Ghostly Hotel Experience

For those of you that follow my other stories, you will know that I work away quite a lot, staying in various hotels across the UK and on occasion throughout the world. This true experience happened between the East Midlands area and the North of England in a very old Coaching Inn steeped in history.

My office had booked this for me so I had no idea about the place until I arrive on the Sunday evening. The drive up had been a nightmare so I was pleased when I arrived and got into my room. It was a lovely big room with a huge four poster bed and old pictures on the walls. It really had character and a great sense of history. I quickly unpacked my clothes and went to the bar for a well earned pint of the local ale. This went down a treat, so did second and third pints. I had a nice bar meal and headed up to my room, picking up a leaflet about the history of the hotel on the way to my room.

I washed and slipped into the bed, arranging the pillows to sit up and read the leaflet. I’ve always slept naked for as long as I can remember and the tonight was no exception. The bed was really soft and warm with proper bed clothes, not a quilt in sight! I started to read the leaflet and it soon became apparent that this hotel was haunted by a young girl who was killed by her stepfather many hundred of years ago and she was a frequent visitor, seen by many guests over the years. I got my IPad and decided to look further into this and after a quick search on Google I found a lot more!

This girl was clearly upset at being killed so young and from what I was reading, seemed hell-bent on having what I guess is paranormal sex with some of the male guests and most of these occurrences appeared to happen in my room! I love all things paranormal and have never been spooked. I’m glad to say that in all the instances on the internet, no one had been frightened or hurt by this young creature.

By now, I was very tired and put the leaflet and IPad on the bedside table. I turned the light off, arranged the pillows and prepared for sleep. I know on some of the paranormal TV programmes, the investigators talk to the ghosts, asking them questions. I thought, what the hell, and spoke softly saying that if the young girl was in my room, she was welcome to make herself known and if she wanted, she could do what she wanted sexually with me as long she meant no harm to me. With this, I slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.

I was woken some time later by someone sitting on the end of the bed; I felt the mattress sink a little. There was no sound and as the room was almost totally dark, I sat up and felt to the end of the bed, but no one was there. Then the sheets began to pull off the bottom of the bed. They were definitely not falling as they were tucked in. Someone or something was pulling them! I felt very at ease for some reason and not in the least afraid. Although I couldn’t feel anyone physically there, I knew someone was sliding up my body, but weightlessly, if that makes sense. I felt a warm glow around my cock and in the faint light, saw it being pulled up and down in a warm strange way. By now, I was very hard. It was amazing to watch my lovely long foreskin being drawn back and forth over my fat glans. Something was also caressing my shaven balls in a really gentle way. I can’t describe it any better than this.

I reached out, trying to find something to also caress but nothing was there. The feeling was unbelievable! Being what I think was wanked by an invisible hand, watching my cock swell as it was being drawn up and down so slowly. I asked if it was the young girl playing with me and to make herself known (I got this from the TV programmes!). All I felt was a real strong grip at that point so I guessed this was her!

I got braver now and asked if she would like to suck me. The wanking stopped and a different feeling began. This time it was warm, almost moist, but definitely a suck! Again, it was weird watching my cock and foreskin being drawn up and down in front of me. I could see a drop of precum glistening in the light on the tip of my slit. Then, with an intense lick, it disappeared! She had slurped it down, good girl!

By now, I was in heaven, the feeling was so intense but I was not ready to cum. Somehow, she was controlling my urge. I told her it was Ok to slide it inside her if she wanted. The sucking stopped and I felt her young knees straddle either side of me as the mattress sank. I knew she was sinking down on my swollen shaft and that I was entering her pussy hole. It was so odd watching this. Nothing was visible but I knew what was happening. Slowly, she began to ride me. She was incredibly tight and I wondered if this was the first time her young pussy had had a cock inside it. She rode faster and the mattress was bouncing now quite hard. I was very deep inside her and my cock was an incredible swollen size now, stretching her greatly.

I saw precum pouring out of my slit but now other wetness from her tender cunt. I was on my way to orgasm now and told her so. She squeezed her pussy muscles and gripped me even tighter as she fucked. I couldn’t hold back now and told her I was about to spunk and was it ok to cum inside her. She gripped me as if to say yes, and then as I watched, an almighty fountain of salty white sperm flew in the air. And another, and another. I had never ejaculated so much. She kept riding me hard and the spunk was pouring out of my slit, landing all on my chest and a couple of hot splashes on my face. This was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. Eventually, she eased off me and I felt what I assume was her tongue licking my sperm up. As she did, drop by drop it disappeared in front of my eyes! Eventually it was all gone apart from the last drops of silky liquid from my slit. Her tongue entered my slit and relieved me of the last drop.

I lay there and thanked her so much and hoped it was nice for her. With that, I felt a gentle caress of my hair and she was gone. I lay for a while wondering if this was all real but trust me, I knew what had just happened!


(Image Source: Brandon Iron Productions)

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