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Anne Meets Dave

Anne is 19 years old. She is 5’2”, petite, with large breasts on a little girl’s body. She has a toned body with a muscular butt. It’s the 70’s. She fixes her hair long like the actress Farrah. She wears short shorts and see through blouses and shirts. She is in her second year at the university to become a Radiologist. She has a full scholarship. She is smart. She also is promiscuous.

Anne was 11 years old, promiscuous and loved the paperboy. His name was Gerald and he was brown. Anne was fascinated with him. He would leave the evening edition of the news and Anne would meet him at the door. Her parents were working. She always said, “ Hi Gerald.” She wore a pair of tight shorts and a skimpy top. He smiled and said, “hi Anne or hi baby.” Anne never gave up on Gerald. When she turned 14 and Gerald was 17,it was his last year as paperboy. Anne finally got his attention. He kissed her at the doorway. He said to meet him at Jones’s barn.

She did. She became a woman that afternoon and many afternoons. She learned to love a brown man. Gerald joined the Army and wrote to Anne. She loved writing to him.

Gerald died in Vietnam Tet offensive. Anne was heart broken. He was her first lover. She found out later Gerald had taken out an insurance policy naming her as beneficiary. He had been brought up in foster homes.
The money would cover her living expenses at school. She also got his ‘68 Chevy pickup truck. She loves that truck. It’s very much Gerald.

Once again Anne is attracted to another man. He fought in WWII and was a captain in the US Army. He was old enough to be her grandfather. His name is Dave. Dave is 5’9” tall. He is muscular, handsome and she has caught his eye. She met Dave through her friend Jean. Dave is Jean’s grandfather. She lives with Dave and her grandmother Joan while she is in college. Jean is in her last year at the university. Anne has 2 more years.

After Jean graduates she marries her high school sweetheart Larry and they move to Wisconsin where his family is. He will work in the family business as a machinist. Jean will work at the local hospital as a radiologist.

Joan misses Jean being at the little farm and home. Joan invites Anne on Sundays for dinner. Anne wears a pair of cutoff shorts or short shorts with a blouse. She helps Joan with the farm chores. She also likes to help Joan in the kitchen. Joan enjoys having Anne around the home and farm

Anne asked Joan, “ where Dave is?”
Joan replied, “probably in the barn fixing and swearing at the tractor.” Both girls laughed at that comment.
Joan asked Anne to, “tell Dave dinner is ready.”

Anne went to the barn and found Dave letting the tractor run. He was happy he could fix it. Anne told Dave dinner is ready.

Dave surprised Anne. He said,”I love you Anne. I want to make love you.”
Anne was surprised at his comment and was slightly embarrassed. She blushed.
Dave asked her,”if he upset her?” Anne said, “No. She feels the same about him.”
Dave said,” we better get back to the house.” Dave gave Anne a key. He said,” the room is located at the MountainSide Motel. There is a nice cabin behind the motel. It’s mine. I am a partner in the motel. Joan doesn’t know about it. I bought the motel before I met her. This is our second marriage. My business partner handles my interests. Joan is very controlling.” Dave asked Anne,”When can we meet?’
Anne replied,”Tomorrow morning 10AM? She said she has classes in the afternoon.”
Dave replied,”thank you Anne.”

Anne returned alone to the house. She told Joan that Dave had the tractor fixed and was putting his tools away. He will be with them shortly.

Monday morning Anne arrived at the cabin behind the motel. She used the key that Dave had given her. The cabin was large and beautiful. Logs had been used to create this beautiful home.

Anne found the master bedroom. She removed her clothes and layed on the king sized bed. Anne heard the door unlock. Dave came to the bedroom. Anne smiled as Dave looked into those beautiful hazel eyes. He looked at her young beautiful body. She opened her arms and spread her legs. Anne said, “I am yours Dave.”

