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Love In A Department Store Fitting Room

I hate to shop. I made this clear to my girlfriend when we started dating each other.
I really hate to go clothes shopping. But I had to endure going with her because she wanted my opinion on everything.
So I reluctantly agreed to go with her to the mall and let her go shopping for a new wardrobe.
One thing I’ll say about Kelly she sure knew how to spend my money faster then I knew how to make it.
Kelly sees a store that she wants to go in and look around in. So she pulls me along.
In the store she’s looking around in the lingerie section and finds a sexy black silk nightgown.
She asks me “Do you like it honey?” I say “It looks amazing.” She disappears into the fitting room to try it on.
Once it’s on she steps out and says to me “What do you think?” I say “You look absolutely fantastic in it.”
She asks me several more times if I like it and gets the same response each time.
She pulls me into the fitting room and slips the nightgown off letting it pool on the floor by her feet.
Then immediately she undoes the zipper of my pants and whips out my cock. Right there in the fitting room she starts to give me a blowjob.
As she’s doing that she slips out of her panties and starts to finger her already dripping wet slit.
Then with me in one hand and the other hand helping to prop herself up.
She gets on top of me and proceeds to ride me untill we both cum.
Needless to say that I told her after that I would go shopping with her more often.
She just gave me a big smile and said “Thank you honey.”

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