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Sex in The office

hello friends

My name is harpal Singh , I am from gurgaon. I am working for the past five years. I had a wild dream about a girl working with me. her name is Alka. i just worked thier for only three days. But the day i saw her i started dreaming about her. It was late evening.
Nowbody except me and alka was in the office. She is a beautiful girl having short hairs and big eyes. Overall she is slim but her boobs! My God, it’s really great.. Big boobs in a slim body are a pleasure to watch. She was showing me how to work on the machine.She was wearing a skin tight jeans with a sleeave less top, which was see through. when ever she bent down I could see through her top her BRA which was trying to hide her Boobs. She just noticed and did’t mind.She went out for some time and came back with a glass of water. She asked ” are you a Virgin” I was shocked nobody has asked me. I just said yes.It gave me a chance to start the conversation. I asked her which type of movies do u like, she replied very quikely XXX & Lesbian.
I was feeling hot and i also realised that she was rubing her boobs. She took the glass of water and poured over her. She came near me.She was trying to ignite me.I could feel my coke was readyNow she was near me & started rubbing her finger between my legs. .Suddenly she took off her sexy top and her boobs popped out as a ball from Shobia Akhtar hands.I put my hands on her boobs, it was my first time & I was enjoying every bit of it.I told her to lock the room &she said nobody is present at this time in the office.
It was my first sex & I enjoyed it a lot .
Now I started to kiss her & at the same time started playing with her boobs. She grabbed my hard cock in her hand and started rubbing it. She took my cock out and started licking and kissing it from top to end then she took my full 8″ inch hard cock into her mouth. She was sucking my cock as an expert. I was so enjoying that I was about to cum in her mouth.I told her that this is my first time that some body is licking my cock. She told me don’t worry I am an expert in this field. After this she removed her jeans and her bra and asked how do I look. This was my first time seeing a girl naked in front of ” Oh, my Goddddddd.’ Was my reply
I sat on the chair beside me She ame near me and started rubbing her boobs and said suck Hard enough.I started sucking boob with my mouth and She came near to me, sitted on my right leg and took her left boob in my mouth and ordered to suck on it. I started sucking on her nipples and my other hand on her right boob pinching and squeezing it hard and a quite voice came out of her mouth ” ahhhhhhhhhh it feeling very good moreeeeeeeeeeee” She was continuously stroking my cock. All these things happening were not believable for me. I was feeling myself like in heaven. Now I asked her to lay down on the flooor she obeyed my oreder as I was her boss Then I kissed and licked her boobs which were like “kashmiri seb” (Kashmiri apples), particularly her nipples were deserve to be sucked by lips and licked by tongue keeping them between teeths, through out the life without any stop. She also liked very much my sucking on her nipples. She said me that now it is impossible for her to wait for my cock and requested to insert it. Now I took my cock near her pussy and inserted in it. She screamed and said ” oh I love this part. ” I was at my peak I started pushing hard like a 180cc Bike. She was screaming “OOOOOOOOHAAAAAAAAAAAAH, UUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH moreeeeeee go fasterrrrrrr”
I was in full speed , she had come with her juice flooding down her cunt, I took out my rod and bent down between her legs and buried my face into her sweet cunt sucking the whole sweet juice
Then we waited for few min. and packed our bags to go back to home. H
How did you like my first experience.Please mail your comments.
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