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I was 22 at the time my wife worked at the hospital, crazy hours. We had only been married for about two years. I’ve always been addicted to porn. It didnt matter what i could watch it all. She was working nights, it was late about ten, i decided to go to the adult book store see if any movies caught my eye. I was looking at the bi sex movies, when this guy passed by rubbing his hand across my ass. I didn’t think anything of it, but then he did it again. Then the next time he he did it he stoped and said anything good? I was nervous and said i don’t know I’m just curious, he said the best thing is the real thing, if you want meet me in the parking lot.

He walked away and out the door, i stood there for a minute, as i thought about it. Why not I thought it’s been a very long time since you did this. Now when i was younger a friend and i would fool around, I’d suck him off but he would never cum in my mouth, id always finish him with my hand. He never sucked me off, once in awhile he would dry hump my ass. I walked out side and he stood against the building in a shadow. I walked up saying Hi, he said my name’s Tony, i introduced myself. So you’ve never been with a guy before huh. I said well let me explain, i told him my story. Tony was older he looked like he was in his fifties, well I have an apartment not far from here if you’d like to join me. I said sure I’d love to!

I followed Tony to his place, my cock was so hard as i followed him. We walked into the building there’s an elevator, he pressed the third floor, and we got in. Tony slid his arm around me, grabbing my ass, he smiled as he said you have a great ass young man! Thanks I said as the doors opened. We got to his place he let me in. Make your self at home he said. I’ll fix us a drink. I walked around looking at his place it was small but very nice.

Tony opened a bottle of whiskey as he poured two glasses. He looked over and said are you ok? Yes i said, thanks for asking. Good he said why don’t you get undressed he said! I said ok, right here? Yes son he said i want to enjoy that body of yours as we have our drink! I slipped off my t shirt then my socks and my shorts my cock was so hard, my underwear was bulging out. I slid them down as my cock sprang out I was fully erect at 7 inches. He smiled as he walked towards me with the drinks. Very nice Tony said, come sit here across from me, keep those legs spread for me son. I’m enjoying this he said as he sat down.

So tell me, what are you hoping for tonight? Don’t be shy, the more honest you are the more fun we can have. I took a big sip, as i coughed it down. I’d like to ummm well umm I want to suck your cock I said, well he said that is happening no matter What! I gulped as he said that. You a bottom? Yes i said. Your submissive as well I can see that. Yes i am I said i havnt done much though. Tell me what you want he said. I want to swallow for the first time, and ummm maybe get fucked. Kiss cuddle, I’d like you to take charge I said. Tony smiled very good, now come here sit on my Lap he said. I did sitting across his lap. Spread those legs son. I did as Tony gently grabbed my cock. Stroking it, go on have some more whiskey son. I took a big swig. His rough strong hand on my cock felt amazing. He then pulled a ice cube from a cup as he slid it over my cock. It sent shivers through my whole body, then my nipples as he rubbed the ice cube over them. My nipples where getting hard. He then took the ice cube in his other hand, sliding it behind my back. I felt it slid down my ass crack, then to my ass, he slowly pushed it inside my ass. Keep that there he said.

Now stand up and lay over my knees. He made sure my cock was between his legs as he squeezed them together. Gripping my cock between his legs. I felt his hand slid up my thigh, to my ass. Then a light spanking. I jerked feeling my cock get tugged between his thighs. Then another smack harder this time. Each time my spanking increased. Harder and harder, as i would jerk in his lap. He said son you have such a beautiful bubble butt it was made to be spanked. My ass was sore by now, not bruised but more reddish than pink. Ok son get up go sit on the kitchen table. I did as Tony followed me, spreading my legs wide, he leaned in kissing me deeply. His hand stroking my cock. He then bent down taking my cock into his mouth, all seven inches. I leaned back as he sucked me playing with my balls. Then he stoped dont cum, do you understand me? Yes i said, he went down again, sensing I must be ready he stoped and grabbed my balls, i let out a moan. Let’s go to the bed room.

I slid up on his huge bed, laying on my back. As i watched Tony undress, his cock was about the same length as mine but much thicker. Tony crawled into bed his hands all over me as we kissed. Grinding into each other as he took control. Then laying back, i knew what this meant, i slowly kissed my way down his semi hairy chest. To his hard thick cock. Kissing it then sucking it into my mouth. My head slowly bobbing up and down as i cupped his huge balls. Each time trying to take more. His hand on my head , as i bobbed up and down. Then I heard him grunt, his cock throbbed as his hand held my head down. He filled my mouth his cum flowering and gushing into my mouth. As he grunted fuck yea son take it all…

I swallowed all I could as some ran down my chin, come here he said. Tony kissed me deeply again then licking the cum from my chin. Holding me he said i didn’t mean to cum so fast, but knowing it was your first time, i couldn’t hold it. We kissed some more as he stroked my cock, eventually he rolled me onto my back, he was between my legs. Are cocks grinding together. He kissed his way down. Pushing my legs up, and apart. I felt him take my cock. Sucking licking kissingdown to my balls. He sucked them into his mouth, then even farther down. I felt his tongue as it circled my spread ass. He was rimming my ass, then in a split second his tongue was hurried deep in my ass. I moaned out, as i gripped the sheets. He tongue fucked me for like ten minutes. It was the greatest feeling ever.

He then slid up kissing me, reaching onto the night stand he grabbed some lube. Stroking his cock as he rubbed it in, then my ass, his fingers slipping inside of me. I felt him press his cock to my ass, as he pushed the head in. The pain was intense,  he leaned down kissing me. Come on son give me your ass, nice and slow son. As he kissed me I relaxed, he was slowly pushing more and more of his thick cock into me. It was stretching my ass filling me up, until he was all the way in. My legs wrapped around his waist as he started pumping his cock in and out. Looking down at me. By now he was fucking me, hard and fast. Then pulling out, he rolled me half on my side, slamming his cock back in, I’m not even close to being done with you son he said. All I could do was lay there and let him fuck me, it felt so good. Then rolling me onto my stomach. He straddled me fucking me harder and faster. I was moaning out pinned under his wieght. He pulled out, flipped me agian. Lifting my legs I want to see your face son as i cum in your ass. He rammed his cock into me, fucking me like I was some kinda whore, i screamed and moaned, as i stared up at him. Feeling his cock pulse again his body shook… As he filled my ass with his hot cum. He pulled out slid down, as he sucked my cock, till i came in his mouth. He curled up next to me holding me. We cuddled then he went back down on me, making me cum again. We exchanged numbers and i left for home. Feeling fulfilled.

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