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the dave dilemma

i’ve always been involved in the swinging lifestyle to some degree, but never in my wildest thoughts, would i ever have believed that i would give oral pleasure to another man.

but the following is a factual account of my first time. i recently managed to make a hook up with a swinging couple from a nearby town. i was shocked to say the least, that they were willing to meet with me at all, let alone on a saturday morning (being married, it is difficult to get away). now i was a bit apprehensive, due to the fact that the husband had stated that he was bi. although i have received oral from other men in the past, it was never in front of someone else. but the husband had reassured me that he wouldn’t take any overt actions, unless i had indicated it was okay.

anyway, as saturday morning came, i headed out towards their town. after about an hour’s drive, which was filled with all sorts of sexual thoughts, i finally reached the agreed upon meeting place. as i sat in my car, watching for the husband who was to meet me, i began to wonder if i wasn’t just on some wild goose chase, when up he drove in the car he had described in our prior conversation.

we got out and greeted each other, speaking in generalities about nothing in particular really, when he asked me if i was still sure about getting together with them. when i replied in the affirmative, he then asked me to follow him to their home.

upon arrival at the home, he introduced me to his wife, who didn’t seem to be up on the event (just a feeling). i got him to the side and mentioned that, and he just said, “leave it to me”. i was led to the sofa (where his wife was already seated, in the middle), and i took a seat next to her. dave (the husband), then put a video of a group sex scene, and sat on the other side of her.

after a very few minutes of the video, he began unbuttoning his wife’s blouse, so i could see her breasts. while he was doing this, he told her to take out my cock. she reached over, and slowly began removing my shorts. which were the only thing that i had on from the waist down.

after having her stand up in front of us, and remove the rest of her clothing, he asked her if she wanted to sit on my lap. it was at this point that she really came alive! she just turned around, grabbed my cock, and slid it into her pussy, as far as it would go. i was astounded!

next thing i know, he gets up and stands in front of her, and takes his clothing off. he then got down on the floor in front of us, and began trying his best to eat her pussy, while i was fucking her. man! i had never had anything like this before.

of course, the inevitable happened. my cock came out of her pussy, and he just started sucking it. then she took control again, and i was back in her pussy.

next thing, he got up and placed his cock in front of her face. she immediately began sucking him, at the same time i was fucking her. i was lying back on the sofa, she was lying back on top of me, and he was straddling us both, with his cock pumping in and out of her mouth, not inches from my face.

i just couldn’t help myself. i craned my neck ever closer and closer, as i watched his cock sliding between her lips.

all of a sudden, he slipped his cock out of her mouth. and into mine! i wasn’t sure what to do. he just began pumping it in and out of my mouth. and the more he did it, the more i seemed to want.

his wife turned her face and began licking any part that i didn’t have stuck in my mouth.

it was then, that he just let fly with a seemingly huge load of cum. all over my face, my chest and in my mouth. his wife got up off my cock, and began licking up what was “spilled” on me. as she worked her down my chest to my cock, finally taking it into her mouth. her husband then got down on his knees along side her, and helped me over the edge.

long story i know, but it was my very first time at having this happen, so i wanted to give as much detail as possible.

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