Dave quickly undressed. Anne layed acrossed the bed. The back of her head was positioned slightly over the edge of the mattress. She told Dave to,” fuck her mouth and throat. He put his cock into her mouth and pushed it into her throat. He didn’t realize he had done deep throat with Anne. He did realize that what he was fucking felt like pussy. His cock was so far in her mouth her lips touched his body. He was surprised she had taken all 10 inches of his cock.

Anne had mastered three necessary methods of throat fucking. She learned how to overcome the “gag reflex.” She also learned to breathe through her nose with a mouth full of cock. There is a third thing. Before the man squirts her throat with a throat full of cock she has to move his cock to her mouth. Anne loves eating the man’s sperm.

Dave pulled his cock out of her throat and mouth. He wants to fill her pussy with sperm.

Dave pulled Anne to the head of the bed. He kissed her. He asked her, “what position she would like to make love in?”
Anne replied,” Missionary Dave. I want you to make love to me. We are consummating our love relationship today. No matter where I am or who I’m with my body is yours. Anytime and anyplace. You are my master.”

Dave was speechless. This young woman had given her love and body to him.

Dave is a romantic man. He kisses and French kisses Anne. This rugged muscular man touches her face with his hand. He kisses her again and continues kissing her neck. He licks, sucks her neck as works his way to her nipples and breasts. He sucks her breasts and uses his tongue pressing her nipples against his teeth. He also kneads her nipples with his fingers and thumb. At the same time he is using his fingers and hand to stimulate her clit. Anne opens her legs wider as she is being stimulated. She is moaning quietly as she enjoys the stimulations.

Finally out of desperation Anne tells Dave, “fuck me Dave. Make me cum. Squirt my pussy. Deep penetrate me. Make me orgasm. I love you Dave. Take my pussy. It’s yours.”

Dave on his knees on the bed pulls her spread legs to him. Anne pushes his cock into her pussy as Dave pulls her close to him. Anne pulls her legs back as Dave deep penetrates her pussy. He leans in and over Anne as he fucks her and kisses her. He French kisses her as he increases his speed of fucking her. Anne is lovingly moaning as she is being sexually stimulated. She is orgasming as she stimulates her clit. Dave squirts her vagina with a copious flood of sperm. Anne continues to orgasm as the warm sperm splashes the walls of her vagina.

After Dave filled Anne’s pussy. He layed on her. Anne put her arms around his neck hugging and kissing him. She wrapped her legs around him keeping his cock inside of her.

Dave and Anne rested awhile kissing and hugging. Anne licked, sucked his cock and balls clean of cum. She had a cup and spoon. Anne asked Dave to clean his sperm she had pushed from her pussy and on her thighs. She had him spoon it into the cup. After that she asked him to feed it to her. She smiled as she ate his love sperm. When finished she proudly showed him her tongue that she had swallowed all of it. He kissed her. He had never known a woman like her.

They showered together. Anne wanted Dave to fuck her again. She said, “she is still horny. She needs her ass fucked.”

Dave replied to Anne saying,” he loves her more than any woman he has ever known. He reminded her he is 67 years old. He will do the best he can to satisfy her in bed. However, he does not have the stamina of younger men. She needs more cock than he can provide as she is very beautiful and has an overactive libido. She is young and has to be honest about her needs.”

He asked Anne, “if she would trust him to find more lovers for her? He said he is a member of a business and professional men’s organization.(1970’s) He said, occasionally they have special meetings and parties. She would meet a select group of men.”
Anne replied,” Thank you Dave. I love you and I know you love me. She said she is his and respects his decision.”

Dave replied, “he will have a plan and give her the details when they meet tomorrow at the cabin. He will call a friend.”

Dave gets to his office and on a private phone calls “Bob the banker.” Bob is a member of the businessmen’s club. Dave tells Bob of his dilemma with Anne. Bob said, “How did you get so lucky? It’s not a dilemma. It’s a blessing. Bob said, “he knows the players at the club. How many do you need for Anne.?”

Dave replied, “enough guys to fulfill her needs, keep her stimulated, and date her to keep her close to the group.”

