Girlfriends and Beaches

There’s a beach not far from my house on the Gulf of Mexico. The beauty of this place is that you have to have a boat to get there. It’s surrounded by forest all around. I guess you could get there on foot, but you’d have to walk five miles. Anyway, I go there to mess around in the Summertime.

And my current girlfriend is a cocksucker. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. She loves to suck cock. And she also likes to bring her girlfriend along for fun. I know, sounds weird, but this isn’t your traditional boyfriend and girlfriend thing. It’s more like I think she’s hot, she likes threesomes, and she thinks I’m cute with a big dick.

I don’t think it’s so big, above average, but it is thick. So she likes for me to – get this – fuck her mouth. One time, she had me tie her to the bed and made me promise I’d treat her mouth like a pussy. So I spent ten minutes trying to figure out the reverse fuck, then the light went on.

I get it, I thought. She has to tilt her head. So I had her tilt her head back and I fucked her mouth. Whenever she squeaked, I pulled out so she could breathe. She told me how much she loved it afterward.

“I want to bring Cindy to our beach,” she said yesterday.

“Without me?” I asked.

“Nope, I want us all to fuck there at sunset.”

“Ok,” I said.

So we went to the beach earlier. Now, you have to do some things or you’ll get covered in bugs, which isn’t sexy. But we use this citrus stuff that smells good and we laid out a towel. Then it got a little weird.

I’m getting naked and ready to go, and Cindy pulls out a strapon. It has a huge dildo on it. And I’m thinking “Oh hell no you won’t.” And they look at my face and laugh.

“It isn’t for you,” my girlfriend said. “It’s for me. Cindy’s gonna lay on the sheet, I’m going to ride that and you’re going to fuck me up the ass. But first we’re going to suck you off.”

So they both start slurping on the joystick. Cindy had a tongue piercing, and god did that feel hot up and down my cock. My girlfriend was deep-throating my cock in between licks. When I blew, my girlfriend took it in her mouth and then they kissed, swapping my cum back and forth before my girlfriend swallowed it.

Then Cindy laid down. My girlfriend lubed up her pussy and ass and started riding that huge dildo. I let them go at it until I got my bearings again. Then I walked over, knelt down between Cindy’s legs behind my girlfriend and began slapping her ass with my hardening cock.

“You ready?” I asked.

“Almost,” she said.

“Too bad,” I said.

Then I jammed my hard cock in her tight ass and started pumping. It felt so good as I pumped her ass. She was squirting all over the dildo. I kept pumping and pumping.

I came all up in her ass and she was screaming with joy. And I pulled out and shot some on her and Cindy. They licked it up. When we got home they said they want to do it again. So I said Saturday? And they said yes.

I like my private beach.

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