sensitive underside as I sucked in my breath. Pulling the table cloth aside, I watched in appreciation as she worked her magic.

“You’re leaking, sweetie,” she whispered as her tongue swiped across the head. “Umm, you taste good Mikee,” she moaned, licking her lips.

I didn’t know if we were going to make it to my place at this rate. I spotted the waiter approaching and warned her, but she was too involved to care. Fortunately, he passed without seeing. Nearly shaking with desire we left, heading for my apartment. After parking the cars I couldn’t resist and ran a hand up under the back of her dress, cupping one bare cheek as we rode the elevator to my floor.

Slapping my hand away with a giggle, she said, “Behave yourself, big boy. Someone might see.”

With the door closed behind us we could wait no longer. Pinning her against the wall, I raised her dress as she tugged at my zipper. Pants around my ankles, I raised one of her naked thighs to my waist and slid into her dripping sex as she clung to me for support. Lifting the other leg and locking them behind me, she sat motionless, fully impaled. I held her tight, supporting her weight as she began working herself up and down. Finally throwing her head back, she came, screaming in release. Thrusting hard up into her, I filled her with my seed. Our bodies streaked with sweat, we clung to one another as our shared passion subsided.

Since the only source of cooling was down, I opened the sliding door onto the lanai and turned on an overhead fan for relief. I then spread a blanket on the carpet in front of the couch by the open door. We stripped each other naked and Lani reclined as I went to the kitchen for something cold to drink. Knowing more alcohol would make matters worse, I filled two large glasses with ice and filled them from the tap. Lani was fanning herself when I returned and gladly accepted the cold water, taking a big gulp.

“I wish I could just dive in to cool off.”

I fished out a large cube and ran it down her spine. “That’s cold, Mikee!” she shrieked as a shiver ran through her.

I touched the cold cube to one of her nipples which responded as expected by puckering cutely.

“Umm, that feels good,” she sighed, so I applied it to the other one.

Cool melt water trickled down her hot body as she slid toward the floor. I grabbed a throw pillow for her head and she lay flat. Testing the limits, I touched a cube between her parted thighs.

“Uhh, that feels nice and cool,” she cooed.

I rubbed it between her lips, up and down, before pressing lightly. I watched in wonder as it slipped inside. She murmured her approval so I slid in another one. A trickle of water ran down, causing a spot to form on the blanket. Another cube disappeared into her, then another and another until my glass was empty. A constant flow of water formed a small pool between her thighs. The sight made my cock hard again so I decided to see what frozen pussy felt like.

Pulling her on top of me I slowly pressed into her cold wet opening. Any sharp edges had long since melted so I couldn’t feel anything other than her ice cold pussy clinging to me. She was pretty excited by all the attention and began humping up and down, causing cold water to gush over my balls. It’s hard to describe the sensation unless you’ve felt it. I recommend it at least once.

We headed out on the Lanai where I kept a couple of loungers. I reclined on one as Lani stood at the railing, the light of a full moon playing across her naked body. With no lights on inside, the moon was the only illumination. Looking across the courtyard to the apartments across the way, blue glow from numerous TV’s was visible through open lanai doors. A few floors up I saw a small red glow in the shadows. Apparently someone was smoking a cigarette. As Lani luxuriantly stretched her arms over her head I saw the glow get brighter.

“I think you have an audience,” I said and told her what I’d observed.

Instead of covering herself or going inside, a naughty smile crossed her face. ‘It’s show time’ I thought. She began running her hands over her breasts and not surprisingly, the glow brightened. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a lighter flicker to life, briefly followed by an additional red glow. Lani began to sway her hips, seductively running her hands over her ample behind. Both cigarettes glowed brighter. Turning her back to the unseen audience, she bent at the waist, moonlight highlighting her full round ass. Pausing briefly then extending her arms overhead, she started to sway. Another lighter flashed a few floors up, followed by the familiar red glow. This was getting interesting.

Aware of the additional spectators, she began to gyrate her hips to the beat of internal music. ‘She missed her calling. She should have been a stripper’ I mused. The original cigarette was joined by another. I wondered if it was a couple, or two horny men. Maybe two women for all I knew. Watching her sensual body was having it’s effect on me. Smiling wickedly she bent at the waist, her back to the rail, and began to run her hot tongue over my straining flesh before engulfing me with her lips. Holy Shit I was near cumming again.

I had no desire to perform in a sex show but I was powerless. With one hand she held and squeezed my balls while the other stroked me into her mouth. All the while looking deeply into my eyes. There was nothing I could do so I filled her hot mouth with my load, a loud groan escaping my lips. Releasing my pulsing shaft she began to lick the thick fluid catching the remaining cum oozing onto her tongue. Smacking her lips with a naughty grin she swallowed. Lighter’s were flashing and waving as we went back inside.


(Image Source: DDF Productions)

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