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Anne Returns To The Club Next Friday Evening

After a busy week Anne returns to the Club in the big city. Anne pushes a button at the Club and the entrance door unlocks. Anne enters and is greeted by the guys. They kiss her, French kiss her, and hug her. She is petite and they love picking her up and kissing her. Robert takes Anne’s suitcase upstairs. She follows him. The guys had the apartment done for Anne to stay there instead of renting a motel room. A sign on the apartment door read,”Anne’s Place.” She laughed and kissed Robert.

The BBC’s(Black Bull Cocks) love Anne. She is special to them. This petite, white, beautiful,big breasted lady helped them pass their Black Masters College course. They love this well toned bubble butt little lady. She loves them. The top 4 of the class are potective of her when she is with them. They are her partners and lovers. Only one is more special to her. His name is Robert. He is the leader. The Bulls listen to him and respect him. These young men own a private Club. They are hard workers making the Club a success.

It’s Friday the Club is serving fish and chips with coleslaw. The place is packed with customers and there are calls for takeouts. The guys do southern fried chicken dinners Wednesday nights also. Everyone loves the chicken. The guys are great cooks. The guys bring Anne a fish dinner and white wine. The fish is delicious Anne said to Robert. He smiled and thanked her.

The serving of fish was over at 8pm as they had run out of fish. They served dinner from 4-8pm. The girls that waited tables got good tips that night. Everything was cleaned and put away by 9pm. The guys joined Anne at a table. They drank, talked and laughed.

Someone dimmed the lights and put some slow soul music on. There were some girls and male members there. The dance floor was filled. The guys took turns slow dancing with Anne. They kissed and French kissed Anne. Anne hugged them as they danced. The guys would whisper how much they love her. Anne told them she loves them too. Other couples and girls without a partner were making out in the darkness of the Club. They were fucking on the padded seating along the wall, on the couches and on the pool tables. Anne pulled her shorts off and was fucking the guys while they are seated on chairs. When done being squirted, the guys passed her to the next guy. Anne was continuously being stimulated qand orgasming. She hugged and kissed them all. It was Robert’s turn. He picked her up and took her upstairs to bathe her. They bathed together in the shower. Anne gave Robert deep throat in the shower. When finished, Robert took Anne to bed where Anne would arouse Robert again.

Robert made love to Anne without being hurried. Anne and Robert joined the guys downstairs. After a few more drinks and dancing it was time to close the Club for the night. Robert called Anne “Baby” and said the guys wanted to spend the night with her. She said only if they call her “Baby.” Robert told the guys what she said. They said,”deal.” Robert took Anne upstairs and layed her on the bed. He dimmed the lights in the bedroom.

The 4 guys joined Anne on the king size bed. They pulled her to the side of the bed. The back of her head hung over the edge of the bed. Anne knew what they were doing. She opened her mouth for deep throat. They would fuck her mouth and throat. While she is swallowing their cum the guys are licking, sucking her breasts and nipples. Another Bull is finger and hand fucking Anne. He is also licking her clit and pussy. Anne was orgasming from the stimulations and sucking those long black cocks at the same time. She is enjoying the love from the guys.

The guys double stuff her pussy and she gets double squirts. One of the Bulls has Anne sit on his cock facing him. Robert is behind Anne and lubricating his cock, fucks her ass. The bottom guy is fucking her pussy. Anne is panting and making growling sounds as she is orgasming. The guys squirt her ass and pussy with Anne squealing sounds of pleasure. Later the guys will fill Anne’s ass with 2 cocks together and double stuff her mouth with 2 cocks. After the guys are finished they take Anne to shower and bathe her. Anne thanks them. They
kiss and hug their “Baby.”

Anne lays in the middle of the bed. The Bulls sleep next to her, and around her. She lays naked on the bed with her legs spread. Anne knows she will be fucked during the night. She is a Queen of Spades and they are her Masters. She loves them. Her body is theirs. The guys would massage her skin. They licked and sucked her body. She was fucked a few more times. The guys whispered how much they love her. Anne was finally able to go to sleep. The sun was up when she was awakened having her pussy fucked and another cock bumping her lips. Anne loves the attention and stimulation. After being squirted Robert took Anne to the shower and bathed his Baby. He loves her and she loves him. However she belongs to 3 other Bulls.

The guys made breakfast in the Club’s kitchen. Anne was glowing after a night of fucking. This morning she wore her bare shoulder halter top and tight short shorts. Her hair is in a ponytail. The guys pull her hair when they fuck her on her hands and knees. The guys kiss her lips, neck and chest with her wearing her bare shoulder halter top. Anne loves the attention. She hugs them and rubs her leg on theirs.

Later in the morning Robert takes Anne shopping to a Party, Club, Discount Ladies Clothing Store. The Bulls are paying for anything she wants. Anne buys the most skin revealing, provacative, sexy clothes she can find. With matching shoes.