Bob said, “he can get 20 guys. Only certain members would be chosen as they will keep the situation highly confidential. Anne will not be shared with all members. The guys can use his home after the weekly meeting at the club. No one else will know. He said,”he knows where he can get a “gangbang bed” used in swingers clubs. He will have it ready for the next meeting.”

Dave said,”the Thursday night meetings are good cover for the married guys like himself.”

Bob agreed. Bob said,” thank you for calling me about Anne. Thanks for trusting me.”

Dave said, “ make sure the guys understand she is not a professional prostitute. This kid is 19 years of age and a college student. She is simply wanting to be loved. She will love them. She wants to satisfy them.”
Bob said,” He will talk with the guys. He will be there in the room for her.”
Dave said, “ He will also be there for her.”

Anne and Dave met the next day at the cabin at 1:30 in the afternoon. Dave told Anne, “he kept his promise. He explained everything to her. He told her there will probably be 20 guys. She will have a gangbang. She will have more love than she has ever experienced.”

Anne said, “will I be safe?”

Dave replied, “Both Bob and I will be there. You will be safe.”
Anne smiled feeling assured as she knows Dave loves her. She got on her knees, She asked permission to suck his cock and balls. They will make love. He will fuck her ass.

Thursday evening Anne arrived at Bob’s beautiful Victotrian home. He had just arrived home and was expecting the members. He welcomed Anne to his home. He was stunned by her grace and beauty. He thought Dave was right about how beautiful she is. Anne simply dressed in short shorts and a blouse. She knows she will be undressed and naked.

The guys arrived. Anne waited in the bedroom as Bob explained the rules about no physical or verbal abuse to Anne. They understood he and Dave would remove them if they misbehaved.
After the message Bob called Anne to the living room. The men were also stunned by how beautiful she is. She welcomed them. She told them her name. She asked Dave to undress her. There were comments and murmurs on her beauty. One of the guys asked her if she is of age? Anne smiled and said, “I am still a teenager. She laughed. She said follow me.”
Anne got on the gangbang bed. The guys quickly moved around her. They kissed her lips, French kissed her, massaged, licked, sucked her breasts and nipples. One of the guys licked, sucked her clit and pussy. He also used his fingers and hand to stimulate her clit. Anne was busy pulling their cocks on both sides of her. She had her mouth opened catching cum as she was squirted or having a cock shoved in her mouth. The guys took turns from the head of the bed on their knees to have her do deep throat with their cocks. Anne swallowed their cum. She actually liked it. They never knew a woman or wife that would do it.

With all of the stimulations Anne was making soft humming sounds of being pleasured. The guys were taking turns fucking her pussy and ass. The guys had Anne get on her hands and knees. She had a guy underneath her with his cock in her pussy and another guy fucking her ass. They both fucked her hard and fast. She was also was sucking cocks to keep the guys stimulated. All of Anne’s holes are filled. Anne would be continuously fucked as the guys took turns filling her holes. The guys also double stuffed her pussy and squirted copious sperm causing her to orgasm. When Anne orgasms she squeals and her body spasms. She pants quietly and hums.

After two and a half hours the guys were satisfied. Anne was completely covered in sperm. She enjoyed being a cum dump. Bob and Dave led Anne to the shower and bathed her. She washed her hair as it was matted from the sperm. She sucked their cocks in the shower and swallowed their cum. Bob and Dave towel dried her. She dressed.

When she came out from the bedroom to go home the guys applauded her. Her love for them had them loving her. They kissed and hugged her. They wanted her phone number. They told her she belongs to them. Bob presented Anne with a big beautiful card everyone signed stuffed with money. Bob told her to go buy something nice for herself. Anne thanked them and said,”she loves them. She now belongs to all of them.”

Dave and the guys walked her to her truck. Dave said, “Will I see you tomorrow Anne?” Anne replied, “ of course Dave. I will meet you in the morning before school. I love you.” They kissed and the guys lined up to kiss her good night. She now had a piece of their heart. She belonged to them.

She drove home feeling complete, whole and loved.

I am 23 years of age. I graduated with a degree in computer technology with AI.

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