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A change in the winds

So I’ve been married to my wife for 15 years. We got together and she had an 8 year old daughter. In those years she would blossom into a full blown hotty.

When I met Nancy, I had been out of a relationship for a few years. I had decided to fully explore my bisexual side. I had encounters here and there starting at around 6th grade. They were almost always just fleeting encounters. After they were over I would feel ashamed like it was something I really shouldn’t be doing. Then I ended a long relationship and came out to myself. I just realized that these homosexual thoughts weren’t going to go away. I decided to embrace them.


A week after I broke up with Stacy, I met an older man. Well, I say met but I kinda knew him but just never talked to him. He was divorced and was also looking for some same sex fun. The two of us hit it off pretty well. We were never a “couple” even tho we did go on dates occasionally. We were together for about 2 years and we had sex 3-4 times a week. It started off as mutual oral and kissing. It progressed to include penetration. I would fuck him on occasion but mostly he fucked me. It took a few times to get used to it but once I did I really enjoyed being fucked by a man.

The problem is that I eventually missed women. Not the mental issues that seem to go along with every woman I decide to date seriously. The physical part of a woman. Seeing beautiful breasts, eating pussy, fucking a pussy.

I met Nancy at a Christmas party. It was my company and she was the +1 of a co-worker of mine. I didn’t know she had come with some one. I flirted and she responded. We drank. We started kissing. Next thing I knew, we had gotten a hotel room upstairs (party was in a banquet hall of a hotel) having sex. We exchanged numbers and started talking. We then started dating. A year later we got married.

So let’s fast forward to a few years ago. It was still just me, Nancy and Brooke. I then and now, sleep in my own bedroom. She goes to work early and snores while she sleeps and it’s just easier if I sleep in a different room. We hang out together and when Nancy does want sex (anymore it isn’t that often) it’s in her bedroom. If I work late, I just go straight to my room.


So one night, I had gotten off work at 11pm. I went to my room. All the lights were already out. I stripped naked and headed to the bathroom with a towel to take a shower. I went to grab the knob when the door opened. Brooke was in the bathroom coming out. She had just showered. She was stark naked. Now, she almost always comes out of the shower naked and goes straight to her room. I often don’t pay attention because she’s my step daughter and I’ve known her since she was a kid. This time was different.

We both stood there in shock. She had never seen me naked and I had never seen her face to face naked. She was gorgeous. Firm 36c cup breasts, a slender but athletic body. She obviously maintained her pubic area. Not shaved bald but not unkempt. A landing strip of pubes above her pussy lips.

We stood there for about a minute. Both just frozen. I then said, “Shit Brooke you scared the hell out of me.” Neither one of us had tried to cover up. I said, “I thought you were in bed.” She said, “Not yet.” I couldn’t help but look her up and down. I said, “Well, I’ll leave you to it.”


We swapped spots and I looked back to find she had an amazing tight tear drop shaped butt. I went into the shower and tried to get the image out of my head. I finished and went to my room. My room and Brooke’s room are side by side. I turned on the tv, laid in bed naked and went to some porn sites. I started to slowly make my cock hard. I was just easing myself into it.

I had been at it for just a few minutes when my door opened. Brooke walked in. She was just wearing a skimpy thong and nothing else. She said, “Hey Jim, I wanted…” She stopped mid sentence when she saw me laying in bed naked stroking my cock. She said, “Oh wow. Uh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.” I threw the covers over me quickly. I said, “Did you need something?” She walked in. She said, “I’ve never seen your cock before.” That was true although she has walked in on me having sex with her mom. A couple times she would walk in to see Nancy on her hands and knees with me behind her with my hands on her ass pounding away.


I said, “Well, I guess now you have twice.” She said, “You have a very nice looking cock. Mom must enjoy it.” I said, “Well anymore she doesn’t. She doesn’t seem to get horny very often anymore.” She said, “What a shame. If I had a man with a cock like that, I’d take good care of it.”

I was still hard. She said, “What do you think of me?” I said, “How do you mean?” She said, “Do you like the way I look?” I said, “Brooke, you’re my step daughter.” She said, “And I’m a grown woman now. Do I look good?” I said, “You look amazing.” She said, “What exactly do you like?” I said, “Should we really be going through this?” She said, “Mom will never know. I won’t tell and besides she’s passed out in her bed. So tell me.” I said, “You have very nice breasts and an amazing ass.”


She turned around. She bent over pulling off her panties. She said, “You mean this ass?” I could now see her pussy. I said, “If you weren’t my step daughter…” She said, “What would you do?” I basically blurted out, “Bury my face between your legs and then have my way with you.”


She got on the bed and tore the covers off. She got on top of me. She sat down on my cock. Not me inside of her. She rubbed her pussy against my cock. She said, “You like that?” I said, “It feels good. You are wet.” She said, “I’ve wanted to do this ever since I saw you fucking my mom.”


I grabbed her with both hands by the waist and flipped her over onto the bed. I went down and started to lick her pussy. She was moaning as I slid my middle two fingers into her pussy and licked her clit. She came pretty quickly. I then got on top of her and easily slid my cock into her wet, tight pussy. I put her legs up with her feet on other side of my head. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and fucked her. She moaned out, “Oh god, your cock feels so good daddy.” She had never called me dad or daddy. It was so hot.

She then said, “Fuck my doggy style like you do mom.” She got on her hands and knees. I got behind her. I grabbed her ass with both hands and fucked her pussy hard and fast. She buried her face in the pillow. She reached down and fingered herself as I fucked her. Occasionally she would reach and touch my cock as it went inside her. She begged me to fuck her harder and harder. I wasn’t gonna last long. It felt so damn good. About 15 min of this and I told her I was going to cum soon. She said, “Cum in my pussy daddy. I wanna feel it.” Jeez, a girl barely legal already knew how to talk dirty and push me over the edge.

I was almost there. Three or four more good pumps and I thrust hard into her. I could feel my balls empty into her. I stood there on my knees with my cock still inside her.

Once I was done, I lay on the bed beside her. She rested her head on my shoulder. We laid there both naked ans both satisfied for like 15 minutes. She then kissed me. We made out for a few minutes and then she said, “Well, I’d better get to bed. Early day tomorrow.”

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