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Anne Returns To Help Marcus At His School

Anne Returns To Marcus after a busy week at the hospital and lots of sex at her farm house. Her tenants love her piercings.

Anne arrives at Marcus’s condo. He kisses her. She puts her arms around his neck and he picks her up as she wraps her legs around his waist. He takes her to the living room. They throw their clothes on the floor. Embracing, kissing they engage in a frenzy of fucking on the carpeted floor. Anne grabs Marcus’s cock with her lips and mouth as he sits over her is throat fucking her. She doesn’t gag or choke. After a few minutes he withdraws his cock, has Anne get on her hands and knees. He shoves his cock into her pussy. He has waited all week to fuck her. Like a wild animal in heat he slams her pussy hard enough his balls make a slapping sound as they hit her pussy. Anne grunts, squeals and strains as she is stimulated to orgasm. As always Marcus squirts copious amounts of sperm into Anne’s pussy. The stimulation from his squirting her pussy caused Anne to have multiple orgasms,her body spasmed, and writhed. She is panting. Her pussy was still twitching after the multiple orgasms. They rest for awhile. Marcus collects his sperm from Anne’s pussy, thighs spooning it into a cup. Anne honors Marcus by drinking it and spooning it into her mouth. She smiles showing him his cum in her mouth and swallowing it. Next they shower. Marcus bathes his Queen. He has her on her knees as he fucks her ass. She has such a small anus and pussy. He loves fucking all of her holes.

Marcus takes Anne to dinner after their lovemaking.

They would go to bed earlier as they have to be at the school at 8am Saturday. Marcus told Anne this is the biggest Bull class he has ever had. He said he bought 4 fuck beds designed for gangbangs. He said a new Queen for this class will be there. Her name is Monique.

Saturday morning Marcus introduces a beautiful petite young brown lady to Anne, Sharon, and Chantal. Her name is Monique. She will be an asset to the group.

In the morning the girls make coffee and put baked goods out for the class breaks. The also serve as “eye candy for the male students. Marcus has 2 teachers, a man and a woman teacher. The courses cover African American history, male,female relationships, good hygiene, sexual relationships, psyhology in sexual relationships and the Black Bull Masters rules and roles in relationships with all women. Also how to train a woman to be a Queen of Spades.

Lunch time was catered by Marcus’s restaurant. It was buffet style with sandwiches,chips,sodas and homemade cookies. The eating area had plenty of tables and chairs.

After lunch the next course would be “hands on.” Behind the curtain on the school stage are the “fuck beds.” The girls are ready for curtain call. At 1pm the curtain opens. Marcus’s assistant Master Robert has the young Bulls line up at the steps going up to the stage. One at a time Robert sends the guys to line up in front of a bed. 15 guys to a bed. When the Bulls are lined up Robert waves at Anne. She tells her line of guys 5 at a time. Robert makes sure the girls start with five Bulls at the bed.

The young Bulls learned at the school about stimulating a woman to orgasm. They kissed, French kissed the girls. They licked, sucked the girls necks, nipples, breasts, clit and pussy. Their hands are busy rubbing,massaging, pulling the girls nipples. The guys lick ,nibble on Anne’s nipple rings and clit rings. The guys finger and fuck the girls pussys. The Bulls on the sides of the bed have their cocks sucked or the girls jerk their cocks. The front man after the girl has been stimulated spreads and raises her legs fucking her pussy. If he pushes her legs up and back he can fuck her ass.

The fuckings and squirtings go on for awhile. The girls are kept busy sucking cocks to stimulate the Bulls to fuck them again, and again, and again. Well, you know. Their young potent Bulls.

Anne asked Robert to get her a cup and spoon to feed her the Bulls sperm from her pussy. Robert gets Anne the Best Bull in this class and has him do it. His name is Mark. He spoons the sperm from Anne which is all over her. She pushes the sperm from her pussy and he spoons her thighs. It seems that Anne and Monique had the most repeat fuckings. The 2 girls were squirted with the most cum. The Bulls love Anne and Monique. Mark has a small paper coffee cup full of sperm from Anne’s body. He does the same for Monique.

