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Savor The Flavor

I have plenty of stories to write about but this one just happened recently and I haven’t wrote in a few years so I would like to share it while it’s still fresh in my mind.

It was about 1:30 in the morning as my wife and I were driving on a long trip. I saw a truck stop ahead and I needed a restroom break. My wife had been asleep and as I pulled into the truck stop I asked her if she needed to use the restroom but she said no and went back to sleep.

It was a big older independent truck stop, the ones I always look for and it wasn’t busy at that hour. Part of it was like a small shopping mall inside. The front was the actual store with a fast food restaurant then it went down a wide long hall with glass store fronts but most were vacant except for a couple which were gift shops and at that hour were closed. At the end there was a sign pointing to the right that said restrooms and as I made my way around the corner there was another long walk down an abandoned area leading to the restrooms.

As I walked in and headed towards the urinals I notice a guy standing in the last stall to the right which was a handicap stall with the door partially open. There were three or four regular stalls prior with a row of urinals on the left.
Facing the urinal while doing my business I turned my head and looked over towards the handicap stall. I quickly turned my head back and knew this was my lucky stop because he was now standing there with his pants undone looking at me with a big grin. I nervously went on about my business and when I was done and turned away from the urinal he was now standing there in the stall with his cock out half erect while he was tugging on the head.

I quickly looked away after we made eye contact but from experience I knew what this guy had in mind and I was interested so I turned back for another look. Looking at me he asked if I was hungry and like always I became speechless and nervous which told him that I was probably willing so he opened the door wide and invited me in.
My heart began to pound and my body trembled as I took him up on his offer.

After I entered the stall he shut and locked the door then turned towards me telling me to have a seat. He looked to be in his mid 50’s with a nice medium build. With the toilet seat down I sat and watched as he approach me with his cock in hand. Stopping with his cock just inches from my face he dropped his pants down and with his left hand wrapped around his cock he took his other and placed it on the back of my head and guided me towards his cock.

When the head of his cock touched my lips I opened my mouth and he slid his cock in. After wrapping my lips around his cock he quietly whispered, Oh yes now suck my cock! While holding the back of my head he began fucking my face by slid his cock back and forth inside my mouth. Between me sucking and him fucking I soon felt his cock grow rock hard inside my mouth. He then let go of my head and let me take control. I was careful not to make any loud slurping or sucking noise as I continued.

He was also careful not to make noise and kept his moans and sighs to an almost silent the whole time I sucked his hard cock. It wasn’t to long before I got a small taste of pre-cum and the taste of it turned me on making me want more. He was over seven inches and I didn’t want to gag and be heard so I was careful to keep myself from gagging. I began to get more taste of pre-cum as I continued and from time to time I would pull away and lick and suck the pre-cum from the tip of his cock while looking up at him.

As I continued sucking his cock I heard someone walking in and with his cock halfway in my mouth I paused quietly as we both listen for the guy to finish using the urinal. When he finished I listen and waited until he walked out and I went back to business. It didn’t take long after that when I heard his breathing get heavier and those silent moans grew telling me that he was going to cum soon.

I was so excited and started to suck him harder and faster but still being very careful not to make any loud slurping or sucking sounds. He was so excited by my service that I was afraid he might start moaning out loud. Then suddenly he grabbed the back of my head with both hands and held on tight keeping me in position while resting his cock half way in my mouth as he began to cum.

He let out a couple of loud uncontrollable moans when he first started cumming but quickly held them back as his cum continued to flow into my mouth. I held my lips tight around his cock and tried not to swallow or loose a drop until he was finished filling my mouth with his cum. When he finished I pulled away and tilted my head back and opened my mouth wide for him to see. Looking at him with my mouth open I then swished his cum all around before swallowing it down my throat. After swallowing his cum down in one big gulp I then opened my mouth again for him to see that it was all gone. He then gave me a big grin and began stuffing his cock back into his pants. After he zipped up and buckled his pants he said thank you before opening the door to the stall and leaving the restroom.

I then locked the door back and sat down for a few minutes and thought about what had just happen while I savored the flavor in my mouth. I was so horny that I wanted to pull my cock out of my pants and jack off but I knew I been gone long enough and better get back to the car where hopefully my wife would still be sleeping. I washed my hands and face and then looked myself over in the mirror to make sure I didn’t get any cum on me before I made my way back to the car. Thankfully she was still sound asleep and I drove off with the taste of fresh cum still lingering in my mouth.

I have many years of sexual experience's so I have lots of stories that I would like to share . I am glad I found I hope you enjoy them.

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