I Think I’m Becoming Addicted!

My gorgeous hot wife Lani mumbled as she stumbled through the door just before daylight. She usually came home about midnight or one on the nights she went to visit Mikee. I was by now referring to him by her pet name. She knew I always waited up so I could hear all about her adventures, before ravaging her myself. Tonight (or should I say, this morning) she was a wreck. No make up, hair a mess, clothes in disarray, and blank glazed look in her eyes.

“How was the surprise?” I asked.

“What?” she mumbled. “Oh, you mean the surprise Mikee had planned for me. It was a surprise all right! It started when I arrived at his place. There was a big black limo waiting. Mikee was already in the back. The driver got out and walked around to open the door for me. You should have seen Mikee’s face when he saw me in my long white muumuu with the big lavender orchids. The off the shoulder one you like,” she added.

“I picked it out, don’t you remember?” I reminded her.

“Yes baby, I remember how you couldn’t keep your hands off me while I was trying to get ready. Mikee complimented me on how classy I looked and told me he liked the way I had my hair pulled behind my head and the white Plumeria flower.”

“You looked like a princess baby, my island princess!” I whispered.

“Mikee thought so too.” she cooed. “His eyes were really wide as he held out his hand. The driver also lent a helping hand. I think I heard a low whistle and saw him shaking his head.”

“You were smoking hot baby, that’s for sure,” I told her as I helped her out of the now very rumpled gown.

“You Hauli boys like your brown women,” she teased.

“Let’s  take a bath before we turn in,” I offered, leaving her to brush out her long hair and wash the remnants of make-up from her exotic looking face.

I quickly drew a big tub of soapy water and stripped. When she saw me walk into the bedroom sporting a big hard on she squealed.

“You’re such a nasty boy!”

“You know how much I love to hear about your adventures,” I reminded her.

“Lets get settled in the tub and I’ll tell you all about it,” she replied with a gleam in her eye.

I watched with hungry eyes as she bent over to test the water. Her glorious brown ass staring back at me. Her pussy peeking out from between those sweet cheeks was very red and the lips were swollen. I bent over and dragged my tongue full length of her wet snatch and she let out a long sigh. I loved the way she tasted and thought I could detect a hint of cum inside her warm lips.

We climbed into the tub with her back against my chest. Her big tits were right where I could get my hands on them; so I did what any man would do, I started giving them a good massage.

“Careful baby, they’re sensitive right now,” she cautioned.

“What’s wrong baby, have they been a little MAN handled?” I chuckled.

“You’re such a Bad Boy, sweetie, I love you!” she moaned, as I soaped up her boobs and told her to go on with her story.

“No sooner than we drove away,  Mikee was all over me. Kissing me all over my face and neck. In no time he had the elastic top of my gown down around my waist and began kissing and licking my nipples. It felt so good I squealed and cried out. Using his tongue he teased my nipple rings which sent chills down my spine. I began shaking all over. Oh God it’s happening, I thought, as I felt my pussy getting moist. Warm flashes were rushing through my whole body. My face got all warm and flushed and I felt a dreamy look come over my face.”

“I know that look oh so well,” I reminded her.

“You do, don’t you baby?” she cooed all dewy eyed.

I gave her a long searching tongue kiss leaving her breathless.

“God baby, you sure know how to kiss! My toes are tingling! I want more,” she purred into my mouth.

Our tongues played tag long minutes. This time I was the one left breathless. No woman has ever tasted so good, I thought, as my hands ran South over her soft flat belly.

“Tell me more,” I breathed into her ear.

