The Arrest Part Two

As my wife was being booked in to the jail, I come home to discover she was gone. This is before the days of cell phones. Me and Misty’s Mom, Deb, drove around looking for her. We found her car up on the wrecker truck. The driver said she had been arrested, and taken to the jail. Me and Deb made our way to the jail.

Meanwhile back at the jail.

Misty stares at the tube of lube, knowing just what it is used for.

“Our high school reunion is coming up in a couple of years. I want lots of pictures.” Connie winks at Tyrone.

As Misty sits in the folding metal chair waiting nervously, she is humiliated. Tyrone takes her picture. Connie aproaches her.

“Open your mouth. Stick out your tongue.” She shines a small flashlight into her mouth. With her fingers she probes the inside of her mouth.

“How many dicks have you sucked today?”

“More dicks than you will ever get,” Misty snaps.

“I’m sure you’re right.” Connie moves up, examining her ears. Then taking the pony tail holder from her hair. Her thick, bleach blonde feathered hair falls down her back and across her eyes.

“Looks like it’s about time for you to get a haircut.” She runs her fingers through it. Reaching down she takes hold of the red v-neck sweater, lifting it. Misty grabs it at the front, attempting to hold it down. Connie slaps her hand away.

“It’s coming off! Raise your arms.”

Reluctantly, Misty allowed the shirt to be taken. The camera flashed again as she sat there in her lacy black bra. She watched her big 40 DD’s fall as the clasp of her bra was unhooked. The camera flashed again. She watches as her bra was taken, inspected and tossed toward the trash can. Her puffy nipples quickly became erect as the cool air hit them. The camera flashes again.

“Like what you see, stud?” My wife asks the big black man.  A smile lights up his face as he gets a close up of her big puffy nipples and huge light pink areolas.

“Connie Willson, come to the Chief’s office, please.” Was anounced over the intercom.

“Don’t let her run off. I’ll be right back.”

As Connie leaves, Misty watches as Tyrone take his gun belt off.   He locks it in a desk drawer. Standing in front of her, he unfastens his pants and takes out his cock. It was huge, Misty thought, as he stroked it. He stepped closer, guiding the head of his cock toward her lips. She takes him into her mouth. She gags on it as it hits her in the back of her throat. She grabs the base of his cock, controlling how much cock she takes. Swirling her tongue around it, in and out she works it. Coming up for air she pulls it out of her mouth to examine it.

“Wow! You’re so big!” she exclaims, holding his big black cok in her soft hand.

“Baby, you can handle it.” She takes him back in her mouth. He runs his fingers through her thick blonde hair.

Meanwhile, in the Chief’s office.

Me and Deb were getting all the bad news from the Chief when Connie walks in.

“Connie, this is Mikey and Deb. Take them back so they can visit with Misty.”

“But I’m not through processing her.”

“That’s okay. They can watch, if they want.”

“What does that consist of?” Misty’s Mom asks.

“A strip and cavity search.” The Chief informed us. My dick instantly got hard. Somehow the thought of her undressing in front of us turned me on.

“That would be fine with me,” I say to them, looking at Deb.

“I’m okay with it.”

“Follow me, please.” We follow Connie down the hall; she leads us to a small office.

“Okay Mikey, strip down,” she demands.

“But I haven’t done anything!”

“If you want to see your wife, I want your clothes.”

I slowly undress down to my white briefs.

“Underwear too. Off with them.” I look over to my mother in law and she has a smile on her face. She watches with interest as my shorts fall. She licks her lips.

“Now bend over!”

Totally humiliated, I bend over. Deb watches as my ex girlfriend lubes her finger and shoves it up my ass. She then pulls out.

“Now for you,” she says to Deb.

I was hoping that I could watch my Mother in law strip. She was casually dressed in a gray sweatshirt, jeans and a pair of high heeled boots.

“I’m going to need you to unfasten your pants and take your boots and socks off.”

She did not argue. She kind of smiled as I stared at her white bikini panties as she unzipped her jeans. She hands over her boots and socks.

“I’m sorry to make you do this, but high heels aren’t allowed. Your daughter is fixing to loose hers also. Now up against the wall. I have to search you.”

I stroke my cock a few times watching. Connie runs her hands under Deb’s shirt and bra. She gropes her 38 c breasts. Down her body she is searched. She slips her hand inside her panties.

“Sorry, I just have to make sure you’re not trying to smuggle something in.” Connie then notices me stroking my cock. She returns to me and hand cuffs my hands behind my back. She then strokes my cock for me. She lets my cock go, walks to her desk and takes our a cock cage from a drawer.

“What the hell are you doing?” She locks the device around my cock. Then smiles.

“Let’s go!” She marches me down the hall, everyone stares. We arrive in the processing room. Misty was still sucking Tyrone’s dick. He shoots his load just then and cum runs out her mouth and down her chin. Pulling out he jacks off, hitting her in the face and coating her big tits with his spunk.

