Me, My Wife, And The End Of Our Marriage

It’s 1974. My name is Tom. I’m 29 and my wife’s name is Bernadette or Bernie as she prefers. She is 25. We’ve been married 7 years.

Bernie is at lunch with Lydia at the hospital cafeteria. They work in the hospital lab. She tells Lydia she is upset that Tom told her he wants to transfer upstate with the state highway department. He said he loved bowling and there is a lot more opportunities for bowling up north. Bernie told Tom she wasn’t doing that as she was happy where they are. She said where he wanted to go was horrible in the winter time. She said it snowed there was 10 feet and was wind driven blocking roads. Her job as a med tech required her to respond to emergencies at the hospital. She said she wasn’t going. He said he was transferring. She said, get an attorney. Tom did. Within 2 days an appointment was arranged.

They both talked to the lawyer. Neither party could agree. The reason for divorce was irreconcilable differences. They were told to come in Friday to sign papers and Tom was to take half of the savings, investments, and after bills paid the checking account was also included. Tom had to pay Bernie with certified bank checks 50 percent of all accounts. She was given 48 hours to vacate from their rented home after signing papers.

Bernie called Ernesto. She was crying. He said for her go home and put everything she needs in her car and come to the cabin. It was her home now. She called Lydia. Lydia brought her car and helped Bernie take everything that was hers. They had bagged everything in 2 hours and left to go to the cabin.

Bernie opened the gate and both cars drove in. Ernesto drove in behind them. He helped the girls move her clothing into the second bedroom. Bernie introduced Lydia to Ernesto. He said he knew she was a good friend of Bernie’s. He thanked her for helping.

He asked the girls what they would like to eat? He handed them a menu. They all ordered something and Ernesto had the meals sent up. They ate together and Bernie was in better spirits. Lydia thanked Ernesto and Bernie for dinner. She said she had to go home to her son. She said goodnight.

The meeting at 4pm Friday started. Both Tom and Bernie signed papers. The checks with bank statements were examined by the attorney. He then issued a copy of all paper work to each party and checks to Bernie. Bernie surrendered the apartment key to the attorney. She said thank you to the attorney and walked out of the office. She said nothing to Tom.

Bernie went immediately to Ernesto’s bank and opened a new account in her maiden name. She saw Ernesto and gave the him thumbs up and smiled. He came over as she was leaving and opened the door for her. He said he would be home and order dinner. He said he wanted beer batter fish. As she walked away she said thank you and that she loved him.

Ernesto brought dinner from his restaurant. They ate and listened to some soft dinner music. Bernie felt calm, loved and wanted. She hadn’t felt this good when married to Tom. Now, she is free.

She remembered she was off the weekend. Ernesto said he would take her shopping up to “Big Town” Saturday. She cleared the table. Ernesto watched the evening news. She took a shower. She put her little white robe on. She came out and kissed Ernesto. She layed on the couch and put her head on his lap. She watched TV and fell asleep. Then bedtime came. Ernesto took his fingers and rubbed her clit. He also put his fingers in and out her pussy. She woke up. Opened her legs wider as he increased the movement of his fingers. She sat up and then stood up. She took her robe off. She was his. She would do whatever he wanted.

Seated he pulled her to him. He licked her clit, her pussy and put all his fingers in her pussy. He moved his hand in and out rapidly. She almost dropped to the floor experiencing orgasms. He led her to his bed. She undressed him. He kissed her. He sucked, licked her neck, breasts, nipples and used his teeth on her nipple rings. He had her lay down on the bed and pulled her butt to the edge of the bed. He put her legs up and back so he could fuck her pussy. He then brought her legs down to his sides and continued fucking her. After about 10 minutes Bernie had several orgasms Ernesto squirted her cunt. She felt what was like a river in her cunt.

He continued pounding her pussy forcing her to have more orgasms and lots of cream pies. He put her legs down and gave her a kiss. He got her a cup and spoon. He scooped his cum from her cunt and told her to push the cum from her pussy and he scooped it into the cup. She licked his cock clean and drank all of the cum from the cup.

They showered together and he fucked her ass. They dried each other off and she licked and sucked his cock. Finally it was time to go sleep.

It’s now Saturday. Ernesto promised to take Bernie to the mall for new clothing. That afternoon they arrived and Bernie went shopping. She went to young women’s shop that also had young girl’s clothing. She wore petite clothing and the style of clothing attracted men’s attention. She wore mostly miniskirts, Ernesto told her to get micro mini skirts, and short shorts with matching sport jackets. She also went to the lingerie store and got crotch less panties to match her clothing and bras that lifted her breasts, but left the nipples exposed. She also went to the shoe store and got tall and short boots to match her clothing. She found shoes to match her outfits. Last but not least Ernesto bought a gold chain to attach to her nipple rings and a gold waist chain.

After shopping they went to a salad bar at the mall for lunch. Ernesto asked asked Bernie if she wanted to go to the Adult theater? She told him it’s his call. He asked her if she was happy? She said for the first time in years she was happy. He asked her if sex at the theater would make her happier? She responded,”Always.”

Ernesto and Bernie went to the theater. To the Euro side. They were welcomed as frequent customers, given membership cards entitling them to club entry discount. They went directly to the room and Bernie removed her clothing except for thigh high stockings and shoes. She also put on a pair of sunglasses to keep the cum from getting in her eyes. She got on the special padded table. Ernesto was first before anyone got there. He fucked her and after about 10 minutes he squirted her pussy and she orgasmed. When finished he looked around and there was a line of guys behind him. He reminded them that entry to her pussy or ass to use condoms.

He sat and watched as many guys fucked her pussy, ass, mouth, squirted her pussy, ass, face, body. They rubbed, massaged, sucked, fingered, kissed her body. They licked her clit, pussy and anus. They fingered her pussy. Using all fingers and their hand. Rapidly in and out. She made sounds of pure joy and ecstasy. When not giving blowjobs she laid there with her hands under her head. She was enjoying all the love from the men. After about an hour and half the line was gone. She went to the ladies shower. After drying herself she dressed. Ernesto kissed her. He said let’s get some dinner.

Bernie had a great day. Ernesto loved her and understood her needs. She loved him for that.

Ernesto, And Bernie, Her Search For More Love… be continued

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