secluded lake part 2 on the beach

The Secluded Lake (part 2) On The Beach

He carries her gently to the shore, picking his way carefully past the jagged water worn rocks littering the shore. Finding a clear spot her lays her down, her butt and legs not quite clearing the cool mountain waters. She looks up at him as he brushes the wet strands of reddish hair from her face and kisses her deeply. The kiss is slow at first, a mere brushing of their lips, then intensifying. His mouth covered hers, tounge darting in and out, stoking her tounge, tasting her lips. She kisses him back greedily, threading her fingers thru his damp hair, sucking his tounge as far into her mouth as she can. Her hands move from his hair, trailing down the back of his neck, scratching lightly at the sensitive skin acrossed the tops of his shoulders before tracing down, following the line of his spine kneading the firm muscles that lie just beneath the surface.
He rolls over on to his back suddenly, pulling her with him. She kisses him harder now, faster, grinding her hips into his hard erection, feeling it grow against her soft flesh. He closes his eyes and groans softly, moving his hands down to grip her hips. She kisses her way from his lips to his jaw, from his jawline down to the side of his neck, brushing her lips against the stubble and breathing hotly. She slides her body down his, kissing as she goes, listening to his his harsh indrawn breath at the friction generated by her motions. She continues moving her lips acrossed his collar bone, and without warning bites him savagely on the shoulder before soothing the spot with her tounge. His head arches back at the sudden pain, breathing in sharply.
She moves her way down his chest with her mouth, scattering little bites here and there before sucking one of his flat, masculine nipples into her mouth. She rolls her tounge around it, thouroughly washing it before nibbling her way over to the other to give it the same attention. He arches his hips impatiently into her, grinding his throbbing erection into her soft belly in a rythmic pattern. She pays him no mind, but continues her slow measured exploration of his hard muscled chest. She finishes her assault on his nipples then continues her descent, kissing each of his ribs, one side then the other before turning her attention to his flat stomach. She runs he tounge lightly around the outside of his belly button.
By now his breath is coming in ragged gasps, his muscles tight in anticipation of the next carress, his rock hard 8 inch cock brushing the bottom of her chin. She slips her hand between his legs and gently massages his balls, rolling them back and forth in her fingers. He spreads his legs to her gentle touching, so she switches positions from straddling his legs to knealing between his thighs, then, her hand still on his sack working thier magic, she grips the base of his hard shaft in her other hand. Leaning over, she runs the tip of her tounge along the underside of his shaft from base to head, feeling it pulse under her hot tounge before taking him deeply into her mouth. Her tounge snakes back and forth along the underside as she sucks hard, drawing her mouth up the entire length, stopping to focus on the sensitve head before pulling the hot wetness of her mouth away. Then licking down the top the same as she did to the underside, she focuses her attention on the ridge licking back and forth, then down to the base and back up to the head, taking him totally into her mouth again, sucking hard and pistoning up and down with both her mouth and hand as her other hand continues to roll his balls back and forth and work the sensitive area just behind his sack.
She feels his muscles tightening as he reaches for his release, so she slows her rythm a bit waiting for some of the tension to leave his body, loving the feel of his throbbing shaft in her mouth and her total control over his body. She feels him relax and continues to pleasure him, taking him even closer to the edge this time before backing off. His breath is coming in ragged gasps by now as she works his body, dangerously close to losing control.
“Not yet lover,” she whispers, pulling away suddenly, “not like that. I’m not finished with you yet,” she gives him a heated gaze, looking up at him from her hands and knees position from between his thighs. He growls at her, a throaty sound more animal than human.Then, shoving her gently over backward, he takes the dominant position, pinning her arms over her head as he leans over to pull one of her nipples into his mouth and rake it over with his teeth and tounge.then, working his way quickly quickly down, he releases her arms and uses two fingers to pull back the skin covering the sensitive nub at the apex of her thighs. He sucks it into his mouth, drawing it in hard and flicking his tounge quickly over it. She pants in excitement as the pressure in her builds. He uses his other hand a little lower, sliding two fingers deep into her wet hot pussy. He moves them in and out of her feeling her muscles grip him tightly as she reaches for release. He spreads her legs wider, opening her more fully to his touch and sliding one more finger in to strech her a bit in preparation of the next penetration.As the 3rd finger enters her, she gasps then shudders, the force of her climax tearing thru her.
Before the trebling stops, he has switched positions, her knees still locked over his shoulders. He lines up at her opening moistening the head of his shaft in the liquid of her passion before entering her fully with one strong thrust. She throws her head back and gasps as the full length of him penetrates her. He pushes in to her welcoming pussy, burying himself to the balls in her hot wet hole. He pauses for a minute feeling her muscles contract around him drawing him even deeper into her. Then withdrawing almost to the point of slipping out, he pushes back into her slowly, very slowly enjoying every inch of friction on the way back in as his shaft slides along her passion slick walls. She whimpers softly, rotating her hips in an effort to encourage the pace she wants. He pulls out again then drives back into her hard pulling back out again fast and watching her closely, her eyes closed tight, face strained in passion, mouth open panting labored breaths.
“please…..” she whispers looking up at him, “give it to me, please dont hold back..”
Hearing all the encouragment he needs he drives into her, pace measured at first and gradually picking up speed. He watches her closly not wanting to lose the already precarious control over his body till she gave the signal he was waiting for. He feels her muscles tighten even more around him as her face contorts with her pleasure, then as she surrenders to her final orgasm, he lets go with a roar, driving into her as fast and hard as he can. He colapses beside her as all the energy leaves his body. SHe scoots over to put her head on his shoulder as they catch thier breath….strangers no more.

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