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Next Door Neighbour’s Treat

I walked in to my next door neighbour’s house while the Halloween party was in full swing. I was 18 at this time, and the party was not my kind of scene. It was filled with older men and women who were  drinking wine while smaller kids ran around eating and screaming. We were upstairs when my friend’s mum, the host, a single mum, came upstairs shouting at the kids. As she turned the door I could feel myself starting to turn hard.

She was dressed to impress in a tight black figure hugging top which showed off her perfect round boobs, which were in proportion to her slim figure. To complete the look she wore black stockings and a red leather jacket and skirt. The skirt hung to her arse as she bent over giving me a face full of her gorgeous butt, something I used to masturbate over when I was younger. I had always fantasized over this women but had never been so close. Her shoulder length blonde hair flowed free as she turned to face me, standing in her all black heels. She spoke softly to us, asking us to quieten down before she return downstairs to the party.

Two hours later, the party died down and she returned upstairs to where I was sitting; her son previously had fallen asleep. This time I couldn’t stop my 7 inches getting hard and the bulge was obvious in my jeans. She stood there and laughed a little before bending down and touching my hard cock. “I can work with that,” she giggled and led me into her room. I had been in here previously before if only to sniff her panties but never was I so close to reaching my dream.

“Take you clothes off, John, and lie on the bed. I shan’t be two minutes,” she said as she left the room. I closed my eyes as the bed sank and she returned with a pair of handcuffs.  “I have seen you watching me, John, and I know that you have wanted this for a long time.” I was shocked, but my cock stood to attention. She took my hands and cuffed me to the bed post before also tying my feet up. “We don’t want you getting too excited now do we, John?” she whispered into my ears softly.

She started with my cock, rubbing it slowly as she started to get undressed. She stood there now in her matching bra and panties as well as the luxury red heels and black stockings. She moved on to the bed and placed her warm lips around my hard, white cock. Her warm lips instantly sent waves of pleasure pulsating through my body as she worked the top half of my shaft. My friend’s mum sped up, lubricating my cock with her large amounts of saliva, as she took my cock in to her throat. A gagging noise echoed across the room, as I moaned with pleasure. Suddenly she stopped before moving up my body and kissing me on the lips. “You like the taste of my pussy?” she asked. “I know you jack off in my panties.” I was left in shock as she turned around and sat on my face.

For the first time, I got the view of her perfect pussy-recently shaven-as she demanded me to lick her clit. I sped up as she moaned more and more until she shot a huge load of cum at me. She climbed off, laughing to herself  with pleasure. “Do you want your first pussy, you pathetic virgin?” she exclaimed as she pulled a riding crop from beneath the bed and struck me across the torso. “You will now address me as ‘Mistress,’ is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied as she clambered on to my cock, her tight pussy enclosing around my dick. Her tits dangled in my face as she slowly rode up and down, setting a slow rhythm as she moaned.  Suddenly the crop flashed and she increased the pace, speeding up, sending me into another wave of pleasure. I moaned as the cum started to build up inside me. “Do not cum yet, darling, or there will be a punishment; I haven’t finished with you yet,” said a familiar voice.

She repositioned herself, this time facing backwards, so that her arse was visible. “I bet you wish y0u could fuck me in the arse,”she exclaimed.

“Yes, Mistress, I do.”

She slid my cock into her tight arse hole, as she took it deep, her tits bouncing up and down. My cock started to pulsate in her ass as  she orgasmed again, spraying my navel with cum. Without warning I shot my load into her arse before she climbed off and stuck her lips around my exploding cock.  She took the cum in before swallowing it. “Make me cum one last time!” she exclaimed, as she untied  me from the bed and brought my hand to her pussy. “Finger me,” she whispered in her sweet but sexy voice as I stuck my fingers into the dripping vagina. Faster I went as she moaned with pleasure before pulling my  face to it as she came. “You’re a big boy now,” she exclaimed. “Come and lie with mommy.”

To be continued…

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