“Mikee started kissing me really deep. Oh baby, I’m so glad we got rid of that silly no kissing rule. He was kissing me all over my face and neck. When I felt his warm tongue in my ear I melted. Mikee started lifting my long skirt up so I raised my okole off the seat. He pulled it up leaving it bunched around my waist. ‘I love your panties, lets see what’s inside,’ he growled as he pulled them down over my hips. The leather seat felt smooth on my bare behind. Mikee knelt on the floor pushing me back onto the seat so I was sideways, and pulled my panties the rest of the way off. I knew he was going to tongue me so I lay back and put one foot up on the back of the seat and one on the floor. Oh God, when I felt his tongue on my lips I nearly passed out. My okole was squirming all over the seat. Mikee reached under and grabbed my cheeks to hold me still. Oh God baby! I was cumming on his tongue over and over non-stop, I couldn’t help myself. Looking up I saw the dividing window was down. The driver’s hungry eyes in the mirror made me cum even harder. Mikee was running his tongue all over my bald pussy. Sticking his tongue deep then sucking my clit into his mouth, driving me crazy. I was panting so hard I think I passed out a little bit. The next thing I knew, Mikee had my dress off and I was on my back along a bench against one wall. With my head hanging over the end I could see his hard cock pointing right at me. I opened my mouth and his big head slid inside. I wanted it so bad I grabbed his hard cheeks, pulling him deeper into my mouth. Mikee lay across me with his weight supported on his elbows, hands gripping my cheeks and lowered his face to my pussy. I was shaking all over when he started trying to thrust his fat cock down my throat. It went in a little which made me gag so he pulled back. He thrust in again. I felt like I was choking but this time kept pushing more down my throat. I started shaking my head wildly and he pulled out as I gasped for air. After a couple of breaths he slipped it down my throat again. I only gagged a little this time, confident he wouldn’t choke me. He slid his cock in and out of my throat, pulling back every few strokes so I could breathe.”

“Are you proud of your wife honey? I’m finally able to deep throat?” she cooed, then continued.

“Mikee’s tongue playing between my legs was driving me crazy. Then he thrust his cock full length down my throat and started to cum, his whole body shaking. His balls were hanging right in front of my eyes and I could see them pulsing as he pumped his sperm straight into my stomach.  I was starting to choke again when he pulled out, leaving a trail of cum across my tongue and lips. We both lay there gasping for breath when the driver, with a leer on his face, announced we’d arrived. I’d forgotten all about him. Mikee climbed off and handed me my dress as he zipped up his pants. I was sitting in the corner trying to make sense of my twisted muumuu when the door opened. I held it in front of me to hide my nakedness as this stranger climbed in. I noticed over his shoulder that we were parked  outside baggage claim at the airport. ‘Lani, this is my brother Rob, he’s here from Philly on his way to Australia. I’ve told him about you and he’s anxious to meet you,’ Mikee said. What have you told him? I asked accusingly. ‘Just how beautiful you are and and how lucky I am to know you,’ he replied. Rob caught my hand in his.  Bringing it to his lips, he kissed the back. ‘You’re even more beautiful than Mike told me,’ he said.  Even though I knew I looked a mess,  I still felt flattered.”

“What was Rob like?” I inquired.

“You could tell they were brothers but Rob is more rugged looking. I could tell through his clothes he worked out. Especially his broad shoulders and wide chest. He was wearing a short sleeved shirt and I could see the corded muscles in his forearms. He looks really strong. Mikee has gray streaked hair but Rob has dark wavy hair that hangs over his collar and big blue eyes just like yours. He also has a big mustache.”

“Sounds like your kind of guy,” I offered.

“He’s kind of intimidating but cute at the same time. ‘I’m so glad to meet you at last. I’ve heard a lot about you,’ he offered in a deep Sam Elliot voice. Oh baby, Rob is so dreamy I was melting as he looked at me. Mikee and Rob helped me on with my muumuu, running their hands over my body. After brushing my hair back I used the vanity mirror to check my face. I looked a mess! My makeup, what there was left of it, was smeared. I did the best I could while they watched me intently. ‘You look beautiful,’ they offered in unison, which made me feel better.”

“What happened then?” I asked.

“I was getting pretty hungry as I’d had nothing to eat since lunch.”

“Well, almost nothing,” I chuckled, watching a red flush creep over her gorgeous face.

“You’re a bad boy,” she giggled. “They took me to a sushi bar on Lewers St. in Waikiki and we had sashimi and California rolls and drank a little hot Sake. The Sake soothed my throat and warmed my insides. I began to feel a little light headed.

“You’re a light weight when it comes to drinking,” I reminded her.

“It was around one when we left the sushi bar.”

“What have you been up to since then?” I whispered in her ear.

“Are you sure you want to know, honey?” she asked.

“I’m sure.”



(Image Source: Jonni Darkko)

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