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Cousin Sex In L.A.

It was the summer of 2016, Los Angeles Ca. Me and my third cousin had went on a road trip to Six Flags. We spent the day at the amusement park me and her got on all the rides together and had a blast. As night came we had to decide rather we wanted to drive back home which was 4 hours away or stay for the night and go home the next day. Anyways, if you have ever been to six flags you know it can be tiring just walking around so I was too tired to drive and decided we will stay the night up the freeway in a motel. So as were leaving the park heading to a motel I stop at a gas station to get gas. She tells me well we are at the gas station that I should go inside and grab a bottle so we can drink in the motel room before going to sleep.

I then walk inside the gas station and without thinking I grab a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka, pay for it, head back to the car and then drive off into the night. We reach the motel and I go into the office to book a room. I ask for a room with two beds and to my surprise they are all booked and only have single bed rooms.

I look at my cousin and say, “I’ll try somewhere else, maybe next door,” and my cousin says, “It’s fine, we’ll just share the bed. I’m too tired to be running around.” So I then tell the motel clerk we’ll take it. At this time we finish up checking in and head up to the room. My Cousin tells me, “I’m going to take a shower.” I say “ok, I’ll take one after you,” she goes into the restroom and takes a shower. I turn on the t.v and put Law and Order on. I’m laying in the bed now watching t.v. and my cousin gets out the shower, she comes out in pajama booty shorts and a white tank top and you could see straight threw the tank top and see her bra. She tells me “ok, the restroom is all yours.”

I get up and go into the restroom stunned at what I had just seen. Her thighs were perfect and her boobs looked huge. I get in the shower and take my shower. I get out and walk back into the room. She’s now sitting up with her back against the head board of the bed and her feet under the blanket drinking from the bottle I got back at the gas station. She asks me “Do you want some?” and I tell her “You know what, I’m not going to drink cause I have to drive in the morning and I don’t want to feel like crap.” She says “ok I understand.” I then lay down on the bed next to where she is sitting and I tell her “I’m going to get to sleep.” She puts the bottle down on the night stand and turns the light off and says “yea me too,” and then lays down in the bed and at this time we are butt to butt.

I close my eyes and I’m laying there all of a sudden I feel her butt slightly rub against mine. I’m laying there acting like I’m asleep when I feel her butt once again rub against mine. I then turn and face towards my cousin’s back and she immediately moved back towards me and says “I’m sorry, I feel like I’m going to fall off the bed.” I then tell her it’s ok and as we are laying there she grinds her ass in an upward motion up against my dick and then back down. I tell her “Feel free to back up closer to me if you want.” She giggles and then slowly moves back as I lift my arm and wrap it around her, now cuddling her and holding her tight. She doesn’t say a word she just lay there eyes closed.

I close my eyes and she slowly grinds up against my dick once more; I could feel my dick start to pulse and get hard. As it got hard I lifted my head and gave her a kiss on her neck and that must have really turned her on because she then turned onto her back and opened her eyes and looked at me. I then reached in for a kiss on the lips; it was just going to be a peck but she got hold of my bottom lip and turned it into a make out session. As I was kissing her I rubbed my hand on her inner thigh as I made my way up I can feel her legs twitch. I then started kissing her neck and made my way down to her chest, my hand still on her inner thigh.

She then starts to sit up and took off her tank top and bra before laying back down. I start kissing her tits and make my way to the nipples and start sucking them switching back and forth. She at this time is breathing heavily so I then slide my hand up the leg part of her booty short pajamas and rub my finger up to her pussy and back down to her thigh. At this time my cousin is supper HOT and on fire as I just teased the crap out of her. I then proceed to kissing down her chest to her stomach up to the short line of her shorts. There’s a lot of movement down there as I get closer to her shorts line I then make my way kissing back up her stomach, to her chest and to her neck leaving her with a hicky on the side of her neck. Now she is really HOT and probably just wants me to fuck the shit out of her now because I teased her again. She is still quite not speaking a word.

As I finish the first hicky I left on her neck she starts to make out with me again but this time as we are making out she gets rid of the shorts and underwear. She places my hand on the thigh and I gently rub it making my way to her pussy. As I get close to her pussy I take my hand and slide it to her hips and up her side. I then start kissing her down her neck to her chest down her stomach really slowly and to the clit of her pussy I then pull my tongue out and start licking her clit. As I’m licking her clit I can hear her start to moan quietly so I get my finger and slide it into her vagina and lick away moving my finger in and out of her pussy. She’s now moaning to the point where I’m sure the people in the next room could hear her. As I’m licking her pussy and fingering her she grabs hold of my head and pushes it away from her soaked pussy. She then tells me “Lay on your back.”

I get up lay on my back and she gets up and says “You’re going to enjoy this.” She then crawls over me kissing me as she makes her way down my chest to my dick. At this time her legs are spread open above my face and her face is at my dick. She then lowers her pussy to my mouth and as I start to lick I feel her lips wrap around my dick. The more I licked the deeper she took the dick. She then at some point orgasmed while I was eating her out, and as she orgasmed she was choking herself with my dick which caused┬áme to let loose my cum in her mouth. She swallowed all of it and continued sucking. I at that point I wanted to just fuck her so I pushed her off me and told her to get up.

She got up and asked “You’re done?” I said “No, I’m just getting started so shut the fuck up and bend over against that bed.” She then walked to the edge of the bed and bent over with her ass sticking out and she said “You better give it to me hard.” I looked and walked over and I went to stick my dick into her ass. Yea, I didn’t hit the pussy just yet; I fucked her in her ass first. As I was fucking her she was moaning really loud. She told me to pull her hair so I did. I fucked her in the ass good for about 7 minutes. I then took my dick out her ass and she said “My turn, lay on the bed.”

I lay on the bed and she climbed on top of me and started riding my dick. She then grabbed my hand and made me choke her while she was riding me at the same time she was making out with me and then proceeded to leaving hickys all over my neck . Finally after we were done she got up and said “What just happened?!” I said “I don’t even know,” and we went to sleep. The next morning we wake up and go about our day like nothing happened. We hit the road and go back to our home town. I drop her off at home and leave and then I go home. Now the fun part has begun. Our family knew we went to L.A together and we both went home with several visible questionable hickeys. But that’s not it. Weeks pass and everything seemed to calm down when I was hit with a text message from my cousin that read “Hey. I been needing to talk to you.” I’m sure you can put two and two together and guess what she needed to talk to me about.

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