The girls shower first as Mark and another new Bull known as Frank bathe them. The girls give them blowjobs in the shower. After showering the Bulls towel dry them. The girls naked get their coffee cups joining the Bulls holding their cups. They ask for the Bulls attention. Monique said,”Anne and I want to thank you for your love and extra attention. You passed this program with flying colors. You are the best of the best. Anne and I have in these paper cups your sperm. With our love and in honor of you we salute you by drinking your sperm.” The young Bulls cheered and applauded. They chanted,”drink our sperm!
drink our sperm! drink our sperm! As the girls drank and spooned the sperm the young Bulls gathered around them hugging and holding them. The girls emptied the last of the sperm into their mouths showing the Bulls they swallowed all of it. The guys applaud Anne and Monique. The guys hands explore Anne and Monique’s bodies. They rub the girls and kiss them. The girls are slowly being pulled into a swirl of Black Bull love.

Marcus announces graduation commencement to begin. Please take your seats. The girls get dressed. All 4 girls will hand the school accredited course in sex education for BBC DIPLOMA. After graduation the young Bulls surround the girls thanking them. The Bulls especially love Anne and Monique. Anne and Monique are approached by the top students. They invite Anne and Monique to a private graduation party next Saturday night at a private club. Anne said she would have to find a place to stay. Monique said you can stay with me baby. She said we will go together. Anne thanked Monique. Ann told Mark to tell the guys not to discuss her coming with Marcus. Marcus thinks she is not coming next weekend.

Ceremonies are over. Chantal gave directions to her apartment to Anne. Sunday when Anne leaves Marcus’s condo in the morning she will meet with Chantal. As previously discussed Chantal will introduce a wealthy couple to Anne. The couple have wild sex parties at their estate.

Marcus takes the girls to a steak house. At the restaurant he hands them an envelope. Each girl received $1000 in cash. The girls surrounded Marcus kissing him and thanking him. Chantal is happy as she has a 7 year old son to take care of. His father had disappeared.

The dinner was excellent. The girls become best of friends. After a couple of hours Sharon, Chantal, and Monique thank Marcus and go out to party some place.
Anne thanks Marcus for a great evening. He asks her if she wants to party at the club? She said,”you know me, more cocks the better.” He laughed. They went to the club. They got there at 9pm. The place is crowded. Frank has permanent a booth reservation. It gives Anne and Frank privacy. Sometimes Frank wants a blowjob. He likes to fuck Anne’s ass or pussy whie she sits on him. He also allows Anne to have extra cock at the club. He knows one cock is not enough for her. The guys at the club ask Anne if she will dance with them. Marcus is “danced out.” Depending on how the guys act Anne may sit them and makeout. Sometimes she will give them a blowjob or fuck them. Marcus knows her. She is okay there at the Club. Tonight she fucks 4 men and does 2 blow jobs in the booths. She washed in the ladies bathroom. She returned to Marcus. Marcus said her ass is his. Anne giggled making Marcus laugh.

When Marcus and Anne leave the Club they go in back of the Club to get into his Lincoln Continental. Marcus grabs Anne turning her around kissing and French kissing her. He turns her around again and puts her arms spread out laying on the hood of his car. He pulls her mini skirt up and fucks her ass. He said he is so horny he couldn’t drive home until he fucks her ass. Anne grunts and said, “Marcus I am orgasming. Fuck me baby. Fuck my ass. Oh yesssss!” Marcus squirts her ass as Anne is squealing.”I love you Marcus,” as she has multiple orgasms. Marcus gives Anne tissue to wipe her ass. They go to his condo.

Anne showers and puts Chanel#5 on. Marcus can’t keep his hands off of her. The perfume she put on stimulated him. He also knows she is going home in the morning and he wants to fill her with as much sperm as he can to make sure she knows he owns her.

In the morning Anne wakes up with Marcus on top of her fucking her ass. He whispers in her ear he loves her. She is his. He squirts her ass. He rests on her. He kisses her cheek. By laying on her he is controlling her. Finally Marcus rolls off of her. Anne kisses his lips. She showers and Marcus bathes her. She gets on her knees in the shower and sucks his cock. She swallows it.

They get dressed and Marcus takes Anne to breakfast. After breakfast Anne thanks Marcus for a great weekend. She kisses him. She leaves to go home. However once away from Marcus she drives to Chantal’s apartment as planned.

Chantal greets Anne at her apartment. Anne asked if she was dressed okay for meeting the wealthy couple Yves and Carol? She is wearing tight short shorts and a short sleeve white sheer button shirt. Chantal said the couple will love every part of her. She meant physically they will love every part of her. Anne smiled and said,”wow.”

Anne Meets Yves And Carol..cont’d

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