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Three Houses on Fairbanks St.

Three houses on Fairbanks St.
Next door were the girls ages 19 thru 13. There were four of them. The 19-year-old Pricilla was pregnant and there was the 17-year-old Jeanette, 15-year-old Barbara and 13-year-old Cynthia. On the other side were the boys. There were four of them. Ages 18 thru 13. James was the oldest, at 18, then there was Eugene, at 16, Jimmy at 14, and Johnny at 13. I lived in the middle house. My sister 16, my brother 15, and me 13. It was summer time, no school and everyone’s parents worked all day long. Leaving us kids alone between the three houses to learn new things.

The first time I watched was when I was at the girl’s house and Barbara, Cynthia and I had walked in on Pricilla getting screwed by her boyfriend. He was on top of her and didn’t see us girls at the door. He was humping away at her and she looked over at us and smiled. Moaning, and telling him not to stop. From our view we could see his bare ass in the air and his balls bouncing against her with each stroke. I had never seen this before and was surprised at how my body was responding to watching. The boys came over and saw what we were watching and my brother pushed me away saying I was too young to see that. On another occasion Cindy and I were playing outside and heard some noises coming from the boys basement. We went over to have a look and there they all were, James, Eugene, Jimmy, Johnny, My brother, and Pricilla’s boyfriend. They all had their pants down and were touching each other. Cindy looked at me and said, “see were not the only ones that do it.” We decided to watch to see what they were going to do and were playing with each other’s cocks. I enjoyed watching them as they explored each other. We heard my sister calling for us and had to take off.

Barbara, Cindy and I went to their room and started playing house. We pretended that Barbara was the husband and she would get on top of me and start imitating Pricilla’s boyfriend. Humping up and down on me. I didn’t see the excitement in that and I turned to look at Cindy. I was surprised to see her taking off her pants and underwear and started playing with herself while she was watching Barbara and I. I couldn’t stop watching Cindy as she was playing and Barbara asked if I wanted to do that. I had never played with myself before and I asked what she was doing. Barbara and Cindy taught me how to finger myself and explore my pussy. I was surprised at how wet I was and was asking all kinds of questions. They were more than happy to answer them for me. Cindy came over to me and watched as I rubbed my wet clit with my fingers. Pointing at where to put it next and asking me how it felt. I was so turned on with her watching every move I made with my fingers. She put one of her fingers on my clit and started to rub in a circular motion, moving my hand way. My head started spinning. I laid back on the bed and turned my head towards Barbara, she was still playing with herself, legs wide open and I could see everything. I was in heaven as Cindy rubbed my clit and I watched Barbara get off. We spent a lot of time playing house after that.

Learning Oral
My sister and James would spend a lot of time together in private and one day I learned what they did. I went over to the boy’s house looking for her. I was outside and looked thru the basement window and I could see her and James. She had her face down in his lap and I was trying to see what they were doing. I saw her with his cock in her mouth and continued to watch. She was moving her head up and down with long strokes and he was sitting in a chair leaning his head back moaning. He had his hands on her head moving it up and down. I slid my hands down my shorts and started to play with myself, getting extremely wet. Eugene came to the back of the house and saw me and asked what I was doing. I told him I was watching James and my sister in the basement. He came over to have a look and I noticed his bulged in his pants. I asked him what they were doing and he said they were having oral sex. I asked him what that was and he told me to take my shorts down. I did and he smiled at me and removed my panties. He spread my legs apart and he started licking me between my legs. A bolt of spine tingling sensation ran thru my body and took me by complete surprise. I opened my legs wider as he began to dig into me with his tongue. It felt so great I never wanted him to stop. He knew just where to lick and brought me to my first climax that wasn’t solo. After that day when things would get quiet around the house I would go sneaking around looking for someone doing it just so I could watch. My sister and James did it more often then anyone. Johnny and Cynthia would do it in her room; my brother and Barbara were doing it in the back yard. Eugene would follow me around to see if I found anyone and would wait until I was ready for him to lick me. Jimmy was learning from Jeanette. And when Pricilla’s boyfriend came over we all spied on them to learn something new.

The first touch
The same summer that I learned that oral sex wasn’t just talking about it and fingering wasn’t throwing the finger at someone, I got my first look at nudy pictures and a boy jacking off. The boys had built a clubhouse in their back yard and lined the walls with nudy pictures. Naked ladies and pictures of people having sex. Eugene took me in there one time and showed me some of the pictures they hadn’t put up. One was of a full grown man, bare naked and his cock straight up in the air. I stared at this picture for a good long time. Amazed at what I was looking at. Eugene was just smiling at me and waiting for me to be ready. I though he just wanted to lick me again, but instead he asked, “Do you want to see mine?” And I said, “Yes,” with enthusiasm. Wanting to see a real one up close and not just feel it thru his pants like before. He unzipped his pants and took it out of his underwear. He was rock hard and huge. My mouth fell open as I stared at it and watched it bounce from side to side as he shoot his hips. He grabbed a hold of it and asked, “Do you want to touch it?” “Of course I do!” I said. I touched it lightly and was amazed at how smooth and soft the skin was yet it was rock hard. He showed me where the best place to touch it was, right underneath at that the crease. It looked like a mushroom on one side and it split underneath. He let me play with it for a while and asked if I wanted to see the rest of it. I looked surprised when I said, “There’s more?”
He pulled down his pants and I saw his balls hanging. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
“I want to show you something,” he said and started sliding his hand up and down his cock. I watched in amazement as he grew bigger and bigger. I got to get a close look at every detail of his cock and balls. The way his cock swelled while he played with it and his balls would move. The little hairs on his balls would lean from one side to the other as his balls moved in one direction then the next. “Here it comes, ” he said and I was shocked to see this white fluid come out of the tip. At first I thought he was peeing then he slowed his hand and spurts came. “What was that?” I asked. “That baby, was an orgasm for a guy. Just like you get when you play with yourself.” He wiped some off the clubhouse floor and let me see it up close. I put my fingers in it and played with it. Without hesitation I put my finger covered in his cum against my lips and tasted his sweetness. He smiled at me “you like it?” he asked. And I smiled and moaned. It all seemed to come natural for me. I pulled my pants down and sat up on the table, playing with my very wet pussy. He took his cock and rubbed it up against my clit. Sliding it over and over back and fourth. This was feeling so good, I leaned my head back and spread my legs wide for him to continue. He slid the tip of his cock over my clit a few more times and moved it down to my opening. Sliding it thru my wetness but never entering me. He began slapping my clit with his cock and I thought I was going to explode as I came. That was the most intense orgasm I had had yet.

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