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Department Store Hook Up

A little bit about me – I am a very feminine looking male. I have been cross dressing since my early teens when I decided to explore my mother’s bedroom. The first time I tried on a bra and matching panties I knew this was me. I live in a small mid western town so when I feel the need for feminine clothes I will drive for more than an hour to a bigger city where I feel safer. I stopped at a department store and proceeded to start at the men’s section where I picked out a couple of items. Then over to the lady’s section where my heart started to race. I quickly picked out two matching bra and pantie sets and a skirt and blouse outfit. It was now time for me to proceed to the check out.

At the check out was a nice looking female about 23 years old her name tag read Debbie. Alongside her was a tall muscular man named Lance. Debbie was a knock out; she was at least 38d on top and a nice pair of legs that her short skirt did nothing to hide. As I placed the items to be purchased on the belt, Debbie and I made small talk and I found out she and Lance were an item. Debbie then looked at the female items, smiled and asked who the lucky lady was. I said they were for my girlfriend, but I think Debbie knew otherwise. I then asked Debbie where the rest rooms were. She said to go up to the third floor and turn to the left as you pass the customer service area.

As I entered the men’s room I thought to myself I would like to see Debbie again. As I moved into the stall and closed the door I noticed writing on the floor; it said “if you’re horny tap your foot three times.” About a couple of minutes went by when I heard the men’s room door open and a person go into the stall next to me. Next thing I know he is tapping his foot three times; my heart starts racing and my body is filled with lust. My very small five inch cock is hard as a rock. Well it is now or never so I also tap my foot three times then I see him handing me a piece of paper and a pen. The note says three things: first, are you horny, yes or no? I circle yes. The second thing asks if I am the police? I circle no. The third and final question is do you like to suck cock? I said yes, because that is what a girl should do for her guy.

My mind is now racing. I hand him back the paper he tells me to unlock the stall door. I unlock the stall door to let him come over. He steps inside and locks the door behind him. I look at him and realize it is Lance; his cock is gigantic, I would say at least nine inches. As I lean forward to accept his huge cock he looks down and says, “Debbie was right, you are a sissy.”

My panties that I wear on a daily basis have given me away. It does not matter, I want to suck his cock. I start to suck it when tells me we need to go somewhere safer. I am now puzzled. Lance asks if I would get a room at the motel? All I am thinking about at this point is wanting to serve him like I’m sure Debbie does. As we exit the men’s room Debbie is standing there with a smile on her face and says, “I will bring the makeup.”

Lance has me follow him to the motel and when we arrive Lance tells me to pay for the room and then come out and give him the room number. My mind is racing, I want his cock so bad! I come out and tell him it is room sixteen. Lance looks at me and says, “Sissy boy get your lips ready.” I am thrilled! Once inside he pushes me down on the bed kneeling on either side of my head his hard cock entering my awaiting mouth; I am loving it. Lance is now fucking my mouth like there is no tomorrow. I did not think I could get all that cock down my throat but his balls are on my chin. Lance starts to shudder and his hard cock explodes in my mouth. I try to take in all his cum but some is dripping off my chin. I help clean up Lance.

Lance smiles and says Debbie will give you a call when she is done with work. I must have drifted off to sleep when I hear the phone ringing I answer it Debbie says she is coming over in a half hour and I should take a shower and get dressed. She said she wants to see me in the pink bra and panties that I bought today. Debbie told me she has some silk nylons for me as gift for giving Lance the best blow job he ever had. I hurry to get ready then I hear a knock on the door I race over to answer the door. There is Debbie; I quickly open the door for her and I help her with the items she is carrying. Debbie says, “Open your blouse and take your skirt off.” I do as instructed, now just wearing the bra and panty set I bought earlier. Debbie nods approval very nice.

Debbie says, “Lance can’t stop talking about the blow job you gave him. I will not blow him but this is what I want you to experience – I want to fuck you with this brand new black dildo I also want you to lick my pussy til I cum on your face.” Debbie then took her clothes off and had me take the pretty pink panties off as well. Debbie looked like a goddess those huge tits with very erect nipples. Debbie than looked at my very small cock and said, “Now I understand why you like to dress as a female.”

Debbie then had me lie on my back and spread my legs. She then put plenty of lube on both my virgin ass as well as the black dildo she was now wearing. Debbie worked the dildo into my male pussy telling me to relax and to breath. I did as she told me to and the next thing I know she had the dildo sliding in and out like a piston on a car. Debbie then puts me on my stomach and wears my male pussy out doing me doggy style. Debbie then has me on my back, she straddles me and I proceed to eat her hairless pussy while she is playing with my midget of a cock.

I am eating that fine pussy and the next thing I know her moans turn to groans and Debbie has a mind shattering orgasm, flooding my face with her cum. Debbie then climbs on top of me and slides her well oiled cunt down on my tiny cock and she fucks me hard. I let her know that I am going to cum and she then lets it slide out and brings me to climax with her hand. Debbie and I showered together afterward. Debbie said she would come by at seven the next morning to do my makeup and for her to make sure I was dressed properly for my trip home.

I am middle aged male who is some what shy and reserved. I also would consider myself as more feminie.than masculine.i

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