“Good shot!” Connie says with a laugh. Me and Misty look at each other. Again she has the shocked look on her face. Knowing I caught her sucking another man’s dick.

“Oh Mikey, I’m sorry! He made me do it!”

“It’s okay, baby. That cum shot was sexy as hell.”

“Both of you can have a seat.  And enjoy the show,” Connie says.

Me and Deb sit facing my wife.  My dick throbs. Misty looks sexy as hell with full over done 80’s style makeup with raccoon eyes. Cum dripping from her face. Topless with cum coated tits. Her legs spread wide, with her jeans open. Connie squats down in front of her.

“Nice shoes,” She comments as she firmly grasps Misty’s right ankle with one hand, and the back of her high heeled shoe with the other, pulling it from her foot and inspecting it.

“You wear the same size as me.” She pulls her left shoe off. Misty looks down at her as she examines her nylon clad feet.

“Stand up.” Misty stands. Connie grasps her black satin panties and blue jeans, pulling them down.

“Wow! Look at that shaved pussy!” Tyrone yelled out.

He started taking more pictures. About that time the inmate that was mopping the floor walked in. Connie pushed Misty back down into the chair. She inspects her jeans. Her panties are tossed into the trash. The inmate takes them out and puts them to his nose, sniffing the crotch of her panties.  Tyrone starts to take more pictures as Connie peals the sheer black nylons from my wife’s milky white legs.

Once completely nude, she was ordered up onto the metal table. On her back, legs spread wide. With her fingers lubed, Connie started by inserting 2 fingers into Misty’s recently fucked snatch. She quickly moved on to 3, then 4 fingers, stretching Misty’s pussy. It was not long before Connie had her whole fist inside my wife.

“Damn, you’re loose!” The camera flashes again.

“Now get up on all fours.” She lubes again and fingers her ass.

“At least you have one tight hole.” Connie pulls out. Then takes the latex gloves off.

“If you’re finished, can I get dressed now?” Misty asks.

“No way. We are not finished yet.” Connie sits in the chair. She takes her boots and socks off. She slides her feet into my wife’s high heels. She stands up and walks around in them.

“You might not get these back.”

“Bitch! Those are mine! They cost over a hundred bucks.”

“I know they do. You won’t be wearing them where you’re going anyway. Tyrone, she is all yours.”

Misty watches as the big black man steps toward her. He helps her off the table. He bends her over it and she lets out a squeal as he feeds his huge dick into her fat pussy. The squeal soon turns into pleasurable moans. Me and her Mom just stare with shocked looks as the black man dominates her, pounding away at her pussy. The inmate strips out of his orange jump suit and strokes his cock, waiting his turn.

Connie then steps in front of me. She slowly strips out of the white doctor’s coat. Then the uniform blouse and skirt. Stripping down to just my wife’s high heels. She then unlocks the cock cage and begins stroking my cock again. Deb and I watch as my ex takes me into her mouth a few times. She then straddles my cock, sinking it deep inside her pussy, and rides me. My hands are still cuffed behind my back.

“See what you missed out on,” She said with a smile.

“You should have done this in the 9th grade. I might have kept you,” I manage to say.

My mother in law watches my dick go in and out of Connie’s pussy. She also begins to strip. Connie gets off me and allows Deb a turn riding me. She rode me until we both climaxed and I filled her up with my cum.  Misty was taken into the cell, thinking her ordeal was over. Once inside, the men make a sandwich out of her. One dick in her pussy, the other in her ass. The orgy lasted almost an hour. She was a cum soaked mess when they finished with her.  Once they were all spent, Connie and Tyrone dressed.

“Now get in the shower.” Connie then picked up a pump up sprayer and sprayed Misty down with bug spray.

“Now wash everything. And get all that makeup off.” After her shower she was marched over to a scale. Her weight was recorded.

“140 pounds! Maybe we will put you on a diet while you’re here.” Back to the height chart. She got her official mug shots taken. While naked, her height was recorded at 5ft. 1 in. From a box Connie tossed her an orange tee shirt. It did not even cover her big ass.

“Hey, don’t you have a bigger one?”

“One size fits all around here.” Connie had a smile on her face looking at all the pictures that were taken. She handed Deb three of them. One of her dressed. I stared at it. The look on her face was priceless. Standing there with her long feathered hair in a pony tail. In her red v-neck sweater, her tight Jordach jeans unfastened. With her black panties showing. And in her 5 inch black peep toe pumps.

Pic. #2 showed her sitting topless with her legs spread. Still in her sexy high heels. She looked sexy as hell.

Pic. #3 was just taken. Stripped of everything, her hair wet with multiple loads of cum. Connie looked at all the rest of them.

“I just can’t wait to show these off at our high school reunion. Everyone is going to be so surprised at all the trouble. Look what the home coming queen has gotten herself in to. Tyrone take her away.”

Misty was taken to her cell. I was taken back to get dressed. While Misty was away, Deb would supply me with pussy. She was just like an older version of my wife.

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