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Night at the casino pays off in more then one way

My wife Lisa and I decide to go and do some gambling. As we drove to the next state we talked and had a great time we even talked about having a 3 or 4 some that night. We pulled in to the hotel and got our room.

It was going to be a while before we was going so we decided to take a little nap but all the talk about 3 or 4 some had me all excited so as we laid down I figured a bit of sex would be nice after talking her into it I climbed on top of her and fucked her. My wife is oh about 5’6 124 long red hair with nice perky tits 32c and a great ass.

Well the time came so we headed out to do some gambling I was feeling really lucky or maybe it was just the thought of it all but when we arrived we went straight to the slots as we started out this nice young gal asked me if I wanted a drink well yeah she was a nice young lady I had forgotten about what we talked about on the drive up with the nap and excitement of gambling.

Well I was losing my butt off there for a while I had already drop like 100 dollars when this nice young lady came over and sat down beside me she was young but over 21 so that was ok as the waitress brought us all more drinks the first thing I thought was this is a hooker here she was so good looking. She started to talk with me asking me if I was there alone or with some one I told her I was here with my wife (Lisa) she said where is she at I pointed and when I did Lisa looked over and saw her she waved and went back to playing. She said by the way I am Jessie and stuck her hand out I shook it and keep playing and talking to her. All of a sudden I started to win. I told Jessie that she was my good luck charm and need to stay close to me. Jessie was about 5’6 115 brown hair and green eyes and I would say from what I could tell a 34c . Jessie said she would stay with me for as long as she could. I asked if she was here alone or with some one she said her husband was down stairs playing black jack and she wanted to come up and play the slots.

I started to lose again on the slots in that area so I told Jessie that we had to move these was worn out she was winning to but thought the same so we got up and walked around grabbing a drink as we went we found these slots in a back corner. Now we was out sight of Lisa and just about everyone else these are fresh we thought as we sat down. Jessie looked around and said we are almost alone here we could get into trouble in this corner as I laughed we sure could. When Jessie reached over and just grabbed a hand full of me right on my crouch I looked over at her like what the hell she said you have a nice bulge and I have just wanted to grab it since we are alone I figured I would. She didn’t let go but started to massage me I could feel myself getting hard as her hand moved around my crouch. She looked around and figured no one was watching and then unzipped my pants sliding her hand into my pants and shorts and grabbing my hard cock she pulls it out now I don’t have a big cock but she didn’t care she just sat there stroking it and playing the slot at the same time. It was hard to concrete on the slots when her hand was on my cock she just keep stroking it slowly her hand moving up and down my shaft I would look around and it seemed as no one even knew what she was doing to me. The next thing I knew she hit the jackpot coins pouring out as she was so happy she let go of my cock to pick them up now everyone was looking since the bell was ringing so loud I covered my cock with my hands so no one would see. Jessie said that since she had won she need to go and cash them in and would I help her carry her winnings. I put my cock away and got up to help her out we cashed her coins in and she said she need to go and give her winnings to her husband and went down stairs and said she would be back in a few minutes. I walked back over to Lisa and told her that gal beside had just won big over a thousand dollars. I leaned downed and whispered into Lisa’s ear that she was stroking my cock when she won Lisa looked at me and said maybe she should do that to with a chuckle. Just then Jessie walked up to me and kissed my cheek and said thanks for the luck. Lisa turned and looked at Jessie and smiled and said lets find us a place that maybe we call can sit and play the slots Jessie smiled back and said ok sure.

Jessie Lisa and I all moved to a corner area not the same one this time the gals put me in the middle of them Lisa just came right out and said take that cock of yours out so as I took my cock out you could see the hunger in Jessie’s eyes she had stroked it long the first time and wanted to stroke it again. Lisa reached over and started stroking my cock as Jessie felt my balls god it felt so good to have both their hands on me. Two very good looking women feeling my hard cock and tight balls now. I asked them both if they would unbutton their blouses a bit so that I could at least see some good cleavage they both did couldn’t believe that they both did that in public no less me having my cock out in public to. As they took turns stroking my cock as I played the slots I was just about ready to shot my load from both hands on me at one time when all of a sudden I hit the jack pot and shot my load over their hands at the same time.