Robert said the Club has been reserved for a Bachelorette party tonight, Saturday night. Anne has been invited as one of the Bulls brother’s fiancé is the Bacelorette bride. The fiance’s coworkers are paying for the party. A gift has been bought already by the guys to be from Anne to the future bride. Anne will be introduced to the future bride tonight. Anne found out there will be male strippers. They will try to fuck the bride. Anne has been to few of these parties.

Saturday evening Anne is introduced to the beautiful petite young brown girl named Patti. Anne and Patti became instant friends. Both girls are down to earth and are attracted to each other. Patti introduced Anne to her associates as a friend, Anne liked being accepted by the group of ladies.

The Bachelorette party began with dinner at the Club. The choice of drinks were sodas, wine and unlimited sangria. After dinner pitchers of Sangria continued to be served. The alcohol drinks cause many of the girls to become uninhibited when the entertainment begins with 6 Black male strippers from the country of Africa. They are real well endowed African men. They march out in military style uniforms. They perform a marching drill. The music changes to a electronic dancing Disco beat. Three of the dancers disappear in the darkness behind curtains on the stage. The other three remove their pull away costumes while dancing. The guys wear tiger or leopard g-strings.

The men dance to the women with the music. They rub their bodies on the women. The women put money into the men’s g-strings. The girls are clapping their hands to the music. They yell and scream at the actions of the dancers with the girls. The Sangria is working. The dancers take their cocks out of their g-strings amongst the girls. Some of the girls volunteer to hold, pull, or suck the men’s cocks. The screaming and yelling is louder. Ladies are taking pictures of the activities at the party with their phones.

Two more dancers come off of the stage in costumes and while dancing they remove their costumes and dance to the Bachelorette Bride’s seating area and dance around her close to her friends. The two dancers are around the Bride rubbing their bodies on the women. The women are handling, pulling or sucking their cocks.

Finally the men turn their attention to the Bride. The dancers take turns rubbing their bodies on her. She is a little drunk and is enjoying the attention. She pulls their cocks and laughs and applauds them.

Now the best for last. The secret sex weapon. The name he uses in his act is “Truk”He is an African warrior. He is 19 years old. He has light brown skin,he is 6’6″, and physically buff. He is handsome. He performs for Patti. He has her eye. He knows she likes him. He pulls his costume off.

He straddles her legs on the couch. He kisses her. The girls are screaming and yelling. Patti puts her arms around his neck. He kissed and French kissed Patti. He pulled Patti to the floor and put a large pillow behind her. He placed his hands under her blouse kneading her nipples. He French kissed her. The girls are yelling and screaming but Patti is in love with Truk. She also drank more Sangria which loosened her inhibitions.

Truk pulls Patti’s shorts off with her help. She is wearing a thong and he moves it to the side. Patti takes his 12 inch cock and pushes it into her pussy. Truk pushes it into her as far as he can. She puts her arms around his neck as she is yelling in his ear,”fuck me Truk, fuck me baby.” The girls in the Club at the party are chanting over and over, “fuck that cock, fuck that cock,” Truk fucks this virgin bride squirting her bareback. She orgasms and the girls applaud and cheer her. Truk stays for a little while then disappears behind the curtains.

Not only did her friends get pictures, there were cameras with sound catching the action for a porn movie. One of the 4 guys at the Club is Patti’s future brother in law. He knew something would happen and made arrangements with a porn production company. The Club would make a lot of money forever. He wasn’t saying anything about what happened at the party to his brother. He would still have the last laugh.

The party was over at midnight. The Bachelorette party was a success. Anne had a good time and was horny watching Patti getting her brains fucked out of her head by Truk.

Two weeks after the party Patti is married. She misses her period. Two weeks after that her husband Tyrone is watching porn on TV and a XXX movie is on called “Amature Bachelorette Party.” His brother Bryant, a partner in the Club is with him. Both brothers are surprised how much the opening of the film looks like the Club. Tyrone looks at the party of ladies. He said that he knows them as Patti works with them. The camera moves stage right and he sees Patti. Tyrone tells Patti to come see herself on TV.

Patti, Tyrone, and Bryant are fully attentive to the TV show. Patti knows she will be exposed of her actions on this film. Finally the scene with Patti and the African warrior Truk are engaged in fucking. Tyrone saw and heard Patti telling Truk to fuck her. Tyrone was so upset and pissed his brother Bryant had to hold him keeping him from doing something to Patti. Bryant said to Patti to leave. He knew his brother Tyrone is enraged. Patti grabbed her clothes and went to a girl friend’s apartment to hide from Tyrone.

No one knew as a gift the guys at the Club paid Truk to meet Anne as the party ended. She took him upstairs to the apartment. Anne was so impressed being fucked by a real African warrior. He is potent. He loaded her holes with copious amounts of sperm. He also is loving and passionate making her wanting to give herself to him.

Truk had to leave with his group. He gave Anne his personal card with his name and contact number. He said he wants to see her again. He said she is beautiful and a warriors dream of a woman.

Next Friday Anne Begins Her New Adventures With Yves And Carol…cont’d

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