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Lake Loving

I  woke up on the beach my girlfriend (five years my elder) and I were visiting. After going for a swim and skido on the lake, we took a swim in the warm water. My bikini began sliding off, exposing my  breasts wet from the water. Suddenly Adrianne turned and kissed me slowly, our breasts pushing against each other as we kissed. She lifted me so I was sitting on her hips.

“Yummm,” she said.”You smell like strawberries.”

I put my lips slowly on her breasts, gently biting them playfully, nibbling them, kissing them. I could tell she wanted me. As she explored my mouth she rubbed my inner thigh and I hers. We continued kissing, tasting each other. The water was dripping off our breasts. She  sucked and sucked on my nipples, harder and harder.

“I need you inside me,” she said.

Then she sucked on my breasts, nibbling them gently and rubbing herself. I kissed her wet pussy slowly, deeply. Teasing her. Kissing her pussy, sucking it long and hard.

“Oh god!” She moaned as I sucked softly, kissing her pussy. “Yes! Yes! Oh god!” She moaned.

Nibbling and biting her wetness, I could feel her throbbing. She wrapped her legs around me and we fucked in the water. Her clit was warm and wet. She returned the attention, sucking my pussy dry. Eating me out. She kissed my breasts, clenching them hard as I played with her nipples. She grabbed my pussy aggressively and massaged it.  Moaning deeply, we climaxed together as our passion took over, giving in to extreme rough oral and anal sex.

She orgasmed and smiled. I kissed her wet pussy as I blew her, her cum all over me. “Yes! Yes! Oh yes!”  She moaned. “Fuck me, bunnie,” she said. And we fucked in the water until we dropped from exhaustion.

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