As the coins came out I put myself away the gals buttoned up their shirts and we went to cash out. Lisa turned and asked Jessie if she would join us in sex a 3 some Jessie said she had a hubby and that he might want to play to. Lisa was really excited now.

We went down to the black jack tables and she introduce us to her husband Mike. He was a good looking man about 6’1 205 . Jessie leaned down and told him what we all wanted to do he said let me ok give me some time looking at Lisa and asking her if she would like to sit with him. (not sure what you meant to say here but check it out) She said sure and sat down. As me a Jessie moved to a table behind him and sat there. It was like 30 minutes and they came over to us. We finished our drink and all got in the hotel van we all stayed in the same hotel we didn’t know that. We took mike and Jessie to our room as we sat down and told mike what we all had done. I sat in the chair in the room as the women sat with Mike on the bed he said and I feel so left out. Right then they took his cock out god he was huge like 9 ½ and started to stroke him. As I sat there watching I got hard again I took my 7 inch cock out and started to stroke it watching. Mike started to unbutton Lisa’s blouse and reaching in feeling her tits when Jessie reached over and slide her hand into Lisa’s blouse to god that was so hot to watch them both touching my wife and his huge cock. Mike told Jessie to move over and get Lisa undressed he didn’t want her to stop stroking his cock. As Jessie moves over and starts to undress Lisa I got up and moved over and started to undress Jessie. As Lisa leans down and takes his cock into her mouth and starts to suck it taking it all the way into her mouth. As Jessie moves over to watch.

She took Lisa’s jeans off leaving her thong on as I did the same to Jessie but Jessie didn’t have any panties on her nice shaved pussy staring me in the face I leaned down and started to lick her pussy feeling her lift her hips to my mouth she tasted so good she was so wet as I glanced up and saw her fingering Lisa I could hear her moans even as she was sucking that huge cock. Jessie pulled Lisa’s thong off noticing that she just had a small patch of hair over her pussy and the lips are nice and shaved. Lisa pulled her mouth off Mike’s cock and laid back on the bed as Mike move between her legs and started to lick her pussy Jessie moved making me brake off of eating her pussy as she moved around and took Mikes pants off him as she started to suck his cock I decide to move around and let Lisa suck my cock . I could tell that Lisa was getting ready to cum but the was she was sucking my cock she got faster and faster as her hips started to buck to Mike’s mouth. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and moved back to
Jessie as I pulled her off Mikes coc
ks and laid her on the bed as I buried my face into her sweet bold pussy licking it fast when I heard Lisa tell me to move over she wanted that pussy. Lisa moved in and started licking that tasty pussy like she was a pro at it. Although I know Lisa had never licked pussy in her life it was such a turn on and then to see that Lisa’s pussy was dripping wet from Mike eating her out as I sat there watching it didn’t take long before Mike moved around behind Lisa and took his Hugh cock and sliding it inside Lisa’s wet pussy. Lisa let out a hardy moan as she felt it slide deep into her I moved around so that Jessie would suck me but when I got to her mouth she had lifted Lisa’s head off her and was turning around Mike didn’t miss a bet just keep on pumping. Jessie turned around and pulled Lisa back down towards her as they sixty-nine each other. Lisa looked up at me and motioned me to come over to her as she put out her hand and took my cock as she moved me toward Jessie’s pussy as I bent down and slide my cock into her wet hot pussy and started to fuck her I looked up at Mike as he smiled as he could feel Jessie’s tongue on his balls as well as on Lisa’s pussy and I could feel Lisa licking my cock as it slide in and out of Jessie’s pussy. I could tell that mike couldn’t take it any more as I saw him pull out his cock and shot cum all over Lisa’s back as Lisa broke lose again as Jessie sucked her juices out of her as Jessie started bucking up and down as I could tell she was about to let lose to letting out loud moans as I could feel myself swell up as I pulled out just as I did I slide my cock into Lisa’s mouth and let go as she took it all. As we all laid back and rested it was so amazing that night hope we do it again soon

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