Updated Fantasies.com Submission Guidelines Have Been Posted

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Submissions Guidelines for Fantasies.com

Want to see your sex stories online? Writers, you can submit your work to Fantasies.com and join a growing, online community of erotica writers. Submission is simple and you’ll have captive and aroused audience to enjoy your sexy stories in no time.

How do I submit a story?

Log in or register for an account. Once you’ve logged in, go to the Posts section, and click “Add New.” Then enter your story title, paste your story into the entry box, choose up to 4 of the most appropriate story categories fitting to your piece, and add tags to help others search for your story. You must save your story as “pending” in order for the Fantasies.com editors to know it is ready for their review. (If your story is saved as “draft,” the editors presume that you are still working on your story.) Usually within 24 hours, a Fantasies.com editor will read your work to approve it. Once your story is approved, your work will be published. If your story requires corrections from you before we publish it, the story title will be marked with an * and our needs from you.

Will I still own my copyright?

Yes. Fantasies.com only seeks the right to publish your work on our network of websites. We do not retain copyright to your work, you do. You can publish your work in an anthology later, or use it how you see fit. We simply want the ability to publish your story for our readers.

Can I use a pen name?

Sure. You can use whatever pen name you wish. Do not use a pen name to impersonate another writer though. Impersonation can lead to forfeiting your account with Fantasies.com.

So I can write whatever I want for Fantasies.com?

Well, almost. We will not publish any story that involves sex acts (participation in, watching, being watched, etc.) with minors. Real names of your friends, family, associates, coworkers, or neighbors are also prohibited. Basically, leave real and private individuals out of your fantasy. However sex stories about celebrities or porn stars are OK. Always wanted to fantasize in public about a porn scene with Nina Hartley? Write it. Want a fantasy relationship with a fictitious friend? Write it.

Can I edit my stories after they are published?

Of course you can. When you want to make changes to an existing story you would need to contact us and we’ll set the story back in to ‘Draft’ mode. This removes it from our site and allows you to make changes. The story would then need to be approved again before being visible.

Anything else?

We try to publish as many sex stories as possible, but sometimes we choose not to publish a story. If a story contains depictions of underage sex, or if it contains real names (remove last names to be safe), we will not publish it. If your story was rejected, try fixing it so we can publish it. If you think it was rejected in error, simply resubmit it for consideration.

Thanks for choosing to publish your hard work in Fantasies.com, and we look forward to reading what you’ve written.

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