Fair Witness – After Robert Heinlein

The couple were playing, naked in the hotel bed. White sheets, white pillows, warm golden candle light, soft sensual music, red wine, and three wine glasses.

They have been arousing each other for about an hour when the hotel telephone rings. It is the stranger.

A few words of instruction into the telephone and she rises to unlatch the door as the stranger rides the elevator up to their floor. Then she slides back into bed.

The stranger opens, closes, and locks the door, then walks silent over to the sofa placed in full view of the bed. He watches the couple in bed and they stop to watch him. He begins to undress as he can see that they are both naked. When he has removed his clothing he sits and observes in complete silence.

The couple starts to arouse each other as she kicks the covers off until they slide onto the floor. The stranger is aroused by this and he begins to stroke his hardening cock. She watches him and strokes her bed mate’s cock in the same way.

The stranger becomes more determined in his strokes. The couple can hear him breathing, sighing, and moaning.

He leaves her and slides off the bed. He sits on the other side of the sofa, his feet between he and the stranger. She becomes quite interested and props herself on the pillows, observing and stroking her own thighs.

He slides one foot onto the thigh of the stranger. The stranger does not seem to mind. His other foot slips onto the stranger’s lap and finds his hardening cock. He finds the head and strokes it with his toes. The stranger moans and  lifts his hips in arousal. He is rock hard now as he grasps both feet and presses them against each side of his shaft. He begins to lift his hips in a determined rhythm, sliding his cock between the arches of the feet.

She is becoming more and more aroused as she slides her fingers between her labia. She begins to stroke herself between her labia, gliding her fingers up to her clitoris.

He then pivots and turns to rest his head on the stranger’s shoulder, one hand sliding around his waist, the other grasping his cock by the shaft. He begins to stroke him as the stranger sighs and melts into the cushions.

Slipping down, he rests his head on the stranger’s lap and the stranger slides down to give him more room. The head of his cock is inches from his mouth as he begins to stroke the shaft over the entire length in a slow, focused rhythm. His breath is on the head as he moistens his fingers to stroke the most sensitive part, slipping his fingers over the skin.

The stranger cannot stand it and lifts his hips so the tip of his cock slides into the waiting mouth. His hand grips the shaft so only the tip can slide in and out between the lips. Soft sucking, light licks under the tip, sliding the head in and out of his mouth.

The stranger is so aroused his hips thrust upward and his entire cock slides between the lips until the head enters his throat. Reflexes pulsating over the head and the stranger almost climaxes.

He relaxes and again holds just the tip of the stranger’s cock in his mouth, pressing his lips under the rim. The stranger relaxes as well as they both watch her stroking herself, moaning with pleasure. Then he slides off the sofa between the stranger’s thighs, blocking her view.

He grasps the testicles in one hand and the cock in his other, pressing on the shaft and watching the head enlarge in arousal. He begins to stroke the stranger’s cock as he moves his lips closer and closer to the head.

Then she slips off the bed and sits on the other end of the sofa facing them and watching every movement, listening to every sigh. She rests one of her feet on the stranger’s shoulder, the other on the shoulder of he lover, almost like completing a circuit. Her moist genitals are open and her fingers focused on her pleasure as he slides the stranger’s cock into his mouth again.

He slides his lips over the entire cock from the head to the testicles. The head slips in and out of his lips, deep into his mouth and into his throat in a rhythm following her rhythm as she strokes her pussy.

Now she and the stranger are moving their hips in unison. She stroking, he sliding his cock in and out between the lips, past the tongue, and into the throat.

He whispers, “I am coming,” and lifts his hips so the head of his cock presses into the throat.

He lifts his head, lips sliding over the entire cock and over the head, his moistened hand following. The strangers cock slips out of his mouth as the wet fingers continue determined strokes. The stranger ejaculates, moaning and sighing as she climaxes at the same time.

His hand continues stroking as the semen flows onto his chest. As she continues to stroke herself lighter and lighter, he strokes the stranger’s cock in the same way. Synchronous sighs, moans and breathing as their orgasms melt them into bliss.

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