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Me and the Girl Next Door

It all started on the afternoon of July 4, 2001. My friend Shannon and I were walking along the beach of a lake near our homes. We were headed to one of the docks to meet her boyfriend Ronnie. He was taking us boating on the lake. Ronnie’s dad had just bought him a brand new boat and we were gonna test it out. After about 30 minutes of walking, we finally found the spot where we were supposed to meet him. As we got closer, the image of Ronnie became clearer. I noticed that he was not wearing a shirt and he was bent over the boat putting a nice coat of wax.

He had us climb in the boat as he finished getting things ready. I watched him as he worked. Little beads of sweat formed on his body and he would wipe them away with a white towel. Ronnie had a very nice body, great tan, and the sexiest eyes. He was gorgeous. As I watched him, memories came back to me. I started thinking about the time me and him hooked up in 10th grade. He was in 11th and had taken me to the prom as friends. After the prom, things got a little hot and heavy. We ended up having hot and steamy sex twice that night and once more in the morning. I must have been really into my day dreaming, because when I came back to reality, Ronnie was in the boat and we were moving.

I watched Shannon as she rubbed down Ronnie’s muscles with sunscreen. She noticed me staring and said “Hey Amber, why don’t you take off your clothes go for a swim with me? Ronnie is going to anchor the boat and make lunch.” I said “Sure, why not?” We stripped down to our bikinis and jumped into to water. That water was freezing even though it was over 90 degrees outside. My nipples instantly got hard. We swam around for a while, but when I was not expecting it, Shannon came up behind me and pulled me under water. It was on now. We wrestled around in the water for a while, occasionally dunking each other for some good laughs. At one point, Shannon backed off a couple feet and starting moving around under the water. I couldn’t tell what she was doing at first. Then I saw her bikini top and bottoms fly out of the water and onto the boat. I looked at for a second then did the same. We wrestled for a couple more minutes.

Just as we got back to the boat Shannon backed me up against it. The front of our bodies touched as we bounced up and down in the water. She looked into my eyes and then she leaned in and gave me the most sensuous kiss ever. As we floated there kissing I felt her finger tips encircle my nipples then move down my body. She gently slid two fingers into my pussy and began slowly moving them in and out. I had never done this before and was not sure what I should do, so I did the same to her. Just as we were really getting into it, Ronnie called our names. We jumped into the boat and put our suits back on. Ronnie came up on deck with a tray of sandwiches, celery, Doritos, and Gatorade. We ate a quite lunch and afterwards, pulled the boat in to one of the docks, tied it up and Ronnie went for a swim while me and Shannon spread a blanket on the sand.

We sat down and started our tanning process. We both got naked and rubbed tanning lotion on each other’s bodies. As we lay there on the beach naked, I was thinking about what had happened in the water. I wasn’t quite sure what to think, but before I had a chance to say anything to her about it, Shannon had crawled on top of me and was straddling my body with her legs. She asked me if I was attracted to her. I told her the truth, “Yes.” She began kissing me. Her sweet lips pressed against mine as her tongue slipped in my mouth. It was the most erotic feeling I had ever felt. I saw her reach her hand over to her bag and pull something out. I couldn’t quite make it out but I had a feeling of what it was. Shannon had me close my eyes and spread my legs apart as wide as possible. Suddenly, I was being penetrated by her massive dildo on a harness.

It was a black leather thing that looked like underwear. It had a large cock affixed to the front of it. She was wearing it and began sliding it in and out of my pussy. I watched her as she fucked me with it. Her large D cup tits bounced as she got faster. I reached up and grabbed on to them, gently pulling at her nipples. She continued to get a little faster and started pumping harder. I put both of my hands behind her and gripped her ass as her pounded that hard cock inside me. She demanded I finger her ass so I shoved my middle finger in her tight hole and it moved in and out as she fucked me.

She got faster still. My pussy was on fire and it felt so good. Oh yes, finally! It was happening. I screamed out in desire as my orgasm came on and my entire body began to shake. She still kept fucking me as my cum dripped down onto the blanket. Finally she slowed down and with the dildo still deep inside me began rubbing my clit between her fingers while we engaged the another sensuous kiss.

Still kissing, she began pumping again, slowly this time. She slipped two of her fingers in my hole while still fucking me. Right when I was at the point of climax again, she stopped everything. She threw the belt aside and climbed on top of me again. Her head went down and she started flicking my clit with her tongue. Before she really got into it I had her stop. She asked why and I did not say a word. I just pushed her onto her back and climbed on top of her in the 69 position. I placed my dripping wet pussy over her face as I dove into hers. I played with her clit for a while, just teasing and taunting it. Then I slipped my tongue into her pussy as far as it would go. I tasted her juices and it only made me want more. I also slipped in a couple fingers.

After a few minutes, we stopped and lay there in utter exhaustion. Still trying to catch our breath, we sat up and noticed Ronnie sitting on one of the swings staring at us. He was completely naked and hard as a rock. Shannon looked at me with big smile on her face, got up, and ran over to her man. It was really awkward sitting there naked with Ronnie staring at me, knowing full well he just watched me and his girl get it on. It was kind of arousing too. I sat on the blanket and watched as Shannon wrapped her legs around Ronnie and ease his cock deep inside her. He bounced her up and down and I saw him sliding in and out of her.

They got a little faster, but before I knew it, He was walking toward the blanket carrying Shannon with her legs still wrapped around him and he was still deep inside her. He lay her down on the blanket and kept fucking her without missing a beat. She moaned as she reached towards me. She grabbed a hold of my inner thy and gently pulled for me to turn towards her. I turned to face her, but she was still pulling at my leg. Finally I realized what she wanted. I climbed on top of her and once again placed my hot twat in her face. She started eating me out as she was getting fucked. Meanwhile, I was face-to-face, body-to-body with Ronnie. Our eyes connected. He reached on hand down and started rubbing the small of my back as his other had slid up my neck, under my hair, and on the back of my head. He pulled my face towards his and our lips met.

There I was, kissing my best friends man while they were fucking and she was eating me out. I never though in a million years that would ever happen, but it was happening right that second. Just as Ronnie and I stopped kissing, he reached one hand down and in went his fingers. He pulled me towards him a little more and sunk three fingers into my wet pussy. With another finger, he played with my clit until I came all over Shannon’s body. It dripped out of me and onto her stomach. I climbed off of her and watched them go to town. Ronnie picked up Shannon and held her in his arms as he fucked her. I went back over to them kissed Shannon while I fondled her nipples. She grabbed the back of my head and held tight as she climaxed. Ronnie grunted as he began to climax as well. He pulled me towards him and kissed me as he let his load go inside Shannon.

All three of us dropped to the ground and couldn’t even move, or so I thought. As I lay there staring at the sky, thinking about what had just happened, Shannon and Ronnie jumped up, grabbed my hand and drug me into the water. Still naked, we swam around for a while. Shannon climbed up onto the edge of the boat and got dressed. She said she was going to the little snack shop that was around the bend of the lake. She took off and left me and Ronnie alone in the water. I told him I wanted to try and get a better tan while the sun was still out. I headed towards the shore.

Before I made it there, though, Ronnie came up behind me, picked me up and carried me to the blanket. As I lay on my back staring at him, I noticed him “growing.” His cock was getting bigger by the second! He noticed me staring at it and said “You like that?” I just smiled at him. “I thought so,” he responded. He positioned my body and his and slipped his dick inside me. He leaned down and kissed along my neck, my breasts, and my stomach. We fucked and finished just in time for Shannon to watch the ending and even join in a little as well.

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