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Afternoon Delight

Sex in a bathroom mirror

My name is Antonio, I’m 28 years old, and I have been with my very sexy wife, Lynn, for four years. One day we were sitting around as we always did, she was watching TV, and I was reading fuck stories. I told her she had to hear this one, it was a good one. She agreed, and I started to read it.

It was about this girl who was getting the tongue lashing of her life, then getting fucked like an animal. It was pretty hot, my cock was already getting hard and I was barely through the second paragraph, but my wife didn’t seem to be into it at all. I finished the story and you said that you thought it was all right. Not quite the affect I was hoping for. I got up and went into the kitchen to get a drink, Lynn followed a few seconds later.

My wife is very hot! She is about 5′-7, very slender, long auburn hair, very sexy green eyes, an ass that won’t quit, and leg that go on forever. She walked up to me and casually grabbed my cock, she kinda cooed as she held on to it, and rubbed it. I stepped closer to her and grabbed her tight little ass, and gave it a squeeze. My hand dropped between her legs and lightly brushed against her pussy. She asked in a very low sexy voice, ‘Do you want to fuck me?’ I said yes of course. Lynn asked where? I led her to the bathroom where I spun her around, and grabbed her hips and pulled her tight to me. I slowly grinded my rock hard cock against her ass. I lifted her arms up and placed them on my shoulders so her long body was stretched out. I turned towards the mirror so we could watch what I was doing. She watched as I slowly lifted up her shirt. I cupped my hands around both of her rock hard nipples. I felt her jump a little at my touch. I pinched her nipples; she let out a little moan. I rubbed them a little longer, then, slowly moved my hands down Lynn’s tummy. My hands found the waistband of her pants. I slowly pulled down my wives pants, but just down to her knees, making sure her sexy little panties stayed in place. I slowly rub my hands on her soft thighs, wanting to jam my fingers into her wet pussy. Instead, I let my hands fall between her sexy thighs. I start lightly rubbing her swollen clit through her soaked panties. I could hear and feel her breathing get faster as I gently work my hands over her pussy, and clit.

She let out a quite groan as my fingers slipped inside Lynn’s panties. I spread her swollen pussy lips apart; I bring my right hand up and stick my fingers in my mouth. I could taste Lynn’s sweet pussy juices. I got them good and wet, and slipped them back into her panties, spread her lips, and started methodically massaging her swollen clit. My wife moaned lightly as I my rhythm got faster. I told her to put her foot up on the toilet, and then while my right hand fingered her clit, I moved my left hand around to the back until I found her dripping wet fuck hole. I inserted one finger carefully and slowly, and then a second, she gasped as my fingers slid in and out of her pussy, while my other hand rubbed faster and faster on her clit. Lynn started to moan and tell me how good it felt. I wanted to take my time, but I needed to taste her steaming clit. I whispered in her ear, ‘Do you want me to eat your pussy?’ She groaned back, ‘please eat my pussy’ I knelt down, pulled her panties off, and spread her legs so I could see all of her pussy. I slowly touched her clit with my lips, she shuttered a little, and then I took her whole clit in my mouth with one suck. She moaned a little louder now as I started to rhythmically suck her clit in and out of my mouth. I could look up and see how much my wife was enjoying her clit being sucked. I reached my hand up to her hard nipples, she groaned as I pinched them, softly at first, then harder. My other hand was slowly working its way inside your pussy. I slid both fingers in at once this time and fucked your pussy hard with my fingers. Lynn was moaning and panting, telling me how good it felt. Just as she was getting ready to cum though, she got a little dizzy, so we moved to the bed. My wife laid on the bed, spread her legs so wide I could see everything. I knelt between her legs, and very softly started rubbing my cock up and down her clit. This caused her to squirm, and gasp even harder. Then I very gently, very slowly, inserted the dip of my dick into her boiling hot pussy. She again gasped as I slowly inserted it all the way in. I lifted her legs up so that I could stimulate her g-spot. I have become a lot better at doing this it seems, because I started pumping my cock in and out of Lynn’s pussy. Shallow, quick strokes. I continued until she had to ask me to stop. Once she caught her breath again I started pumping again. This time deeper in her pussy, making sure I buried it all the way. Then, for whatever reason, I pulled out and started sucking on her clit again. Not too much though, it was far too sensitive. I stuck my cock back in her pussy, again slamming in to her g-spot. I like that thing, it makes her scream. I slowed my pace a little and started to again pinch Lynn’s nipple, but now she demanded that ii pinch the harder and harder. She moaned louder as I really started pinching them and fucking her pussy fast and hard. I was pounding her pussy; she kept yelling ‘oohhh yeah there!!!’ I fucked her until I couldn’t stand it any more. I lost count of how many times she came, and so did she. She begged me to cum. I wanted to, I was getting ready to, I started grunting, a sure sign that something was about to happen. I pumped harder, faster, she was yelling, tearing my back up with her nails. As she let loose with yet another orgasm, I felt mine ready to explode. I pumped hard, and then I pulled my cock out and came all over her gorgeous tummy. I came so hard that it almost hurt. Lynn just lay there panting, and still moaning. We lay there with each other for a bit then went on about our day. I still get rock hard when I think about it. Until next time, Bye.

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