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Thank You 3

Teachers Pet…

Once Jessie got settled in her apartment she turned her attention to her studies. Most of the females there make plenty of time to party…alot already have boyfriends. Jess could care less. This makes her mysterious…and the topic of conversation on a regular basis among her peers. She has also caught the eye of a few of the faculty as well.
She is aware of all the interest. It doesn’t surprise her. But she has no need for the kid stuff. The teachers…however…
are a different story.

Ms. Amanda Stewart English teacher. Tall blonde…blue eyed beauty. Amanda doesn’t like to draw attention to her 38-24-36 body…so she wears baggy clothes. But Jess noticed and Amanda noticed Jess. There were subtle things like holding on just a little longer before releasing hand outs. Letting her fingers graze Jessies skin briefly. Looking at her until she looked back…then looking the other way.

So when they ran into each other at an outdoor market…sparks flew.
“Well look who we have here
…hi Jessie.”
“Ms Stewart…you look…just like I pictured you.” Jessie did a deliberate once over. Then locked eyes with the teacher.
Amanda was amused. But she was also enticed by the girl. She knew it could prove to be complicated…but…she was willing to take the chance…for now.
“Jessie are you free for the rest of the day? And please call me Mandy.”
“Well Mandy…it all depends on what you have in mind.”
Mandy laughed…”Well…I am going to have my way with you…of course!”
“Hmmm…I see. Not unless I have my way with you first.”
Jessie stepped up to Mandy…close enough that with each breath their nipples would faintly graze each other. She gazed into her eyes…looked at her lips as she seductively licked her own. Moved to her neck …her breasts…Jessie took in every inch of Mandys body with her eyes. She did it in such a way that it was as if she was fucking her…mentally. That was all it took…Mandy was smitten.
Jessie giggled…”I’m all yours!.”

When they finished at the market they went to Mandys bungalow. It is filled with antiques and very well done.
“Wow…I’m impressed. This is a beautiful collection you have here. Must be valuable.”
“Thank you Jessie. Yes alot of the pieces are quite valuable. But thats not why I have
“Well then may I ask…why do you have them?”
“Because they are unique. One of a kind. Rare. The craftsmans were artists. Each piece speaks to me. They are beautiful.”
“I see. But how can you afford such things? Maybe I should become a teacher.”
Mandy laughed. “I have…shall we say…my own money…apart from teaching. I dabble in stocks and bonds and have done rather well.”
Jessie suspected there was much more to Mandy. But stocks and bonds? Jess was thrilled…she had plans that included investing in stocks. Perhaps she could learn from her. But she had no designs on Mandys money…or anyone elses for that matter. She wanted her own money.

Mandy came up behind Jess and softly kissed the back of her neck. It sent shivers down the length of her body and awaken those erotic impulses that are always there…in wait
…just below the surface. She had never been with a woman and had wondered if she would like it or not. She was liking it just fine.
Mandy is bisexual…although she prefers women. Men are often too coarse and most don’t know how or even care to pleasure a woman.
“You have never been with a woman…have you?”
“I’m still a virgin…”
“But you have been sexual none the less…correct?”
“Saving yourself for the marriage bed?”
Jessie started laughing. She rolled her eyes saying…
“Oh! Hell no. I’m not going to get married. Lets just say its for a future investment….my future.”
Mandy began undressing herself…still standing behind Jess. Jessie didn’t move…she wanted to see how Mandy planned to seduce her. She would play along…for now.
She was pressed up against her…whispering in her ear. “Tell me what you like. What excites you? What drives you wild?”
“I haven’t really experienced all that much.”
“Your still a virgin so I am thinking…oral? Perhaps anal?”
“Which one did you like?”
“I liked both. I like the power I have when I deep throat. I like my clit sucked and bit while my nipples are being tweaked. I think that when I am being fucked in the ass I want to try a vibrator.”
“You do this with your boyfriend?”
“I dont have a boyfriend.”
“Oh…well then who…a fuck
“It’s complicated besides what difference does it make?”
“None what so ever…forgive me.”

Mandy took her time…tasting
…touching and experiencing…
“Jessie”. She always has an under current of seductive magnetism. But now and in this situation it is raw…
Mandy plays Jessie’s body and it responds like a finely tuned instrument. She is totally uninhibited. She grunts and gasps…curses…cries out. Her body shakes…arches… trembles.’
Mandy finally backs away…her own arousal is off the charts. She stood there for a moment looking at Jess. She was laying very still…eyes closed. Mandy reached for a double headed dildo-vibe. She lubed it and herself well…she began to attach it to a mount. Jessie stepped up and said…”Allow me.”
Mandy replies with…”I have a better idea.”
She produces a harness and fits Jess with the strap on. Her approval was obvious…she strutted around the room stroking her new found appendage. When Mandy bent over and looked back over her shoulder…beckoning … Jessie thought that… that was the most erotic display of sexuality she had ever seen…and was more than willing to comply.


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